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Ending the Brand Extension

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. This is a topic talked about upon many people and that's ending the brand extension. Admittedly when it first came into play I liked the idea. However they lost sight of what they originally set out to do: promote rivalry in the WWE. Not only that, but they have almost half of the talent that they did when it was first implemented and throughout it's peak years, so I feel like it's more than unnecessary to keep around these days. The following will be my reasons why we should end the extension, and some ways to ease it out completely. So without further ado....

Reason #1 - Lack of talent.
It's no secret that there's a lack of depth when it comes to the talent. People will make the argument that the roster is still sizable enough to keep the brand extension around. However I did the math: WWE lists 81 superstars on the roster. Take that minus the non-in-ring talent which is 15: 66. Take that minus the divas which is 14: 52. Now take out the superstars that aren't featured on Raw/SD weekly (I.E. Superstars, NXT, HHH, Taker, Etc.) which is 16: 36. That's 36 wrestlers we see on Raw and Smackdown weekly, and some of them aren't even at the level of like Ziggler or a Cena. so divide that by 2 and you're at 18 wrestlers per show. How are you going to properly build a superstar with that amount of talent. Of course there's the people that work Superstars and NXT and fill the show, but isn't it a bit absurd that we get 36 expected talent weekly?

Reason #2 - Better build
Of course I alluded to this a few sentences ago, but if those 26 wrestlers had more to work with then their characters would be better developed. Imagine the credibility and prestige that would be added to the WWE championship if the superstars feuding over the strap had two platforms a week to promote their feud. WWE could add so much more depth to everything with just more time. Not just with characters, but ppvs too. Instead of getting 3-4 weeks of one spot on 1 show we could go 3-4 weeks of one spot on 2 shows, further increasing feud interest and helping the wrestlers get over with the fans better.

Reason #3 - Need for a shake up
It's no secret WWE needs an internal shake up. The product has been stale for quite some time, and while I believe these past 2 years have been pretty ok there's still massive room for improvement. I think merging the two rosters would be a perfect way to give WWE a fresh feeling.

I think WWE is slowly ending this brand extension, but part of me still feels as though they're gonna bring it back into effect once draft time rolls around next summer. Don't get me wrong, if done right this could work but I think WWE is past the point where this is necessary and for the long run I think ending it would be best. People are always going to bring up "quick-fix" solutions but in all honesty there is no quick fix. There's always going to be room for improvement, but this could be a step forward in improvement. So until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces.

Random tidbits -
-If you haven't had a chance I'd recommend checking out Stone Cold's new DVD. It's a great watch, and so in depth. I think it's close to a little over 2 hours so they really touch on every important aspect of his career.

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  1. The Real Choosen One's Avatar
    There hasn't been a "brand extension" in years. Talent flows from one show to to the other all the time.
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    They've already dropped this concept to some degree. All that remains is really their referring to various talent as RAW/Smackdown talent, at which I cringe upon hearing. The other separation that remains is in the titles. All they need to do is drop the titles being "brand exclusive". The whole brands thing worked back when they were flooded with talent and had the McMahon family tree in charge of their respective shows/brands.
  3. AndyWonder's Avatar
    To me the extension was awesome when only THE CHAMPIONS were allowed to appear on both shows. Perfect credibility, and reward, to champs! The rosters were still seperate, which was fine, but the title contenders list was longer! Then the World Heavyweight title had to be created to make Triple H feel better about himself (I will always stick to that opinion). A few years went by, and everyone complained about Cena and Orton, maybe even Edge and Triple H, hogging that WWE title belt. Perfect reason for that....lack of main event contenders on one show. Simply switching the belt over to the SMACKDOWN show did not freshen it up in my mind, because it was still really all about Triple H and Edge. If the original formula was kept before the big gold belt had to show up, then Batista, Big Show, Chris Jericho, and especially Shawn Michaels, and even Undertaker, could have had runs with the WWE title (instead of the other one, which Big Show didn't get) and kept everything fresh and probably no complaing. Did anyone think of that?

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