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Ending the Streak: Opponents for Undertaker's Final Match

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Ending the streak: a controversial phrase in the wrestling community. To many, myself included, there are none greater than The Undertaker. He is currently the longest-standing active wrestler in the WWE, and though he may not be as decorated as other wrestlers in the industry, his quality of matches brought a new level of prestige to what he has held. Perhaps even more prestigious is his streak at WrestleMania. To be the wrestler to say "I ended the Undertaker's streak" would be a greater accomplishment than winning ANY championship.

This is WrestleMania will be, more than likely, his last. There are many candidates that could wrestle him. However, as I see it, there are only a few worthy to break it, and only one of them is (currently) contracted to the WWE. Let's look at some of the candidates to face him:

CM PUNK: Provided Punk isn't WWE Champion going into WM, and he isn't in a high profile feud with Chris Jericho, Punk would have an excellent match with Taker. Since Taker is older, he'd need someone energetic to carry most of the match that is still a credible threat. That said, I don't think he's quite worthy to end the streak.

CHRIS JERICHO: Once again, provided he's not feuding with Punk. Jericho is getting older, but can still put out a hell of a match. His claim as "Best In The World At What He Does" would look awfully nice with Taker's name on his list, which could prove for excellent build-up. If this pairing happen, I would book it as a submission match, which would allow it to be slower pace without cutting corners. Is Jericho worthy to break the streak? Absolutely. Would it happen? I doubt it!

Mick Foley: Extreme Rules, of course. With this match, it would more-or-less be a repeat of last year's chair shot assault from HHH, but to me, Mick Foley seems like a more credible threat in this situation, considering that it's his element. I'd suggest HiaC, but honestly, we can't try to replicate a classic, especially at their age. Could Foley break the streak? Yes, and, given his fanbase, I doubt anyone would be upset with it. Foley is a win-win for either decision.

Here are some candidates that will never happen, but would be interesting to see nonetheless.

The Great Muta: Build him as a foreign threat, mention every feat he's accomplished, and take it from there. Sad thing is, unless you're an old-school WCW or puro fan, the majority of the WWE fans won't know who he is, so there goes that. However, have a few showcase matches on RAW over the weeks leading to 'Mania to solve this issue. It would make for an amazing match as well, pitting the dark force from Japan against that of America. Could look credible breaking the streak? Yes, though I doubt Vince would want anyone from an outside promotion doing that.

Sting: I'm sure, as soon as you read the title, you KNEW this was coming. After all, last year's "2-21-11" fiasco had everyone (myself included) fooled. Sad thing is, as big of a draw it would be, as great of a match it has the potential to be, it's not happening. We all know, as soon as Sting's contract with TNA expires, he'll renew it again. The thing is, Sting's last hoorah is on it's way too, and what better way to go out than fighting The Undertaker? With this, as well as Rock vs. Cena on the card, this would be, without question, the biggest WrestleMania ever. In terms of streak-breaking, like Foley, he could win or lose and still keep the fans happy.

By the looks of things, The Undertaker will retire 20-0, which is what we all expect. Unless Taker faces someone of his experience and caliber, he will retire with the legacy he built. And honestly, that's the way it should be. That's his claim to fame, and it won't be anyone else's.

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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    I don't see anything wrong with a young star breaking the streak, and no; not everyone would fit over it. Breaking the streak would make a young Superstar's career; make him the immortal threat, the dominant no-shortcuts badass heel.

    That being said, a young star will not break the streak; if ever it will. I like your list.
  2. AndyWonder's Avatar
    Only 3 of his past Wrestlemania opponents had any credibility to beat the streak: Diesel, Kane, Triple H. I'd put Big Show on that list but he had someone else as a tag team partner, that don't count. Big Show should face Undertaker one-on-one. Big Show is, IMO, the only credible opponent left that can beat this streak. It's a popular name just like Diesel, Kane, Triple H. Not just that, Big Show is a big strong guy. Whoever beats the streak should be a big strong guy, not a lil 220-something pounder like CM Punk.
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