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John Cena is NOT turning Heel

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Why are so many people posting about John Cena turning heel??

Every PPV that comes up, and every small event that happens to him, I see so many blogs saying
"I think Cena is going to turn heel on Sunday"
"This is definitely leading to a Cena heel turn"
"Cena turn heel, it's about to happen"

No. This won't happen for a while. Don't get me wrong, I feel the exact same way as everyone else does. Respect the hell out of John Cena the person, but am sick of seeing the exact same thing from John Cena the character for the last 5 years.

But no one has realised yet. John Cena finally has a new gimmick. He has changed. 75% of the crowd booing him, the women and children and him preaching 'Rise Above Hate' is his new gimmick, and it works. I've enjoyed Raw so much more recently because of this. Piper's slap, which wasn't heard 'round the world (ppl who don't watch wrestling didn't hear it and don't care) only helped Cena's 'Rise Above Hate' gimmick. Piper is only addressing all the ppl that boo him, helping fuel Cena to lead his fans to rise above our hatred of him (the character)

And it's here where people will point out "What about Wrestlemania? Out of him and Rocky who's going to be the heel and who's going to be the face?"
WHO THE HELL CARES?? It's going to be held at The Rock's hometown of Miami, why would it matter who is what when it will clearly be pro Rock and con Cena. Just like when he faced CM Punk in Chicago. Just like when he faced RVD at One Night Stand, and just like when he faced Edge in Toronto.

So when will Cena turn heel?
If Cena ever did turn heel, there wouldn't be a lead up to it, it would be completely shocking, a la Hogan. So shocking that it will be talked about forever in the wrestling business.

So what the IWC is saying at the moment is that 'SuperCena', one of the biggest baby faces of all time in any company, is going to turn heel by getting annoyed over a few weeks and then telling his fans to "Go away, I don't care about you anymore, you're all poopy"......

I don't think so guys. We will never see it coming. Seriously, some fans are so blinded by getting what they want, it makes them stupid lol.

And now, people are going to comment on this telling me why Cena IS about to turn heel. But how many years have you all been saying this and then it never happens. Trust me people, we will never see it coming.

So we can stop with all the 'John Cena is about to turn heel' blogs now.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Not sure if I fully agree. While what you say would be more ideal with the shocking Cena heel turn, I do think it's in our near future.

    Just for conversations sake, how would this sound. Cena is still a face come Wrestlemania. The crowd will be pro-Rock no matter what. After the match, they shake hands as Cena congratulates The Rock on his victory, and then...BAM! Clotheline. Pull out the old chain from the chain gang days, and lay into The Rock, leaving him a heep in the ring. Cena staring evil-eyed into the camera, as the second loudest boos in the history of wrestling, *Sgt Slaughter's Iraqi gimmick is definitely tops*, bring Wrestlemania to a shocking, "Why Cena Why" end. I like that idea.
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    First of all, it would be months, not weeks of Cena having 75% of the crowd against him and you know (even said yourself) more will be in Miami. I also question why you think it would be the same as Hogan? Hogan's turn made no sense initially and was done as many things in that era were, for the shock value. Hogan could've ridden his face gimmick to this day (as he occasionally has) and nobody would've said boo about it. It all comes down to how well you can sell what you are, Hogan was Hogan face or heel. Cena will be Cena, face or heel... if he (and creative) can sell it correctly.

    Though I will agree the speculation is somewhat pointless, but it can be fun thinking about how it may happen.
  3. ZakPhoenix's Avatar
    Cena will probably turn heel eventually. But if they're going to build up for Wrestlemania, something needs to happen.
  4. Theicon's Avatar
    We want a heel turn because we all apart from you are sick of the same old cena gimmick week in week out
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    How would you people feel if Cena turned heel, but still had his "Superman" gimmick? Then he would still be hated, and not just because of his new heel gimmick.
  6. motorsabin1's Avatar
    How do you idiots know if Cena is or isn't turning heel?

    Shut up and just see how things play out.

    This is what Jericho and Punk were talking about, you idiots want to over guess everything instead of watching the show like a damn movie.

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