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John Cena's Heel Turn

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So first time blogger here but its an idea that I think may be valid.I know after raw on Monday a lot of people see it as a start of the long awaited John Cena heel turn. Now I've been watching wrestling since I was very young my brother introduced me too it around WM9, the infamous one. I actually love this event purely for nostalgia reasons which is another story for another time (maybe).

Anyway I was there for the start of Cenas career, I watched him challenge Kurt Angle on smackdown on a Saturday morning (that's when smackdown used to be shown over here). So I was a big fan of his from the start, I was part of the 'Chain Gang', I wore the word-life hoody,I was happy when he won the title from JBL at WM21, then slowly it started to change.

The chase was over, Cena was champ. Was I happy? Yes but for how long. A year maybe a year and a half later, I'm not sure because it was a gradual thing but I started to resent Cena, he was the champ and he was unstoppable. I remember watching ppv's and coming to the last match praying for Umaga, Orton, Kahli and others to win just for something different. Now i know he did loose the title to Edge and Kahli and others during this time but it just felt like he was always winning.

Now don't get me wrong, just because I'm not a fan of John Cena doesn't mean I don't respect the hell out of him. I met him once at a hotel the whole raw crew was staying at and I have to say John Cena the man is a class act, John Cena the character is stale. Which brings me to my title.

The crowd is split but it is not an even split, the women and the children shout ''Lets go Cena'' the men and teenagers shout ''Cena Sucks'', who's cheering for his opponent? Has John Cena become the biggest face and heel in the WWE.Think about it because I'm not saying I am 100% right but if it is true it could explain the dropping numbers in attendance and on ppv.

So if I bring up the problem I may as well offer a solution and its not even original but at least I have reasoning behind it. Turn John Cena Heel. Why you may ask. Well look at the audience, the people booing him are sick of having him play the ultimate face so they boo him and there is no way I can see Cena winning them over.So that leaves the women and kids, the women will find some other hunk to cheer for if he is pushed right. The kids, ah the kids, look remember said I still love WM9, its because I was young and no matter what pile of shite the WWE had served up I was a fan and there was no changing that be it Hulk Hogan or Bret Hart was the main face of the company. It is the same these days if they push a new face the kids will follow.

Look maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm right its just my opinion. I know this was a bit long but I just had to make sure i was clear I don't hate John Cena I just want him to freshen up and that's the only way I can see it happen.
I'd appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism and if you'd like to here from me again or not.

'When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.''

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  1. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    Cena's heel turn wouldn't make much sense right now. He already stated that he doesn't care about what the Internet marks have to say about him, and how he cares about his kids and blah blah blah.. Why would he turn on the kids? To please the rest? If he does turn, I could only see it as a quick temporary turn. I could see him turning during their match, saying something like "oh you like him better than me, don't you?" and just have him go nuts; after their feud, Vince will realize that he still doesn't have anyone of Cena's caliber to keep those little kids happy, and everything will go back to normal.

    As for TNA.. They're an alternative. Why would anyone want to tune in, and feel like they're watching WWE? Their demo is for adults, and males in general. There are people out there that enjoy seeing things like the attitude era, and most of the people I know that watch TNA, enjoy it for that reason. I think they're doing better than ever; their young talent is their main display, then you have storylines with stablished stars on the side.
  2. CenasLamb's Avatar
    What do you mean women will cheer for another hunk?! We women love the art of wrestling just as much and if not sometimes more than guys! Just bcuz we cheer for him doesn't solely mean bcuz he's hot. I've been a fan of wrestling since I was 8 and a guys 'hotness' has nothing to do with if I like him or not and that's the case for most women!
  3. madnonsense's Avatar
    Many people feel Cena doesn't want to turn heel is simply because it will hurt the sales WWE makes out of John Cena t-shirt, head bands, arm bands, etc. Young kids will get very emotional and doesn't want to buy another John Cena t-shirt again.
  4. Lyonett1169's Avatar
    If they turn Cena heel (which is where I would place my vote), they will have about one month of show stopping new material (like they did with CM punk however they turned that month into 2 weeks). They will have a large portion of the show dedicated to Heel Cena, and this will give them the chance to take 2 mid-card talents and have them topped over to main-event status. 2 things here that concern me if I am Vince McMahon: 1.) Who are my mid-card upgrades going to be? (I personally like A-Ry, Mason Ryan, even Miz.. but that's me, can be whoever) The guy needs swagger & appearance (which are the easy attributes) to be top dog, and NEEDS mic skills.. no script promos. That has to happen. However, 2.) Cena and the make a wish foundation is a VERY difficult bond to break. They would have to keep the kids with Cena, and still have him a heel.. if that's possible. Can't ruin that for the kids, no way. Any opinions?
  5. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    someone mentioned this the other day, I reckon you could be right about make a wish, but surely like the blogger mentioned, CM Punk for instance, could just step into cena's face shoes?

