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The importance of commentary

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hey guys, IrishWrestleFan here,
ok so il get right to the point, when growing up watching wresting i was pretty ignorant to the fact of how important commentary was to the company, and i didnt appreciate it as much as i should off.
during the attitude era the awesome duo of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler was second to none. When sitting at home watching Monday night Raw or smackdown, their excitment automatically made you the fan excited, Jerry always backing the heel and JR backing the face. They sold the matches and the storyline so so well, even just a superstar coming to the ring was made exciting, how many times did we hear the glass break followed by JR's repetative lines of 'STONE COLD, STONE COLD, HE'S TALKING, HE'S PISSED', they just made everything so exciting, they sold everything perfectly, their enthusiasm, their passion, their ability to make you the viewer believe they were just as supprised as you where when something big went down.
Now fast forward to today, the commentary is shocking, their is no passion or supprise element, they spend too much time arguing between themselves and trying to point out each others mistake on live tv, not to mention the constant talking of twitter.
il give you a couple of examples
Mick Foleys recent return.....this made me sick to the stomach, there was no supprise factor at all so it was upto the commentators to sell it and make it seem awesome, but instead of Jerry Lawler or Asshole Cole shouting 'oh my fraking god its Mick Foley, we havnt seen him in years king, what the hell is he doing here' (or something around those lines) they were just like 'oh its micky foley' as if we had only seen him yesterday.
The recent cryptic promos airing on Raw.....ok so we saw the two promos airing the past couple of weeks on Raw, now im sure i can speak for most of you guys when i say that when i saw kanes mask (hinting he would be returning under the infamous red mask) i was ecstatic, soo happy, but the commentators just said 'creepy' and moved on with the show, why the hell were they not trying to sell this, 'what the hell was that, was....was..was that kanes mask???? wot does this mean, somethings going down' again just an example of how it could of sounded
and last but certainly not least
the rock returns as guest host of wrestlemania
so no one new it was the Rock for sure, not even the announcers, his music hits, he gets the biggest pop i have heard for the past 5years at least, and the commentators say, nothing, didly squat, they didnt say a bloody word, now if that was during the attitude era good ole JR would have been going absoloutly bananas , he would of be shouting and screaming 'its the rock, the great one is here, oh my god' but nope they sit bare faced as if to say, i dont give a shit.
these are just a few example, its just terrible to watch raw and have to listen to cole and king argue, talk about twitter, and when they do talk about whats happening in the ring or backstage etc, its like they have no charisma at it, no passion in their voices, the commentators on Raw have to get the finger out, do their job instead of promoting Twitter, if the commentators started selling storys, being able to tell the story of a match, start acting shocked and supprised when summit goes down then we would be more excited, ratings would go up for sure. i
Honestly believe the commentators are the guys that make it exciting for the viewer, and im afraid to say they havnt been doing that for the 5 or 6 years.
i know i only mentioned JR and King as commentators, Tazz, Cole (in his face days), king booka, paul heyman, all great commentators when it came to making something seem awesome and selling a story.
anyway guys i know this blog is kinda thrown together, i had to do it in an epic rush as my mates gf has just went into labour, so please read, im off to the hospital

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  1. evilgenius780's Avatar
    I agree with the point that its not the fault of the current guys at the desk, they get told what to say, and when to say it, but the commentator should be there to put over the talent and not themselves, which Cole spends way too much time doing. JR could convince you that anyone was great, and yes, Vince Mcmahon was great when teamed up with Jesse Ventura.

    More focus on the match, a flashback..I remember when WCW would have a great midcard match going on, and spend the entire time talking about the nWo, and what they would be doing later. Not enough focus on the match.

    The bickering and self promotion with the commentary needs to stop, the Cole character has run his course, there can be a heel commentator, but they should at least attempt to call the matches.
  2. jethro's Avatar
    My favorite commentators: Jim Ross,King(heel days of course),Joey Styles,Heyman,Heenan,Jesse Ventura,Gorilla and West(yes him).They maybe not knowing all the wrestling moves name/wrestling 101 genius but they know how to sell and get the viewers excited.
  3. BabbleM's Avatar
    @ rick starr. enjoy your blogs but couldn't disagree more about Booker. he is absolute gold on commentary especially juxtaposed with the current state of commentary, ie cole, modern-day lawler and an MIA jr. i love booker's commentary lol. ah well.
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