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What's right with wrestling right now

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Right this is my first ever attempt at a blog so apologies in advance if it is poor. Right i have seen a lot of blogs with people complaining about things that are wrong so I am going to talk about all the good things at the moment.


Personally this is the most entertaining fued on Raw at the moment you have Laurinaitis playing the stand up corporate guy trying to impress Mr Mcmahon and you have Punk playing the anti establishment role. Also it shows the good side of the PG rating system as Punk excels at playing the role and pushing the boundary's without breaking them. I feel it is like being a kid again watching Austin vs Mcmahon again not quite there yet but it is good to watch.


I like this show off gimmick he is doing right now I can see a WWE championship reign in the near future if he decides to let Vicky Guerrero go and manage Swagger and drop the US title to Ryder then we could see Ziggler be Champion before Summerslam 2012. I myself see that as a perfect fit for his character.


When he turned face i was intrigued to see where he would go and I haven't he has and will continue to take being a babyface to a whole new level with him tailgating with " The Dibiase Posse" and I am sure a close relation to him took being a heel to a new level. He is talented in the ring waiting to see where his fued with Mahal goes but I see him wearing the IC title soon.


If Morrison goes to TNA i would look forward to this more then Cena vs The Rock. Two high flying fast paced main eventers that's right WWE Morrison is a main eventer. This match will be a fitting PPV main event also TNA have been living of Styles and Hogan for a while so Morrison is a perfect WWE talent or ex talent who you would want to see in the Impact zone and this match could tear the house down.


How do i put Booker on my list WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE that's how. I agree not the most informative commentator around but the most entertaining hands down so CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Well that is my first blog hope you like it and feel free to comment and let me know what you think

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  1. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Just to note on the speculative situation: Melina has interest in going to TNA. TNA is interested in having her join their roster... if JoMo goes with her. JoMo doesn't want to go to TNA, he wants to take a shot at acting professionally. It was JoMo's choice to leave 'E and it's fairly clear the door will be open when he decides to come back. (And I think it's very clear Melina burned that bridge for herself.)
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Very good first blog. It's about time someone, including myself, talked about the good things in wrestling right now.

    I don't know. I must be blind or ignorant or something. I know I'm in the major minority but I just don't see it with Dolph Ziggler. I find him annoying and if he gets a title push, I'll be tuning out, much like I did with Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble and getting a World Title Shot at Wrestlemania. Other than that, i couldn't agree more with your assessment. Keep up the good work man, and check out my blogs when you get a chance.
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good first blog. I don't see anything big with John Laurinaitis, hes just annoying, in the wrong way. He needs to learn how to speak better on the mic. But his little feud with Punk is a bit entertaining, thanks to Punk.

    I personally am loving what Ziggler and Bryan are doing right now. Ziggler consistently puts on the best matches in the WWE, and will be a future world champion. Bryan is improving on the mic, getting the crowd on his side, and his underdog gimmick is awesome.
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
  5. BabbleM's Avatar
    props for throwing booker t in there. love his color commentary work. gotta disagree with the john laryngitis thing tho, the guys totally sucks but wwe will do as it pleases to further a storyline and he is gonna get shoved down our throat regardless. also disagree with the person who commented about not getting the whole dolph ziggler buzz. the guy has made a believer or me and this is coming from a person who didn't care about him one way or the other. I CAN DIG IT! great blog
  6. Godsmack78's Avatar
    i just dont see it with ziggles either, he just doesnt have it imo...seems like wwe has a hard on for him and ryder and they just dont deserve it yet.. all the greats had to pay their due and so should they...
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog..I do not like this laurinatis guy..but I agree with rest of ur blog..I love Ziggler/Bryan..n I feel Dibiasse can be a gud baby face...I love him more for the fact that he's feuding with my fellow country man..; n I'm all for JoMo vs wud be a gr8 match at any given day...

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