    surely a heel turn would be for 1 year max anyway? unless it was hugely successful.
  6. TakerManiac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CenasLamb
    What do you mean women will cheer for another hunk?! We women love the art of wrestling just as much and if not sometimes more than guys! Just bcuz we cheer for him doesn't solely mean bcuz he's hot. I've been a fan of wrestling since I was 8 and a guys 'hotness' has nothing to do with if I like him or not and that's the case for most women!
    many girls I know share your opinion which I can't deny that I'm little bit surprized
  7. TJB001's Avatar
    I'd have to agree with your's time for Cena to turn heel...however...the WWE needs to do this a lot of ways it's got to be some sort of shocker like when Hogan went heel in WCW. For Hogan...that was the best thing he could have done for his career at the time.

    It has to be done right and carefully. While Hogan was the Face of all Faces for the longest time, it was all about Hulkamania, take your vitamins, say your prayers, etc. Cena is in a position that does a lot of good and tackles real social issues of the day. Rise Above Hate, Make a Wish Foundation, etc. that both he and the WWE promote heavily and for good reason.

    If you turn him just to turn him, the fans will be in "really...this is how you went about doing this?". And if you turn him it's got to be in a way that does not attack or take the message away from the good things that have been done (and should continue to do) for all the good work he has done with these charities.

    I look back at the Bret Hart situation when he turned heel and did the Canada vs. USA thing. I loved The Hitman and always will. But when that happened it was simply not believable because we all knew Bret...we knew his history…what he stood for…where he came from and who his family was. The WWE simply had to turn him heel so he could leave for WCW. It was a crappy story line for the Hitman character...they simply did not do it right...and in my humble opinion...I don't think anyone enjoyed booing Bret Hart.

    Cena needs a heel turn...but they need to do it right...not a build up...he's got to "rise above" all of this...make it seem to the fan base it's not getting to him and then let it go...for now. Make it seem like the heel turn idea has been abandoned.

    Then he should come into Wrestlemania...defeat The Rock in a not so fair manner, start beating the crap out of The Rock after the bell, have Piper come in and try to stop him...then Cena just loses it and really beat the snot out of Piper...a HOF Legend. Taking out both The Rock and Piper in that manner, at the Wrestlemania is the best thing he can do if he wants to turn heel.

    I think this approach legitimizes the story line a bit. He and The Rock both have a beef…and Cena has basically had enough of taking the shots The Rock has sent across his bow over the past year. He’s had enough of The Rock slamming him to the mat out of nowhere. He’s had enough of the fans cheering for a guy (The Rock) who has done nothing but insult and disrespect Cena, while all the while Cena has tried to break bread with the guy and try to make things right. So he snaps at Wrestlemania and takes out The Rock…and I mean takes him out of action for a while. The Rock needs to get his a$$ beat badly for this to look legit.

    Then you throw Piper into the mix after The Rock beat down…after Cena takes out The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment, Piper comes out to praise Cena and say something like “Ya see? I told ya so” or “No…this is wrong…this was not the way to go about this…”. Then Cena drops Piper…badly.

    This does two things….first it gives the heel turn a little more legit stature…second it opens up several story line possibilities for afterward.

    Just my thoughts…I’d love to hear back from you all to see what you think..!
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