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The 5 Most Underrated Wrestlers of All Time

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Hey guys Knox here hope all is well. Hope everyone had a cool Thanksgiving. Today I want to blog on who I feel is the most underrated wrestler of all time. This will be a very tough list and a huge debate will stem from this but hopefully it remains friendly.

Qualifications: I'm judging for the most part on actual in ring ability. I'll take mic skills into content but for the most part this is based on in ring ability and not more so on marketability.

Top 5 Underrated Wrestlers of All Time:

5. William Regal

Easily a perfect combination of mic skills & in ring ability. He could've carried that World Heavyweight Title with pride. In 2008 after he won the KOTR I thought his main event push was coming but apparently he had a huge drinking problem back then.

I feel like he is the front runner of the great United Kingdom stars this business has ever seen and personally I feel their would be no Wade Barrett, Sheamus or Drew McCintyre without Regal. He's a front runner of greats and I'm so glad the IWC and the real wrestling fans show this man respect and keep him high on the lists of the greatest.

Bonus: Lance Storm

Man when he ran the "UnAmerican's" I believe that was the name. The stable with Christian & Test, I thought this guy was absolutely awesome. He was a monster heel back in ECW and continued that later on in his career.

I truly believe he never reached the heights of his good friend Jericho. They started the same time in Canada and both ended up hitting ECW, WCW & then WWE. I guess he wasn't marketable which is a bummer.

4. Shelton Benjamin

Simply amazing. I can't put into words how good this guy was. Mic skills were pretty dry but his heel "Gold Standard" gimmick was one the coolest gimmicks I've ever seen. I clearly thought he was going to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

He gave everything he had to the WWE for 10 years and I respect him because he had no hard feelings after he was cut. He said in an interview that he loves the WWE and would never bad mouth them because all he wants is his job back. Classy guy.

3. Dean Malenko

The man of 1000 holds. All out fierce competitor. He took the cruiserweight belt to huge heights in WCW. One of my favorite feuds ever will always be his feud with Chris Jericho.

Injury cut his career short but I bet it put a smile on his face to see his bestfriends Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit respectively capture the WWE & WHC Championship. Great talent.

2. Arn Anderson

I feel like this man is far more than the "Enforcer". He's the definition of what a wrestler should be. Ric Flair's career was made credible because of this man. Arguable some would call him one of the best hands down. He was an amazing heel on his own and in the Brain Busters. You can't discuss wrestling without bringing his name up.

He's had his paw prints on this business and done so much for the foundation of it. There would be no nWo if it wasn't for the Horsemen. Injury also cut his career short but when he was in WCW he should've been the front runner of that company instead of Hogan, Sting & Goldberg and I truly stand by that.

1. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

Another guy whom I feel made Ric Flair's career credible. This guy in my book was ages better than Flair and no offense Flair because I love that guy. The Dragon was just a classy individual that had a great career but definitely deserved more.

I look at Cena being a 10-Time Champ & wonder how in the blue hell did The Dragon not even win the big one once?. I think this man should've held the record and been a 17-Time Champ. He was sick and I sill can't put into words how awesome this guy is.

He pretty much invented high flying moves. I look at the roster now and the closest thing to him in Kofi when I look at that Diving Cross Body. Great talent and atleast he made the HOF.

Thanks all for reading and i hope you guys enjoyed. Please leave feed back. Until then.

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  1. bkdlots's Avatar
    I always thought Arn was one of the, if not thee best at promos. Rarely did he get animated, it was a cerebral promo. He made almost everyone look good.
  2. JoePublic's Avatar
    Great blog as always.

    I think there is a strange and unnecessary correlation in people's minds between World Titles and success or recognition. To me neither Anderson or Steamboat are underrated, they are respected by their peers and have a grand history of matches and feuds that are really very impressive.

    Anderson played his part in wrestlings greatest faction superbly and Steamboat had some of the best matches I've ever seen, like Flair elevating the most routine of opponents. He was, of course, NWA World Champion, when it meant something.

    Regal is class all day long and if it weren't for some unfortunate timing and stupid decisions in his personal life he may well have had his day in the sun.

    I'd say the most underrated wrestlers I can think of had their peak in World Class. Gino Hernandez and Chris Adams, both exceptional heels, Adams was a great oldskool face too. They were a great tag-team as well. Neither flourished outside of the territories, for different reasons but if Gino had lived I'm sure he'd have been a great upper mid card heel in NWA or WWF.
  3. Los Conquistador's Avatar
    What is up with people tie uk with sheamus

    Only north is uk, south is anything but

    In terms of blog, very generic list and not telling anyone anything we didn't already feel
    Pointless blog at the end
    Kinda squeezing out whatever these days and your blogs are losing that touch for basic generecism
  4. xStraightxEdgexSaviorx's Avatar
    I wouldn't really call these guys "underrated" by any stretch. Those who know true in-ring ability know these guys are legit, with the one exception maybe being Arn.

    My personal list:

    Number 5: John Cena. John is a bad technical wrestler, everyone knows that, but most people seem to think that he can really only do 5 moves, and that he's in a class with The Great Khali or something. Is he good? No. Is he just as good if not better than The Rock or Stone Cold? Absolutely. At least IN the ring.

    Number 4: Charlie Haas. Haas was one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the WWE in the time he was in that company, and yet, anyone who makes an underrated wrestlers list never includes him, and instead they go with Shelton Benjamin. Shelton is awesome, and imo better than Haas, but he DOES tend to get a lot of recognition by the hardcore fans.

    Number 3: Scott Steiner. Unfortunately, Big Poppa Pump is all this guy is known for by many fans. Now, that guy sucked major ass, but before he roided up and became certifiably nuts, he was actually a really good wrestler along with his brother. The Steiner Brothers were one of the best tag-teams of their generation, and Scott's in-ring ability was a big part of that.

    Number 2: Randy Orton. You either love 'em or hate 'em, but A LOT of the IWC seem to have this notion that he's a bad wrestler, and he once again, only has about 5 moves. Well, anyone who thinks that is just a cynical cry-baby. The fact of the matter is, only CM Punk is a better in-ring psychologist right now then Orton. I can't remember him really having a bad PPV match, and if he's had one, it hasn't been for ages. The dude is just plain nice in the ring, and amongst other things, he has the best scoop powerslam in the business. Say what you will about his mic-skills/gimmick, but in the ring Orton is legit.

    Number 1: Matt Osbourne. Lookin up the name on google? Yeah well, it's okay only really hardcore fans will recognize the name. I'll save you the google search right now. This guy was the original Doink the Clown, and yes guys, the ORIGINAL Doink was just plain BEASTLY in the ring. One of the best of all times, and a lot of people have no idea who he is. He suffers from the silliest gimmick possibly of all time, and he doesn't get anywhere near the recognition he deserves. So, there's my two cents.

    Honorable mention: Goldust. Tajiri (<--Not so much underrated as much as forgotten about). Marty Jannetty.
  5. Parallax's Avatar
    Good blog, but who in the hell underrates ANY of these guys? Every single one of them has been getting that respect from fans for years.

    Oh, and Steamboat is a former NWA World Champion. Back when that belt mattered.
  6. Bob Bowman's Avatar
    Jack Roberts, Scott Hall, and "Hardwork" Bobby Walker would make my list
  7. Renevious's Avatar
    I know he's had his own demons that got in the way of his success, but where in the blue hell is Marty Jannetty on this list?
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