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WWE and TNA: An Overview: Issue 2

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Alright, time for another overview. Today I'm gonna follow everyone and talk about Piper's Pit, James Storm, Bobby Roode and follow up on the Divas Overview I did a while back.

Piper's Pit 11/28/2011

Boy is this gonna be a memorable one. Because the Pits have been pretty bad since Shawn Michael's used Sweet Chin Music on him back during the Hogan Feud for Summerslam. (I highly recommend this be YouTube'd as it was a fantastic spot.)

Now, This version wasn't the best ever, In my mind that would be when he was quoted as saying "Just when you thought you had all the answers, I changed the questions!" episode, but it is definitely a top 5'er.

I'll tell you what, You could make a case for Cena going heel. Piper sure as hell did. I don't think he will turn heel, but I don't think he'll be face either. I think he goes Tweener like CM Punk was. The WWE still needs him to sell Merch to kids. You can't do that when he is a bad guy. They also want more adults to like him. You sure as heck can't do that while he is face in this gimmick.

This is why I think the Piper's Pit started that springboard. The first hint though was when he chuckled at Mick Foley getting Rock Bottomed.

I was also just glad to see Piper looking relatively healthy for a change. Plus, I don't mind marking out to him either.

James "Freaking" Storm

This has been one of the more interesting characters in wrestling when it comes to a concussion related storyline. It has been well done. How often do you get a legit concussion and a good storyline out of it.

He is main event status because his promo work has been spot on. He isn't making any errors. The in-ring is extremely solid.

Adding Kurt Angle to the storyline is brilliant writing (Can't believe I said that.) on TNA's part. Angle will help bring Storm's ring ability from solid, to superb....or at least I hope that happens. Both wrestler's have great mic skills so I don't see it getting boring as far as the promo's go. Once they get to wrestling, than GAME ON!!! This is the feud I'm looking forward too in the month's to come.

Robert "B"Roode

Was any guy hotter going into his match at Bound for Glory in his designated match than Roode. I don't think so. They did a great build on him. Than he lost the match. Oh well. Such is life. So they give Storm the title match, and Storm wins. Ok. Moving on. Finally, it is Roode vs Storm. Than Roode uses the beer bottle. And it is all down hill from there.

I am not convinced that Roode is being used well in this story arch. He just isn't a good heel. I'm not believing that his "I'm cowardly" thing is any good. He would be much better suited to playing the "tough guy" heel. This weasely thing just sucks.

Knockouts and Divas: Part 2.

Man what in the world happened here. You talk about 2 extremes. The Knockouts are fantastic here lately, and the Divas, who by the way were starting to show promise, suck again.

Both divisions could use work on promo's. That hasn't changed. They are still pretty bad. The exception, while annoying, is Karen Jarret. Yes, she stumbles but it is usually when she is wrapping up her promo. And boy can she draw heat. Man o' Man does she draw heat.

All the Knockouts in ring work has improved immensely. I'm not sure if that is because they've added talent or what, but they haven't had many bad matches here lately.

The Divas division was going up for a while. Now, not so much. The Divas of Doom was working so well, but than they goofed that up. You want proof. Watch this weeks RAW again. My word, that was horrendous. If your to believe that they are the greatest, most dominating women in the division, why do you have them do that little stunt.

I can't say the in ring stuff was bad. But it isn't improving either. If they don't get this together, people are going to be tuning in more to Dancing with the Stars than the crap we get to see on RAW in regards to this division.

I believe that is all for this Overview edition. Have fun.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    True Robby should be a tuff heel...not this weasy thing..n Storm is always GOLD at ic..n he's pretty decent in ring..I like his one move esp..that is clothes line on the back of a wrestler....

    he n Kurt will put him over..n gr8 move by TNA to make him a gr8 main eventer...

    I wish Cena should change his character..become heel for The Rock..n then should take ediie's way of face..that may suit him..(lyin, cheatin n stealin)..I guess he can do it nice...

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