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The Slap Heard Round the World: The Start of Cena's Heel Turn?

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For years, people have been clamoring for it. They want John Cena to flip, to turn to the dark side. They're sick of Cena's goody-goody attitude and limited moveset. To sum it up, Cena's getting stale. We all know it, and we've all said it before. But alas, it's never happened. There've been several opportunities for him to do so over the past few years, whether it was his induction into the Nexus or his turning on The Rock at Survivor Series. But after tonight, what we've been asking for months, possibly years, may finally happen.

Roddy Piper said it best: wrestlers feed off of the energy of the crowd. Though Cena claims that he "rises above the hate," Piper saw through him, towards his pent-up denial at the crowd's booing him being weight on his shoulders. He told Cena to spill his heart to the crowd, lest he wants to lose to The Rock at WrestleMania. After Piper slapped some reality back into him, Cena walked away with a disheartened look on his face.

I don't know about you guys, but I think this is excellent build-up to a heel turn. There are some that defend that Cena is too valuable an asset as a face, as children make up the biggest market for the WWE now, but after what we've seen with CM Punk and Awesome Truth within recent months, we may be seeing a new era on the rise, and to have "Hollywood" Cena to spearhead it would renew interest in him and maybe even bring in some new fans.

Heel turns have worked in the favor of many wrestlers over the past few years, and kept them from being stale. I mentioned Hogan as one, but others, like R-Truth, Edge, and JBL rose from mid-card to main eventers just from a simple villainous change. Sure, Cena's already a main eventer, but the point is the same: it has potential to take his career in a new direction.

In closing, I may be wrong, but I think Piper's provoking Cena tonight may be the start of something bigger towards WrestleMania. It only makes sense: The Rock is the fan favorite going into this match, and for Cena to win as a face would be an outrage (though I doubt the bookers are THAT stupid). But as the saying goes, "anything can happen in the WWE," and as you know, this includes screw-ups.

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  1. Parallax's Avatar
    Good blog, but I'm done with the "Cena needs to turn heel" thing.

    I'm sorry, but I remember him as a heel. He was godawful boring. Even more so than he has become lately.

    And unlike someone like Hogan, he's never been universally loved. A heel turn really wouldn't change much. Kids will still buy his merch, and most of the fans over the age of 15 will still boo him in ever building.
  2. Theicon's Avatar
    Agreed nice blog & yes a heel turn or just a change from cenas suck up character is wanted by all
  3. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    A Cena heel turn has to be handled perfectly in order to make kids boo him, and to prevent him becoming a 'cool super heel'. It could be a disaster if WWE make just a couple of their usual mistakes.
  4. mrbluto's Avatar
    Again for the 5th or 6th time, they will not turn Cena heel as long as he is selling merch to kids. The simple way to turn him is have him bring a kid to the ring after his Wrestlemania match, instead of the kid embracing Cena have him hug The Rock, Cena will go nuts and then the kids will boo him.
  5. Blinker's Avatar
    This could be a good point for him to turn, but I don't see it happening right now. Say they turn him in December. Are you going to have him wrestle The Rock at Wrestlemania as a heel and win? No. Even if he was a heel and he won they would turn him back to face to show how great he is. I don't want a 4 month heel turn.

    As for making the kids hate him, it's not that hard. The could follow the same steps they did with Hogan. Have a heel threat start to rise in the ranks and have the other top faces (not Cena) defend the company/fans/good. Then in the faces time of need have the the white knight (Cena) come out and betray them and the fans. Then you have him be over the top obnoxious and win by dirty means. As long as the kids have someone to put hope in (Orton, Punk, Big Show, Sheamus) they will be happy.
  6. rafalafaa's Avatar
    This whole angle seems to be the start of a tough guy Cena, not necessarily a heel Cena. They're going to keep pressuring Cena to toughen up and lash out at the boo-birds, and when he finally does he'll have a new edge to him. As a face, however.
  7. Zekic's Avatar
    i would let the rock win on mania,for one night its all about the rock,but after mania its all about cena. Something like hatred was growing inside him and after losing to the rock it exploded,meybe even let the rock embrass cena in someway
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