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WrestleMania XXVIII Realistic Card

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Now first off this is my second card i've made. looking back i didn't like a lot of my predictions so i wanted to make a final prediction for how i think the card will look come April 1st. I have really high hopes for this years wrestlemania, with so many returns and cena and the rock have been building up there match for an entire year who wouldn't? so here's how i think the card will play out...

Airboom vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder & Rey Mysterio - TLC - WWE Tag Team Championship

this match is more of a filler, a good way to keep guys on the card and this would be a good opener to wrestlemania. with rey coming back and being a huge face, him and ryder isn't very far fetched.

Beth Phoenix vs Natalya - WWE Divas Championship

these are the two best in the divas division and this could be a great match pending a natalya or beth face turn. this is the divas match that everyone wants to see, why not at wrestlemania?

Big Show vs Christian

I could see a mini feud with these two leading into a match at mania, these attitude era stars could put on a decent match and this wouldn't be a bad match for mania.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry

these two could have unfinished business and after a great year from henry he deserves a singles match on the grandest stage and this would all depend on whether or not henry face turns or not. reports say he will but i dont see it happening so this match is a possibility.

R-Truth vs The Miz

Now that truth is making a face turn and awesome truth has split this good be a really goood match at mania. i would be genuinely excited for this match and this seem to have a strong possibilty of happening.

Cody Rhodes vs Goldust - Intercontinental Championship

Reports say creative is considering granting goldust's request and we could see these two brothers go head to head at mania. i am in favor of this happening and it would be good for goldust to put over the up and coming rhodes.

Triple H vs Alberto Del Rio - Special Guest Referee Kevin Nash

these two could have unfinished business and with nash the special ref everyone would be thinking he would screw over hunter but this would be the way to turn nash face for merchandise and all that on his way out. i could see this perfectly and i think it would be a good way to put ADR on the card in a sensible way

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan - World Heavyweight Championship

with daniel bryan keeping the case and a feud between orton and barrett heading into mania i could see this being the smackdown mainevent for mania in a heartbeat. this would be a good match too.

Kane vs The Undertaker

whether or not kane returns masked or not this could happen either way, but masked would be a stronger possibility ofcourse. this would be a good 20-0 match for taker and i think this could be a proper way to hold the last taker vs kane match.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho - WWE Championship

if the "it begins" promo is really jericho than a rumble win for him would set up possibly the best wrestling match of all time against cm punk. i think that this has a very very strong possibility of happening, it's basically guarenteed to happen if jericho returns but you never know.

The Rock vs John Cena

this feud will define two generations and will be the biggest wrestlemania match of all time, over a year is a long build up for a match and i once never thought i would get to see this match but we will and i cannot wait.

overall i think this has the potential to be quite possibly the best wrestlemania of all time. do i think all my predictions will come true? no, but i do think that a lot of it could happen and you can mix and match some of the match's and the card will still be fantastic. now all we have to do is wait and see....

see you april 1st, 2012, feel free to comment on what you thought about my card. thanks for reading

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  1. lewism173's Avatar
    the title is all wrong this is just another dream card
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Too many variables to pin something other than Rock v. Cena. Mania isn't for 5 months yet. Feuds resolve or get dropped, titles change hands, people get injured business goes on. A realistic card isn't realistic to make yet.
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    I really do not want to see Kane Vs the Undertaker. We have already had that match TWICE at mania before, there is no reason to do it a third time especially after the last one kinda sucked
  4. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    no kane and taker!!!!!! if this happens whats the point of hyping kane coming back with the mask if he is gonna get squashed 2 months later at mania?, and dolph in a tag match?! you serious? he and swagger are better than that hopefully if wwe doesnt mess it up he should be in the wwe title picture by then
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Nicely predicted card. But there's 5 months between now and Wrestlemania. Are they really going to stretch The Miz vs R Truth that long? And Barrett vs Orton? If you are right about some of these matches, then we can look forward to some really stale Raws and Smackdowns.
  6. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    DK Wrestling Savior, first off its 4 months till mania and truth has a 30 day suspension so basically there feud will kinda begin around the rumble so its not that stale and orton and barrett and in a real feud right now so its not that bad but the WHC is really hard to predict this year
  7. knox's Avatar
    very realistic card and thank you for agreeing that Kane should face the Undertaker
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