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Blog Wars Episode 4: Top 5 Submission Holds Part 2

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Here is part 2 so please vote on this list.

The Hit Man(C)

5. Walls of Jericho (Elevated Boston Crab)

There are many variations of the Boston Crab but Jericho’s Walls of Jericho is easily the most famous. It may not be the most devastating of holds as several wrestlers have used it as an ordinary submission hold. However when Jericho applies it, it really does look like it hurts. He puts a lot more torque on the back of his opponent than others do. The Walls of Jericho is hard to reverse and most people can only use the ropes to break it. Another strong point of this hold is when the receiver pushes up in attempt to get to the ropes it puts more pressure on their back. When Jericho countered one of his opponents moves, it often lead to the Walls of Jericho being applied which shows that it could come out of anywhere. However as Jericho’s career progressed more and more people have been able to break the hold meaning he won less matches with it leading to a decrease in the holds credibility.
4. Figure Four Leg Lock

This hold probably has the biggest legacy out of any hold. When someone is setting up for it, no matter where you, the crowd always joins in a chorus of ‘WOOOOOO’s, all down to one man, Ric Flair. The Figure Four Leg Lock has pretty much became Flair’s hold. Being the dirtiest player in the game, the hold allowed Flair to apply more pressure to the hold by hanging onto the ropes. The hold is designed to put pressure on the knee of the opponent but it is said that the hold can put legitimate pain on the victim’s shin showing how devastating the hold is. The hold puts the receiver in a comprising situation as he/she can be pinned if their shoulders are on the mat. Another advantage of this hold is that the leg is usually worked on throughout the match (especially in Flairs) so the Figure Four is a great way to finish off the match. The drawbacks of this hold are that it takes quite a bit of time to set up as you have a lot of leg crossing to do! Many wrestlers struggle to successful apply this hold. Also, the hold can be reversed into a modified Indian Death Lock where the victim is the one applying the hold.
3. Ankle Lock

Several wrestlers have used this lock as a finisher and have been successful with it. Although no one uses this hold as good as Kurt Angle. In fact he does it so well that the only reason I’ve placed it in the top 5 is because of him. When Angle first used it, I’ll admit, I was unimpressed. However, when the hold took out several wrestlers, I began to take notice. It looks simple but it can do a lot of damage to the ankle and can be applied to anyone. Angle can apply the lock from just about any position. He constantly comes up with new ways to set it up, catching his opponents off guard. The one problem with the Ankle Lock is that the opponent can easily kick the applier with his spare foot to break the hold. Again though, Angle was able to counteract this at Royal Rumble 2003 when he wrapped his legs around Benoit’s in one of the greatest finishes to a WWE Championship match. Benoit had no choice but to tap just like anyone else who has had Angle wrap his legs around theirs.
2. Sharpshooter

The Sharpshooter like the Figure Four, is a difficult move to apply. Recently, there have been a few wrestlers who have used it and have trouble with it leading to different variations of it. No one applies a Sharpshooter as good as Bret Hart. Hart makes the Sharpshooter seems so effortless and crisp when Hart applies. Once applied it is almost impossible to get out of. The way Hart stands, he gets the perfect balance of enough torque without falling over which is a really hard thing to do. If you look at Sting’s Scorpion Death Lock, he doesn’t put as much torque on as Hart does. Hart’s version is so crisp and technically sound. The Sharpshooter isn’t as versatile as other holds to set up but Hart has been able to counter some moves into a Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter was Hart’s main weapon and it served him very well throughout his career as it was usually the move that would win him the match. Hart and the Sharpshooter created the basis for more submission wrestling to be incorporated into mainstream wrestling. On top of that the Sharpshooter was the move used in the most iconic finish to a match ever at Wrestlemania 13.
1. Crossface

Not only was Benoit one of the best technical wrestlers but he one of the most aggressive as well. Benoit’s Crippler Crossface is easily the most painful looking hold in wrestling. Once Benoit has his hands clasped and pulls his opponents head back, you feel the guy’s pain. Also when the hands are blocking the persons eyesight, it is hard to see where you going to get to the ropes. The Crossface is actually quite an easy move to apply and it works both the neck and shoulder unlike most moves that are quite difficult to apply and only works on one body part. However no one applies it with the intensity that Benoit does. The Crippler Crossface could literally come out of nowhere. I’ve seen Benoit apply it when he’s about to be Choke Slammed, in a Head Lock and I’m pretty sure he reversed Angle’s Ankle Lock into the Crossface. No one is too big to be at the hands of Crossface as it has taken down the likes of Big Show and Kane. Also once the Crossface is locked in, it stays in. The receiver can do all the rolling he wants to but Benoit will still have the hold locked in. The only way it can be broken besides using the ropes is if you are strong enough to lift him up and slam him back down. Like Hart, Benoit’s Crossface has been faithful for him as most of his wins are when the Crossface has been used to make his opponent tap.

That's it for this episode of Blog Wars, if your interested in appearing please message me and don't forget to vote in the comments.

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  1. Joonny's Avatar
    The Hitman from me
  2. knox's Avatar
    gotta go with Rob. The camel clutch did it for me. Take nothing away from Hitman. Both list were extremely awesome and similar.
  3. B-ri's Avatar
    Rated R(ob)Ko for me! good lists though guys!
  4. James Sunderland's Avatar
    Definitely [B]Rated_R(ob)KO[/B] on this one for me! Great job to the both of ya but, R(ob) knocked it out of the park in my eyes!
  5. Dr. Death's Avatar
    It was a tough one, both had some good lists and very similar indeed. I didn't see the Texas Cloverleaf, the Fujiwara Armbar, Steamboat's Double Arm Standing Chickenwing, nor the Crossface Chickenwing, however they only had 5 to choose from and did very well. I believe it would have to be The Hitman for me because of the Anklelock and the Original Walls of Jericho.
  6. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    If it's any consulation, I did put a couple of those in my "Honorable Mentions" area lol.
  7. ELNIOJR's Avatar
    I go with Hitman for having the Clipper on number one. But the list is similiar. Kudos to both man.
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