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A New Perspective on the Cena Heel Turn

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Hey Everyone. Thank you again for reading my blogs. Earlier this week, I talked about what's happening with Cena and I touched on TNA a bit. I'll do more of both in this one.

I'm going to add a new perspective on the John Cena heel turn, or not heel turn, depending on what unfolds over the course of the next few months. There's been a lot of blogs and speculation about Cena recently. Much of it culminating from the Piper SLAP! on Raw this past Monday. Will Cena turn heel? Some say he will. Others say, there's too much risk with merchandising so he won't. Others say he's already a heel to a certain demographic. Let's take a look at some facts.

Cena is the ultimate kids hero. He's featured in all the WWE advertisements on Nickelodeon. He grants wishes through United Way and Make-A-Wish. He's the face of the company. How can you turn the face of the company into a heel, and risk the merchandise sales and possibly disappoint all those children who look up to him.

Here's the new perspective. The WWE knows. If you look at their ratings, they get close to 3 million people viewing Raw each week. They know that this is a topic of conversation in the internet world. And a lot of people think they have the answers. The fact is, the WWE is taking the controversy that we're creating, in regards to what will happen with Cena, and running with it. Think about it. Piper slaps him in the face. Cena "Rises Above Hate", and walks out. Not to be seen in the show again.

Now, how many blogs have posted and how many Facebook comments have been written in regards to his heel turn, or lack thereof. How many reasons why there will or won't be one? The only way to find out is to do what? Tune in to Raw on Monday to see what will happen next.

I mentioned it a little in my last Blog about expecting more of the what we saw on Monday. Since there's not time for an in between feud to take him to Wrestlemania, expect more things like the Piper's Pit segment. Maybe this week it'll be Dusty Rhodes, who had no problem going heel on Cena for the benefit of Legacy, right? Who also had no problem going heel to side with Cody over Rey Mysterio. He was also hanging out with Piper the whole night on Tuesday. Or maybe they do a special edition of The Cutting Edge. Edge is certainly no stranger to controversy and heel turns.

Basically, as we think he will be turning heel, look for the WWE to keep the questions unanswered. And just as we may be giving up on the idea, look for him to Juuuuuuust About Break, then tune in the next week to see what will happen next. As much as we complain that the writing isn't great for WWE lately, this is actually a genius move, if it is, in fact, what they're doing.

Now before I get to TNA, let me say that while I wasn't fully disappointed in the live Smackdown, I was really looking forward to no Michael Cole. That wasn't to be. The show, overall, was okay. I was glad to see Daniel Bryan getting a title shot. It was pretty much how I expected it. He almost won, but in the end, Henry took him down. The Big Show at TLC is next.

Okay, Impact Wrestling this week was pretty good. For all the internet reports about John Morrison, I thought they were beginning to build toward that with Austin Aries' promo. Then I thought about it and it's way too soon. The Knockouts doing the car wash thing was pretty stupid and over the last few weeks, they've been giving Karen Jarrett way too much air time. It's a waste. But the ending was excellent. I hate run-in and interference endings to matches, but when Sting came out and announced what would happen at Final Resolution with the cage match, it made up for it. I still think they should really work with their top players on the mic skills, and for hearing's sake, please don't let Scott Steiner talk EVER again.

That's what I got. I know I jumped around a bit but there's my perspective on the John Cena heel turn. We are the ones dictating it.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be posting again after we find out what happens this Monday.

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  1. Shaz11's Avatar
    Well said mate, I would feel very sorry for the children cause they really believe in him. To them he is literally Superman

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