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Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels - Who Was Better?

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Hey guys Knox here hope all is well. Today I want to blog on the ever popular debate on Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels. Personally I call it the greatest feud in professional wrestling, UFC & boxing of all time. Sure wrestling is scripted but the way they were booked to work with one another night in and night out with their legit bad blood was awesome.

Its a huge debate on who was the better professional wrestler. I'm going to offer my take on the situation as well as a in depth analysis on both these guys.

Qualifications of a great PROFESSIONAL wrestler:
1. In Ring Ability
2. Connection with fans
3. Marketability
4. Big Draw (Putting asses in seats)
5. Mic Skills
6. Charisma
7. Gimmick/Character
8. Ability to play heel & face

***Remember these qualifications because later on I'm going to touch back on these and tell which wrestler was the best at each of the 8 qualifications.***

Bret Hart:
Great talent and one of the most surprising pushes ever. He started off in a tag team much like HBK. He wasn't asked to do much talking on the mic back in the 80s. He was pushed purely on his in ring ability and that's what made him so great.

He was nothing flashy, couldn't talk but was a pure wrestler and fans got behind him big time based on that simple fact. What made his career and what I consider his first major push was his feud with Curt Hennig for the Intercontinental Championship. One of the better feuds this business has seen and I feel that elevated him to that level.

There was a time period around 94' when WWE was looking for someone to take the ball and run with it as Hogan's tenure was coming to an end. Vince though many people could be that guy including Kevin Nash.

Instead, Bret Hart came and took the ball and ran miles with it. He's elevated this business in becoming one of the first smaller guys to capture the WWF Championship. Credit him for opening the door for guys like Rey Mysterio, Cm Punk and ironically Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels:
HBK one of the pure bad asses but nice guys of this business. One of the very few that survived life on the road as a druggie and lived to tell his story. Gave his life to Jesus Christ and broke a very sad habit and I commend him for that.

You can't talk wrestling without bringing up this guy's name. He innovated this business as well in his own rights. I don't have much to say, I just don't think it gets any better than HBK.

Qualifications of a great professional wrestler: Who shines?
Ok so below I'm going to tell you who won for each major categories for these wrestlers. Tell me what you think.

1. In Ring Ability - Shawn Michaels
2. Connection with fans - Bret Hart
3. Marketability - Shawn Michaels
4. Big Draw (Putting asses in seats) - Shawn Michaels
5. Mic Skills - Shawn Michaels
6. Charisma - Shawn Michaels
7. Gimmick/Character - Shawn Michaels
8. Ability to play heel & face - Shawn Michaels

In ring Ability: HBK gets my vote because he shined in more than one category. Bret Hart is the greatest technical wrestler ever. But HBK is the greatest all around wrestler ever. HBK was very technical and knows how to execute just about every move and reversal but not only that. What made HBK special was his abilities as a high flyer and his moonsault is what did it for me. Not only that but his ability to sell.

Connection with the fans: Bret truly had a special bond with the fans that you can't really put into words. He didn't say much but these people gave him rock star like ovations based on the man this person was.

Mic Skills: The biggest advantage HBK had over Bret was mic skills and the ability to talk a crowd into a building and deliver a promo. HBK could make you love him or make you wanna rip his throat out and that's why he succeeded.

Bret wasn't the worst on the mic but he wasn't too good. He had a no bull crap promo style that he couldn't pull off. Arn Anderson is a guy that pulled this off to perfection. Arn Anderson didn't have a big mouth but when he talked on that mic, he got to his point and people listened. Bret wasn't so good at doing this.

***The Big Question***Who's The BEST:
HBK was a horrible guy backstage and outside the ring. A political pansy one might say and stepped on the toes of everyone to get ahead. Not taking that into consideration. The better wrestler and overall WWE superstar was...SHAWN MICHAELS.

Its hard to put into words why this man excelled so much. Perfect gimmick, amazing heel & face. Beautiful promo's and one of the best in ring talents ever. HBK is the greatest of all time because he was the best in almost every category you could possibly categorize a wrestler as.

***But does it really matter whose the best?***
No it doesn't matter who was the best. Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels changed this business together and I think they both are the best and they had eachother to make one another great. HBK or Bret Hart wouldn't be as highly marked if it weren't for each other and that's why I love these two.

They had that first real major legit feud that had the world buzzing. They made national after the "Screwjob" together. They added all these non kayfabe factors into wrestling that was unheard of at that time. They did that.

They gave little guys a chance to succeed. They did this together. Two guys with the most bad blood and hate for eachother accidentally made the most money for this business together without even knowing the impact they would have on the future of this business.

It doesn't matter who was the better man because they both mean as much to wrestling as Michael Jordan & Brett Favre mean to basketball & football.

Thanks guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed this. I never blogged on a more touchy topic because these two guys really set the foundation of what wrestling is today.

Today we see a variety of different guys. Not just the huge steroid monkey's that dominated the 80s. I love Stone Cold, Cena, Orton, Punk but too many people forget that HBK & Bret opened the door for them. You ask every guy in a WWE, TNA or ROH lockeroom who they idolized growing up and I guarantee Bret or HBK will be the first name out most of their mouths. Thanks guys for reading and be safe. Until then.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    1. In Ring Ability - Shawn Michaels
    2. Connection with fans - Bret Hart
    3. Marketability - Shawn Michaels
    4. Big Draw (Putting asses in seats) - Shawn Michaels
    5. Mic Skills - Shawn Michaels
    6. Charisma - Shawn Michaels
    7. Gimmick/Character - Shawn Michaels
    8. Ability to play heel & face - Shawn Michaels
    I have to dis-agree on few things...following is my list:

    1. In Ring Ability - Bret Hart
    2. Connection with fans - Bret Hart
    3. Marketability - Tie
    4. Big Draw (Putting asses in seats) - Tie
    5. Mic Skills - HBK
    6. Charisma - Tie
    7. Gimmick/Character - HBK
    8. Ability to play heel & face - Tie

    Its a tuff question..But, Personally I feel Bret is gr8er than HBK..Bret had a very successful Tagteam career as well...

    Bret is simply The Best there WAS, The Best There IS and The Best There Ever Will BE...
  2. WillShep32's Avatar
    HBK vs Hart....
    There is so much to both of these guys. One was the company, and the other believed he was. Bret had his standers, and his morals way before Shawn did, but Shawn in the long run is considered the best. Yes both were talented, and could lead any match. But, when it came down to it, HBK was, and still is the better of the two.
    A lot of people may hate me after saying this, but until you work for any company "wrestling, or other" you look at the guy who puts the company on his shoulders and carries it. Yes Bret did do that for the longest time, but it was almost like he was bitter for it.
    Shawn, even when his best friends were leaving, and going other places stood his ground, even with all of his demons put on better matches, and shows.
    In my eyes HBK is the greatest wrestler of all time. Maybe not the greatest worker, but the greatest sports entertainer yes, and he still to this day bleeds for wrestling just like a lot of do.

    As a worker I put my money on the guy who does whats right for the business, and stands his ground.
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