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Rick Starr

Raw Re-writting History & More

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Hey Splashers! I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day! Me? I’ve been working on a few side projects. I just finished off a Big Show WMD Wall Paper, and for those of you who like the TV Show “Sons of Anarchy” I will have both those wallpapers up at my site: . Alright with all the cheap plugs outta the way, let’s get on to the Splash!

RAW Re-writing History?
It appears up front that WWE’s RAW is still the “flag ship” of the business. If you listen to Michael Cole, he will tell you yourself that you are watching “The longest weekly episonic television program show.” While no one doubts how long RAW has been on TV, many fans are starting to see some of the faults in production. This past week the WWE had planned on a special guest Jonah Hill, which apparently was mostly taped. RAW had advertised Hill’s appearance all the way up till the show started, yet Hill’s segments were cut. Now don’t get me wrong, I was not looking forward to a celebrity guest host to take up RAW’s time. However, it goes to show that RAW’s show is not as smooth at the WWE makes it out to be.

Now back in the late 90’s the WCW had a similar problem, they couldn’t get the lineup sheet for the night, and their show went to shit. This was because Eric Bischoff’s hands were tied, and he had to wait for approval from his superiors to clear what he had written for the show. Eric Bischoff was an Executive Manager, and did have a lot of control in the early goings of his career. However towards the fall of WCW, Bischoff did start losing managerial control, as Turner Sports began to lose interest in WCW.

I’m not saying the exact same thing is happening here. But there has been the story-line earlier this year, where Vince McMahon has begun to lose sight of things. Vinnie Mac still owns his company, and the rumors are he is the one behind doing all the re-writes on RAW. Perhaps it’s time that VKM finally steps down…

Kane’s Promo:
I saw Kane’s Promo with the burning mask. After seeing that, I can safely say he is not the returning WWE Star where it “Begins again”. Some people saw the burning mask and instantly think that Kane is returning with the mask. I tend to disagree. Although they have not made reference to the mask in several years, It’s still a big symbol that represents Kane. After all, the mask itself was set on fire, which to me backed up my theory that Kane will not be coming back with the mask.

It Begins Again Promo:
One of the biggest topics of the week was the “It Begins Again” Promo. For those of you who have missed it, I’m sure they will promote it this week on Smackdown. While a few people think it was a teaser for Kane’s return, which one doesn’t make sense as Kane had his own promo which I just spoke about. The rest of the IWC is split down the middle between Chris Jericho and The Undertaker. I would not be too surprised if they do what they did last year: have Jericho return, and have the Undertaker, interrupt his comeback. This is similar to what they did with The Undertaker/HHH Match at WM27. If you look at the promo, it fits both the Undertaker AND Chris Jericho’s character. This hints at a Jericho/Taker Match at WM28.
Well that’s it for now Splashers.

Until next time..See ya when I see ya!
-Rick Starr @RickStarr

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  1. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    It begins promo:

    I honestly think it will be Jericho returning to feud with Undertaker, too. I also think it fits Jericho's character to use these videos to tease Undertaker. It seems like an Undertaker return promo with the grey/black color scheme, Bible passages, and creepy feel, yet all signs seem to point to Jericho. Jericho's past two debuts/returns have been focused on coming back to call out a wrestler on the roster. It makes sense for his third time around to do the same thing. And the timing lines up, since neither he nor Taker are getting any younger.

    I envision Kane returning (also sans mask, that's what I also gathered from the burning mask) prior to January 2nd. Then have Taker confront him in the ring, making people think it was him that the videos were about. Suddenly some sort of video promo like the it begins one showing on the screen and Jericho returning, setting up a three way dance between Kane, Taker, and Jericho as the wild card.

    Personal opinion, of course.
  2. Corwo's Avatar
    Completely agree, another great Blog Splash!
  3. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    It's really either Jericho or Kane that will be Taker's WM28 opponent. I envision the masked Kane returning at either TLC or Royal Rumble. My money would be Kane returning masked at the Rumble.
  4. jonod's Avatar
    "If you listen to Michael Cole, he will tell you yourself that you are watching “The longest weekly episonic television program show.”
    I always get bugged by this as its an out and out lie - Coronation Street is the longest running tv series. I dont know how they can get away with claiming that... sorry english rant over

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