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The Future of Wrestling: The Under 30 Club

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Title says it all. Pay close attention to not only who I chose, but also who I didn't...

Alex Shelley: He has great mic skills and is needless to say superb in-ring, but I can't see him as a world champion; however, he does play the arrogant heel extremely well, so I'll have to see a proper heel turn before I can make a final call.

Bo Rotundo: As far as wrestling goes, he's set. If you've ever seen one of his matches, you know what I mean. He could out-wrestle 3/4 of the WWE and TNA roster put together, and he's just barley drinking age. And have you seen the pops he gets in FCW? The only problem is his look, which reminds me of a particularly ugly 8th grade girl. But that can always be fixed, even if it is with a mask.

Cody Rhodes: Do I even need to say it when you've got the IWC at your fingertips. He's Mankind and Randy Orton put together.

Crimson: With a great, unique look and a (somewhat) talented moveset, you'd think he'd be near the top of my list. But alas, he needs to improve in far too many areas: promo ability, believability, HIS FREAKIN' NAME, etc. He's only 26, though, so he's got well over a decade ahead of him for improvement.

Damien Sandow: Yes, you have heard of him. He's Idol Stevens, from that short-lived tag team that Michelle McCool managed? Back in 2006? No, you still don't remember? Well, whatever. This kid has something. I'm not sure what though. He looks like a chump, he's been given a generic gimmick, his ring skills are at-par. But watch what he does it FCW, and I promise you'll be left wondering "Why the hell did I enjoy that so much?"

Dean Ambrose:This. Guy. Rocks. Formerly known as Jon Moxley on the indy scene, he burst into FCW and has already rivaled with FCW 15 Champion (Don't look at me, I have no idea what it is either) Seth Rollins and William Regal. If you haven't seen any of his work, let's just say that Sting could learn a few lessons from him about how to portray a Heath Ledger Joker character.

Drew McIntyre: No, he won't be the next John Morri-er, I mean Hennigan. He's still being given a shot on Superstars, and unlike Johnny, he didn't piss-off Trish Stratus in front of millions of people. Plus, Triple H still loves him, so he can't be far away from another push.

Eddie Edwards: Notice how Davey Richards isn't on this list? It's because (as much as I love him) he's short, too stiff, and I can't tell if he's going to retire next year or sign a contract with TNA. Eddie is the opposite of all of that. His only setback is he looks too nice. But that never seemed to stop Rey Mysterio or Booker T or Kofi Kingston or Shawn Michaels.

Evan Bourne: Speaking of looking like a nerd, it's Air Bourne! The only way I can see Bourne as world champion is if he plays the sympathetic crowd favorite like Eddie Guerrero or Rey or RVD. Still got a hell of a lot of talent, though.

Gunner: Go ahead, hate on haters. But I like him. He's got a unique look and average ring skills, which craps on half of TNA's roster. Who cares if he can't talk? He's huge and tattooed, so put him in a monster gimmick. Oh, wait. Who believes a monster could loose to Garrett Bischoff...

Husky Harris: This man right here is my favorite wrestler in the WWE today. He's got the ring ability of Bam Bam Bigelow with the mic skills, charisma, and attitude of Jake the Snake, all wrapped up into Dusty Rhodes' body.

Jack Swagger: Quit comparing him to Kurt Angle. He'll never be as lovably hatable as early 2000's Kurt, and he'll never be as intense and respected as 2005-2006 Kurt. But he's his own man, and he's a great in-ring competitor. If he can get himself to be taken seriously by the fans, he's got unlimited potential.

Jay Lethal: Gets over without saying a word. But he proved he can talk during his feud with Ric Flair. He was a great sign by ROH, and at his young age, the ROH World Championship may be only a blip on his future radar.

Jesse Neal: While everybody talked about who should be the future of TNA, I quietly back my Navy boy. He's pretty green around the edges, but he's got a unique look and as long as he's wrestling someone shorter than him, he looks like a powerhouse.

Jimmy Jacobs: Much like Ambrose, Jimmy has a very dark character. If there was one person in modern wrestling who I would compare to a legend like Raven, it would be him. While I was worried about his short stature, I noticed the WWE has been interested in signing him. Either way, he's got a steady job at ROH and a great storyline going, so more power to him.

Kevin Steen: While Husky Harris is my favorite wrestler in the WWE today, Steen is my favorite wrestler in the world today. He reminds me of Steve Austin when he first came to ECW. Giving him the world title would not only ruin hi character, but it would almost seem like and insult to such a well-played, dark gimmick.

Mason Ryan: I'm sorry. I don't care about him either. I'm just Welsh, so I felt obligated to put him on the list.

Michael Elgin: Chris Benoit in Rhino's body. 'Nuff said.

Mike Bennett: Unlike Gunner or Jesse Neal, I can understand the hate on Bennett. He's pushed ahead of a lot of other guys, despite his green tendencies. Reminds me of a certain 11-time WWE Champion. But he's got more charisma in his left hand than most of the ROH roster does in their whole body. Give him a few years, and you'll see what I mean.

Richie Steamboat: THE single most underrated wrestler in FCW right now. He seriously wrestles like an X-Division wrestler, which says a lot when you see the competition he has in FCW. It amazes me that so many shitty wrestlers were called up to be on NXT ahead of him.

Seth Rollins: Formerly known as ROH Champion Tyler Black. I don't even need to mention anything else.

Ted DiBiase, Jr.: Sure' he's a pretty boy. But he's got the look and the gimmick of a world champion. I can't wait to see how this whole Jinder Mahal feud goes for him.

Xavier Woods: Better known as former TNA Tag Team Champion Consequences Creed. Another guy who's extremely underrated in the WWE as well as the IWC's eyes. I'm happy he got such a sick name, but judging by his afro and tendency to simile a lot, I'm worried he'll get stuck in some crappy Kofi Kingston-type gimmick.

Zack Ryder: While I am happy that he proved how far you can go up in the WWE without being pushed, I'm also really annoyed by his whole schtick . But the fans seem to love it, and the WWE can only deny it for so long.

If I missed anybody who you think should be on here, go ahead and comment.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I loved Woods as Creed in TNA and I hope he can get a tag team when R-Truth returns as a face because I think Truth might return to his old boring mid-card ways
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i want to hear your thoughts on curt hawkins, tyler reks & the usos
  3. jcameron346's Avatar
    From what I've seen of Hawkins, he's got talent. But much like Chris Sabin (Who I also left off the list), he just doesn't seem to have the charisma or the unique look to pull off a major run. Tyler Reks is over 30, but I'll just say this: he's got a great gimmick and look, but not much else. He's average in the ring, and he doesn't have the mic skills to be a Raven-like character nor the height / build to be a monster character. As for the Uso's I liked them as the "Anti-Samoan" tag team. Why? Name one successful singles wrestler who centered his career around being Samoan. Also, name one wrestler who broke away from his IDENTICAL sibling to become a star. For one Uso to succeed, the other's gotta go.
  4. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    even though he's 30, ANTONIO CESARO! KoW REIGN SUPREME
  5. RagnarokNRoll's Avatar
    "The New Horror" Sami Callihan. This dude puts on some awesome matches. He can do the hardcore thing but watch his dragons gate stuff and it turns out he can put on a great match without the hardcore stuff. Brutal style, cuts a sick promo, and wrestles a hell of a match.
  6. Theicon's Avatar
    Was a good blog until you ripped sting? you obviously have too much time on your hands & basically no-lifer springs to mind lol
  7. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Wow, way to rip on the legendary one, Sting for no apparent reason other than him trying out a different gimmick. I'm with Theicon on his one.
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