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WWE: John Cena, Heel? Not So Fast My Friend

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Yes, I stole that line from Lee Corso.

There's been a lot of talk about Cena turning Heel ever since 'The Slap Heard Round the World' as a few people have called it. It's coming from the blogs, to the forum posts, to the countless opinion articles on some of the other 'dirt sheets', but is it coming?

Simple Answer – NO

Looking at the logical approach you have to keep in mind...
  • John Cena is a huge contributor to the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • John Cena has brand new “Rise above Hate” merchandise
  • No Middle-Game
  • John Cena is a vocal member of the Be A Star Campaign.

There are other reasons, but I'll just focus on these four.

1) The Make-A-Wish Foundation pretty much requires Cena to stay face. Cena seems to be honest when he says he enjoys working with the MAWF, and by his record setting number of wishes fulfilled, I'd doubt he'd want to lower the amount of kids requesting him. Admittedly, this isn't a good reason by itself.

2) The new “Rise above Hate” merchandise speaks volumes. If Cena was someone like the Big Show, new merchandise wouldn't matter all that much, but Cena has been the #1 Merchandise seller for a long time, only recently eclipsed by CM Punk and on a given day – Rock and maybe Ryder. There is a lot of money invested in those products and they are expected to sell. The fact that this very same merchandise also has a “Be a Star” logo on it, would heavily complicate things by turning heel.

3) Let's just say he was to turn heel though, OK we have a early game – The Heel turn, and the Initial rants/promos/matches as a heel, and we have an end game – Rock vs Cena at WM. However, what does he do in the mean time? I wouldn't have the slightest clue. I can't see him feuding with Ryder, Riley or Kofi. I could see a re-do of Punk/Cena, but it would feel a bit forced in my opinion. To be fair John Cena as a face/tweener is hard to predict.

4) The final and most important reason is the “Be a Star” Campaign. What we all thought was a minor PR stunt a few months ago is something that the WWE is taking rather seriously. Even in Cena's down months in sales, there are a lot of shirts out there with that logo on them. Turning his back on the kid-base of his, as well as all the work he and the WWE have done with them would be a PR nightmare for the WWE.

Having said all that? What was the purpose of the slap?

Well let's face it, there's two ways to deal with bullies.

1) Ignore them and take the high road, or simply put – The Wuss Way
2) Confront and Fight them off – The way every father wishes their kid would do

The second one is what I see happening, John Cena will stay a face, but he will change his personality from “Never Give Up, Ignore the Haters.” to “Stand Up, Defend Against the Haters”

It's not a heel turn, that implies turning on his base. He's going to empower his base of kids and women by not taking the high road and ignore, but take the man's road and defend one's self. This means more direct reaction and emotion and less letting the Heels just talk down to him. He'll 'Be a Star' by no longer taking it.

The truth is there are three kinds of Cena Haters
1) People who just hate Cena as a person.
2) People who just hate everything about Cena as a wrestler.
3) People who hate Cena because he could do better than this.

I'm paraphrasing the third one, but that third one has a much larger population. Most people recognize his skills and work ethic, but are just bored and know he can do better. So having said all of that, He's going to cater to us, by hating on us for hating him.

Cena will be a Heel, but to one wrestler – The Rock. He'll still be teaming up with Kofis, and the Ryders of the WWE, but the Cena-Haters and anyone who gets in his way are his foes. We should be seeing a more aggressive Cena these next few months. A Superstar that says “Cena's hogging the spotlight”, should be getting a Triple H like response of “Maybe its just because you suck.” or maybe “I'm not apologizing for being better at this than you.”

Could this lead to a full heel turn after WM? Perhaps, but it also could return him into a full Face. It gives that flexibility for the ever-changing world of the WWE.

Sorry Internet Smarks, Cena going full blown heel just isn't happening at this juncture. Whatever this really is should re-energize his base, sell some more stuff and hopefully we'll still at least enjoy the ride and more importantly -- bitch about it all the way to Wrestlemania.

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  1. toobeastly33's Avatar
    great blog. so true. The WWE has way to much invested in him being a face. Glad you did this blog. Kind of getting tired of the "OMG he is turning heel" blogs. not that they are bad, but its just wishful thinking at this point. Though i would love him heel, it just is not feasible.
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    yeah i thought it was pretty ridiculous seeing all this fresh heel talk of cena arise after "the slap heard around the world". The problem is people are deluding themselves that hes definitely gonna turn heel, and theyve been doing it so long now that they rag on the show more and more after each disappointment. its hard to see
  3. silentq's Avatar
    Miz just put two guys out of competition and he is a part of be a star. Cm punk is a part of it and he isn't exactly a great role model. Cena merch will take a hit but I would honestly only see him as a heel until mania is over. Punk and Ryder merch is being seen a lot more anyways . They will take that void for the time being. They don't have much to lose but everything to gain. If it works out it will be huge for wwe and if it doesn't then they go right back.
  4. Shaz11's Avatar
    I absolutely agree with you, great blog mate. I may not like Cena but I respect him. People will probably bash me for this comment, but I would feel really sorry for the Make-A-Wish foundation because they really believe in him!
  5. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    FINALLY!!!! Someone on this site who isn't retarded.

    Every PPV that comes up, and every small event that happens to him, I see so many blogs saying
    "I think Cena is going to turn heel on Sunday"
    "This is definitely leading to a Cena heel turn"
    "Cena turn heel, it's about to happen"

    No. This won't happen for a while. Don't get me wrong, I feel the exact same way as everyone else does. Respect the hell out of John Cena the person, but am sick of seeing the exact same thing from John Cena the character for 5 years.

    But no one has realised yet. John Cena finally has a new gimmick. He has changed. 75% of the crowd booing him, the women and children, and him preaching 'Rise above hate' is his new gimmick, and it works. I've enjoyed raw so much more recently because of this. Piper's slap, which wasn't heard round the world (ppl who don't watch wrestling didn't hear it and don't care) only helped Cena's Rise Above Hate gimmick. He's only addressing all the ppl that boo him, helping fuel Cena to lead his fans to rise above our hatred of him (the character)

    If Cena ever did turn heel, there wouldn't be a lead up to it, it would be completely shocking, a la Hogan. So shocking that it will be talked about forever in the wrestling business.

    SuperCena, one of the biggest baby faces of all time in any company, getting annoyed over a few weeks and then telling his fans to "Go away, I don't care about you anymore, you're all poopy"......

    I don't think so guys. We will never see it coming. Seriously, some fans are so blinded by getting what they want, it makes them stupid lol.
  6. Rick Starr's Avatar
    I like your blog, and I agree with what's been said here. There have been way too many "Cena is going to turn heel blogs". I do agree that Cena's character has gotten a bit stale, and a heel turn would help, but right now it's far too obvious. I could definitely see him do a turn somewhere after WM28, but just for the Rock match would be silly.
    Updated 12-02-2011 at 12:52 AM by Rick Starr
  7. Theicon's Avatar
    terrible blog! Cena mark much?
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