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My pick of WWE Slammy Award 2011 Winners

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My pick of WWE Slammy Award 2011 Winners

Hi everyone.This is my 10th blog in EWN,so I decided to make this one a bit different from my other blogs.In this blog I will say all the awards WWE usually pick and say who I think it would go to,If I have missed some tell me so I can add it to my blog.

Shocker of the year:Vince no longer CEO

This was defiantly shocker of the year,Vince Mcmahon the person to have made wrestling what is today has been relieved of his dutys.I knew the next monday night raw was going to big after Money in the Bank, but I was not expecting that.I am not going to go in to how much Vince have made WWE as that is not what this blog is about,but even though the WWE have surprised me about Vince leaving, the reason why he got relieved of his duty was not worth fireing.I know, and all of you know Vince has done much worse than that in WWE and he didn't get fired for none of them,and this is not the first time Vince has tryed to srewjob someone,and by the way when Triple H told Vince he is no longer CEO of WWE it would of been better if he shouted ''YOUR FIRED''.

Despicable Me Award:Christian winning the World Title by DQ

If you ask me this should of got way more heat then it did.Christian was the first person in WWE history to win the World Heavy Weight Championship by DQ, that should of made him a major heel,but instead it made him in to a even more coward then he actually is.Christian is one of my favourate guys in WWE I felt sorry for him when he lost his World Title to Randy Orton, but his heel run right now is turnishing his career.I liked when he was a heel when he was whith Chrise Jericho,and WWE should use that instead of the Christian now.The one good thing to come from this crapy heel turn is Christian is more in the mainevent, and if he keeps this up when he turns back to a face the WWE could really use this guy as a great baby face.

Guest Star of the Year:The Muppets

Kids love the Muppets lol.

Holy %&^*&* Move of the Year:Mark Henrys suplex on Big Show

When we found out Mark Henry was going to face Big Show at vengeance I had a feeling that they were going to do the suplex,and look what happen I was right lol.The only problem I have whith this is it has been dam done before,has it gotten so bad for WWE that they have to repeat history,they usually do repeat history but not exactly how it happened.The Big Show and Mark Henry fued has been ok so far,for to big guys there are really trying to step it up but I hope there fued ends at TLC,either let Mark Henry win and done, or let Big Show win then have a World Heavy Weight Championship match the following Smackdown and let him win again.I hope Mark Henry gets the win it would be sad for him to have such a great build up and then let him go back to his jobbing ways,but I have a feeling that Big Show is going to win since he has not had a clean win against Henry since he came back from injury.

WWE Universe Fan Reaction of the Year:The guy who threw Cena shirt back at him

Cena haters lol.

"Oh Snap" Meltdown of the Year:CM Punk wins WWE Title and leaves

This man reminded us why we love the WWE.He gave us a pipebomb promo,defeated John Cena twice,won the WWE and left, then having us guess when he will return.I know a lot of people say he came back to early, but I think if he have waited to long when he would return his momentum might have fizzled out,if he did stay a way for a while who would be in the summerslam mainevent for the WWE Title cena and ....... it would be to random.John Cena would have definitely won who ever he would of faced, then people would be complaining to how he always get oppontunitys even when he loses.

WWE Diva of the Year:Beth pheniox

I am not saying the diva division is at its best,but Beth and natalya have really made it more intresting to watch now a days.When natalya does turn face I can't wait to see her face beth,it should be a good match in the diva division in ages,or if they plan to stay together longer than imagine beth vs karma that should be intresting.

WWE Moment of the Year:The Rock and Cena decide to fight at Wrestlemania 28

I was oringinaly going to put Cm Punks shoot promo for moment of the year but he is in meltdown of the year so who cares.

The reason we wanted The Rock to come back so bad was not to host Wrestlemania not to give a few promos and leave but to have one last match whith the current face of the company,John Cena.When Wrestlemana is finally here we will see once and for dam all who is better,when they decided to fight I thought John Cena was going to win for one reason.The WWE championship was on the line and there was no way The Rock was going to hold it,now that it seems it is not on the line im not sure ,the people think The Rock is going to win just because it is in his hometown but maby that doesn't count.Remember HBK vs Undertakerll in was in HBKs hometown and he did not win.

Match of the Year:John Cena vs Cm Punk at Money in the Bank

I think this was absobloutly match of the year,not only do I think this is match of the year but Money ithe Bank should be ppv of the year.The only match on the card was not really good quality was Mark Henry vs Big Show, what a squash match.

Superstar and Break out star of the year:Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio had a very good year,he won the Royal Rumble and had a World Heavy Weight Champioship match whith Edge at Wrestlemania,won money in the bank and won the the WWE Title twice in one year.Alberto Del Rio is a very good wrestle the problem people have whith him is they say he is boring and has bad mic skills,sometimes people compare him to JBL and if you ask me he is not as boring and dull as JBL he maby have the same gimmic but in his own way.When Alberto Del Rio turns face I bet you the fans are going to be behind him hopefully he or The Miz can turn face then replace Cena as the face as the compony then Cena could finally turn heel.

Thank you for reading my 10th blog!I hoped you enjoyed it feel free to say how you felt about my blog, and who you think some slammys awards should go to.

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  1. Dubs's Avatar
    Damn man. You just gave the whole award show away! LOL Just kidding man and great blog. Absolutely agree with the nominations.
  2. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Couldn't do anything original?
  3. B-ri's Avatar
    Good blog man, the Cena vs Punk video was a totally nostalgic moment, remember watching it live! The only thing you forgot was Superstar of the Year?
  4. Tall's Avatar
    I'm just wondering. You do understand that Vince isn't actually gone right? He is still in charge. You just make it sound like it's real, like he's actually gone.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by B-ri
    Good blog man, the Cena vs Punk video was a totally nostalgic moment, remember watching it live! The only thing you forgot was Superstar of the Year?
    Isn't there another one...why is Michael Cole holding two? Something about announcer of the year or something?
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Awesome one guy on here said, I think you really did give the show away. They are all awesome selections. However, the downfall is, there's no real competition for them. Looking at this past year, what else has really happened that can compete with these selections?
  7. Zekic's Avatar
    only 2 awards got some competition for match of the year we also got HHH vs Undertaker, and for diva of the year WWE may bring KK into play.and for the wrestler of the year interesting to learn wether it will be cm punk or cena.
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