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Raw Thoughts: 11/28/2011

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with his thoughts on Raw. Not much to say so without further ado...

Piper's Pit
That....was powerful shit. This is exactly how legends should be used (looking at you TNA): sparingly and to build a story or character. I think this is finally going to be the heel turn we all want, or at least a change in character. I really enjoyed this segment, it was a fantastic way to open the show and damn it if Piper doesn't still have it on the mic. I'll give the segment a 4/5, it was great and you should definitely check it out if you missed it.

Match #1 - Miz vs. John Morrison
Well we all knew it was coming, and say what you will but I think it's a damn shame that Morrison is leaving WWE for TNA. I don't care what the report says, I truly believe Morrison is gonna go nowhere over there, but you never know and I'm sure he'll find his way back eventually. This was alright I suppose, good booking for Miz, and I honestly thought they weren't even gonna give Morrison a match at all when Miz first beat him down. Also lol @ lack of Brodus Clay. 2/5, and good luck elsewhere Morrison, I don't wanna sound like he's dying but you'll be missed.

Match #2 - Bellas vs. Kelly/Alicia
Well I guess it's better to get the worst parts over with as soon as possible. In my opinion the Diva's of Doom has lost all momentum, it's time to shake it up or end it because idk about you guys but I'm bored with it. This match sucked, bottom line, no rating, next match please.

No surprises to see no Brodus Clay here, but I'm not complaining. What I will complain about is David Otunga. Probably the greenest guy in the history of WWE. He can take his bow tie and F off. One good side is Punk saving this promo and straight up trashing the 3 heels. Also it seems like they're gonna make Punk drop the belt tonight which would be a massive mistake if you ask me.

Match #3 - Orton vs. Ziggler
Gotta say, I was looking forward to this match, Ziggler and Orton haven't disappointed once this year in their own respective matches, and I know they've faced off before but I'm sure they wouldn't disappoint tonight. Also awesome win for Ziggler. Sure it was from shenanigans but he got the win so I'll take it. Glad to see Barrett and Orton continue, I'm looking forward to that feud for sure. Good match here, not as good as last week but definitely an entertaining match. 3/5, Ziggler's a boss.

Daniel Bryan and Cole segment was pretty ok. I do like the booking of this though, and I'm glad they're pushing Bryan in a main event feud. I think Mania 28 would be the perfect place for WWE to put the title on D-Bry. What with the Cena/Rock feud and all, they know people are gonna buy anyway just to see that, so they wont lose anything in letting Bryan win. Also I believe they did the false cash in as a test to see how well he's received as champion and I'd say he passed with flying colors. In all honesty I'm looking forward to the cage match and I usually hate David v. Goliath feuds. I'll def be watching that one, and I'll enjoy watching Bryan rise up in the ranks in WWE.

Match #4 - Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder
Glad they're giving Ryder a push and all but what has Swagger done to deserve these depushes. It's not like he's with a Diva like Tiffany or Melina. Cmon give him a break he's a good talent and can work well. Also I wish they'd make Ryder look more legit in the ring, he's gonna fall off if he stays as a goofy character. Oh well, 1/5 for the match, nothing special and it's definitely forgettable.

Match #6 - WWE Championship - CM Punk (c.) v. Alberto Del Rio
Great match here folks, these two work well together. I'm glad they didn't take the belt off Punk because it was looking like they would but like I said, glad they didn't. Nothing to complain about here but I am curious about what they're gonna do concerning the title at TLC, but that's what next week is gonna be for so we'll just have to wait and see. 3/5

Overall not a bad show to be honest. It had it's faults but some highs such as the main event, and Piper's Pit. This show did what it was supposed to and brought us into next week , which I am looking forward to. Until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces

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  1. jonod's Avatar
    nice recap, I really like that your doing this blog. I feel like the quality of the show is on a steady rise at the moment.. Also great, GREAT moment with the chair in the main event. I think I'm starting to get 'I'm gonna make this fun again' now. And I think your right about Pipers Pit, I just wish the kids would've known who he was :/

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