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The Greatest RAW Ever: Jan. 4, 1999

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Hey guys, Im back. I know its been a minute since I posted something but Im currently in Art School in Charleston, South Carolina as a graphic design major and the life of a "visual artist" never sleep! Bu let me get straight to this blog.

Growing up as a kid, I always teased. I was never the popular person in high school or what not, I pretty much was a loner during my time. I was also bullied during my whole time in school and the only time I could get away from my problems was watching good ol WWF

Now its 2011, I have cable and watch RAW every Monday night and days where I get super bored I would watch old WWF videos on YouTube from the Attitude Era. One episode that I can connect with the most and also my personal favorite of RAW is January 4, 1999.

The night Mankind won his first WWF Championship. As a fan even in 2011 who overcame a lot in my life that little 8 year old boy in 1999 still jumps up for joy knowing that the odds was stacked against him, storyline and in reality (WCW Nitro "Fingerpoke Of Doom" episode anyone? That put my ass in the seat)

Storyline wise Mankind's journey started when he cu a promo saying he wanted a title shot against The Rock for only Vince McMahon to insult him calling him "Non-Championship material". As a kid I always wanted a girlfriend and have a bunch of friends. While the people in second grade class just learning what a vagina and a penis is I was busy drawing comic books, so I never was apart of the "cool kids" or "cool kids material". Just like Foley I was somewhat of a loner. But the one line that got to me as a fan was when Vince uttered the words "You can get close to the title but cant get it. Close but no cigar, story of your life". As a kid in 1999 and many years afterwards I was always close to getting what I want but I just couldnt, life was filled with disappointments.

Now, this episode told my life story. Still living in the disappointments and what not I grew frustrated and did what ever I had to do to get what I wanted so when Mankind put Shane O' Mac in that submission move as a bait to get the title match I could relate to that. I understood that desperate men do desperate things.

Now to the reality perspective: Meanwhile in Atlanta, Georgia on the same date WCW decided to leak out RAW's show and stating that one of their former employees named Cactus Jack was going to win their championship. As a child I never had anyone believe in me. Nobody had faith in me as a child and everything I had to do I had to do it on my own and throughout my time in school, mostly in middle and high school i always picked on for just about every little thing I did positive.

Then out the blue Mankind's match occurred and 13 minutes later Mankind becomes the WWF Champion for the first time in his career and in 2011 as a 20 year old man that 8 year old kid in 1999 still jumps up for joy when he see this video. Its not a mistake I mentioned that I was currently going to art school to be a graphic designer, its my dream. After years of hardships I am currently going for my dream.

Now lets look at what happened afterwards: WCW had a joke of a main event with the "Fingerpoke Of Doom" and went on a slow two year downward spiral after that, the people who did me wrong and teased me while I was in school are doing nothing with their lives.

Mankind went on to be a legend in the wrestling world and future HOF, and like I said Im currently going for my dream as a graphic designer in the music industry.

The point Im trying t make is this is that Im not glotting in the Attitude Era but its episodes like these thats makes me proud as a wrestling fan, because I can relate to it as a human in real life. Overcoming adversity after all these years and finally making it. The also cool part about that episode was that it wasn't another episode that was revolving around Stone Cold Steve Austin who was involded in a program with Vince for the Royal Rumble 1999.

Im going to leave with a question, if the WWE is anti-bullying, why not put a storyline that targets towards that? Thats how you get the younger fans into your product emotionally in this trying time with children all over instead of havig John Cena or Randy Orton win a title every piss break they take. The point Im really trying to make is that produce storylines that can target your adult and children audience. No, adults dont get bullied, I hope not, but make storylines that adults can relate to as well.

Having Santino acting as a clown, comedy angles and other things does not relate to the audience. Yeah, we all love to be entertained but it means more when we are inspired. Storytelling and Relating to your audience, that's what the WWE needs right now

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  1. knox's Avatar
    One of the coolest blogs ever. Great job. The whole comparison with you & Mick was genius and I can definitely see how that beautiful angle inspired you as a kid. I still do this day say Mick Foley winning the belt that night was the most shocking title win in the history. I was 7 years old when it happened and remember it like it was yesterday.

    WCW in typical WCW fashion took their shot and spoiled the fact that he won but that backfired because everyone watching Nitro changed their channel to see Mick Foley win the big one. That's why WCW isn't in Business today.

    One thing every wrestling fan loves is a major title change on Raw, Smackdown, Impact or back then Nitro & Raw. So spoiling that was the dumbest thing WCW ever did.

    And as far as you being bullied, its cool to see you overcame that. Its good to hear your in art school and I hope you earn a degree and become very successful in your field. The girls in high school didn't like you and the kids bullied you...instead you were into comics and other things. Most of those guys that bullied you are probably bagging groceries lol.

    Good blog and best of luck to you bro.
  2. Sage's Avatar
    I actually remember jumping on my couch and cheering when this happened lol
  3. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    I was 15 when it happened and truth be told, I had the same emotions about it that you did for being 8. I was never one to have many friends growing up, I was the loner as well. Hell, at 15 I was still playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game lol. I definitely resonate with this blog, great job. (Althought I don't agree that it was literally the best RAW, I will say that its one of the best RAW moments.)
  4. owenhart4life's Avatar
    I almost shed a tear reading your sob story.
  5. TeeTheHedgehog's Avatar
    Sob story? Its not a sob story by all means, I was trying to prove a point where the best times in wrestling was when certain storylines related to real life situations. If you feel like this is a "sob story" then thats you. We are all entitled to our opinion
  6. Johnny Thunder's Avatar
    Thanks for the post. I didn't read it, but the title was good.

    I am going to watch the show. I found above mentioned RAW here:
  7. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Riveting write. This really stuck with me... it's becoming more of a common theme for people to be the odd man out, the outsider looking in, being like Sisyphus of Greek myth - doomed to have that we want just barely out of our reach forever. And then to have a Mankind story like that - just awesome. You raise another point - there aren't many matches like that anymore. Sure, we get something to amuse us or make us laugh or entertain us... but how often have we had matches that really inspire us? Matches that we watch and think "God D***, I will never forget this for as long as I live?"
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