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Successfully turning R-Truth face again

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We read the rumours: When R-Truth returns from his suspension to to trangressing the wellnesspolicy, he'll be back as a face. Is that possible to do and still keep him interesting? I think so!

Let's for a minute forget that trainload of failure which was the old R-Truth as a face, and consentrate on why he has become so much fun after becoming a heel. His promos, and the way they give us glimpses into the alternate reality he seems til live in.

Now, he became a heel because he felt he was overlooked and not taken seriously has the happy-go-lucky, childfriendly rapper. And he had success for a while, but after getting jumped and taken out by The Miz, he should be rethinking his strategy.

Now my suggestion would be to turn his insanity up to 11. Le him use all his capabilities in trying to win over "the little jimmys". He could try to adopt different well know face-mannerism. From Hogans ripping the shirt and listening to the crowd, to Ultimate Warriors tazzles and ropeshaking, or Mysterios mask,Santinos air-trombone, Bret Harts pink colorsheme, Austins ATV, Undertakers sit-up, The Rocks tonguework, Cena's salute. Each time with ring gear trying to capture the style of the wrestler his trying to emulate.

Of course he'll misunderstand just WHY they worked for the previous heroes, and he should misquote catchphrases, mess up finishers, crash the ATV, and fail to rip his t-shirt... Maybe even trying to rap the themesongs of the wrestlers he copies. The sky's the limit, and it should be just the kind of humor Vince likes.

He would work as a face, just like Donald Duck, because of his bumbling and quick temper, and honest attempt to be popular and "a GOOOOOD R-Truth!" while failing miserably at both from time to time.

Have his matches against popular heels, and let him tag with faces who never really know what he'll do next. It could lead to symphaty from the fans, and they would get on his side, leading to a full face-turn or he could turn back as a pure heel again if need be. And keeping the options open seems to be important with the on-the-fly booking WWE tend to do.

Would you like to see R-Warrior in full face paint shaking the ropes, R-Hart putting a sharpshoter on himself or R-Taker stubbing his toes in the dark and getting freaked out by the fireworks?

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    because the last person who did this is not there anymore(Charlie Hass)
    Charlie Hass is another gr8 example of underused underrated supersta...he's a very gud technical wrestler but never got recognition in e...
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