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Turning John Cena heel: For and Against (Part 1)

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Hey guys, first time blogger. Don't tear into me if you disagree with my opinions.

Today, I'll be looking at the idea of turning John Cena heel. Why it should be done, and why it shouldn't.

Why it should be done:
In thinking about the subject matter, many reasons appear in my head.
Firstly, like Hulk Hogan in '96, turning Cena heel will generate so much interest back into the product. Certain fans, me included, have begun to lose interest in WWE, as the product has become increasingly repetetive. John Cena is a massive reason behind this, lets be honest, boring era in professional wrestling. Turn him heel, many of those dis-interested fans will begin to tune in again just to see what WWE do with heel Cena.

Secondly, John Cena vs. The Rock at WM28. In my opinion, this match will be semi-ruined if it is face vs. face. Rocky needs a villian to beat, not a cookie cutter baby face. When he returned at WM20, he had big heels in Evolution to face. Yes, he lost, but that doesn't change the fact that the whole of Madison Square Garden was behind Rock & Sock that night, and it needs to be the same in Miami. The Rock isn't going to come back just to get beaten, and WWE'S biggest babyface cannot be pinned to conclude WrestleMania.

Finally, turning Cena heel can make way for several mid carders to be pushed up to the "Face of WWE" mantle with Randy Orton. There are many babyfaces that remain stagnant, simply because they cannot go upwards because John Cena is in the way. Turning him heel will free up space in the main event scene for a young superstar to break through, and it will also give them someone else to work with. Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase will benefit greatly from being opposed to John Cena, and it will give us fans something we've wanted for a while: fresh, exciting match-ups.

Part 2: Why John Cena shouldn't turn heel, will be posted tomorrow. Please comment, I'd love to know your opinions about what has been written.

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  1. TJB001's Avatar
    I's time for Cena to turn heel...however...the WWE needs to do this a lot of ways it's got to be some sort of shocker like when Hogan went heel in WCW. For Hogan...that was the best thing he could have done for his career at the time.

    It has to be done right and carefully. While Hogan was the Face of all Faces for the longest time, it was all about Hulkamania, take your vitamins, say your prayers, etc. Cena is in a position that does a lot of good and tackles real social issues of the day. Rise Above Hate, Make a Wish Foundation, etc. that both he and the WWE promote heavily and for good reason.

    If you turn him just to turn him, the fans will be in "really...this is how you went about doing this?". And if you turn him it's got to be in a way that does not attack or take the message away from the good things that have been done (and should continue to do) for all the good work he has done with these charities.

    I look back at the Bret Hart situation when he turned heel and did the Canada vs. USA thing. I loved The Hitman and always will. But when that happened it was simply not believable because we all knew Bret...we knew his history…what he stood for…where he came from and who his family was. The WWE simply had to turn him heel so he could leave for WCW. It was a crappy story line for the Hitman character...they simply did not do it right...and in my humble opinion...I don't think anyone enjoyed booing Bret Hart.

    Cena needs a heel turn...but they need to do it right...not a build up...he's got to "rise above" all of this...make it seem to the fan base it's not getting to him and then let it go...for now. Make it seem like the heel turn idea has been abandoned.

    Then he should come into Wrestlemania...defeat The Rock in a not so fair manner, start beating the crap out of The Rock after the bell, have Piper come in and try to stop him...then Cena just loses it and really beat the snot out of Piper...a HOF Legend. Taking out both The Rock and Piper in that manner, at the Wrestlemania is the best thing he can do if he wants to turn heel.

    I think this approach legitimizes the story line a bit. He and The Rock both have a beef…and Cena has basically had enough of taking the shots The Rock has sent across his bow over the past year. He’s had enough of The Rock slamming him to the mat out of nowhere. He’s had enough of the fans cheering for a guy (The Rock) who has done nothing but insult and disrespect Cena, while all the while Cena has tried to break bread with the guy and try to make things right. So he snaps at Wrestlemania and takes out The Rock…and I mean takes him out of action for a while. The Rock needs to get his a$$ beat badly for this to look legit.

    Then you throw Piper into the mix after The Rock beat down…after Cena takes out The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment, Piper comes out to praise Cena and say something like “Ya see? I told ya so” or “No…this is wrong…this was not the way to go about this…”. Then Cena drops Piper…badly.

    This does two things….first it gives the heel turn a little more legit stature…second it opens up several story line possibilities for afterward.

    Just my thoughts…I’d love to hear back from you all to see what you think..!
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    I think Cena would turn heel at WM if at all and would need to stay on message with HUSTLE LOYALTY RESPECT. Which he could easily say Rock does not exemplify in any way. All for the Rock beat down, but to really put over a Cena heel turn...? He's gotta take out Foley rather than Piper at WM and then maybe they do another Piper's Pit the night after Mania where Piper says he's proud of Cena for finally showing who he is/couldn't have done it better himself (as Piper is one of the greatest heels in history)... and Piper eats an AA for it.

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