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Correction: John Cena is better than Hulk Hogan

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I read a blog here about a week ago saying that Cena is not Hulk Hogan. I agree with that part since I believe that Cena is much better than Hogan. First off I am not a child, I am not a huge Cena fan either. Rather I respect John Cena and believe he is much better that Hogan.

First off the writer says John Cena is destroying wrestling. No if anything Vince McMahon and the writers are destroying wrestling. Blame them not Cena.

Hulk Hogan did partially help make wresting in the 80's but as Roddy Piper once said "If they didn't hate me so much would they cheer you?" People wanted to see the Iron Sheik lose the title, someone to shut Piper up, and someone who would stop the pro-Iraqi Sargent Slaughter.

The point I'm making is that most of Hogan's success was due to the fact he had great enemies that made him popular. Anyone could have gone against Slaughter, Piper, etc and gotten the same popularity as Hogan.

Also as much as Hogan helped wrestling grow, he also helped kill wrestling especially WCW and TNA with his politics and screwing other wrestlers. John Cena will job for the good of the company, Hogan won't. In fact Hogan's politics marked the beginning of the end for WCW with Starrcade 1997 where the fake pin on Sting was supposed to be fast but Hogan pushed for a slower count which hurt the match and essentially hurt WCW. Hogan won't push for younger wrestlers either. WCW lost so many great future wrestlers like Austin, Foley, HHH, Jericho partially thanks to Hogan. Ever since Hogan came to TNA, it has been seen as a sinking ship.

The writer says John Cena can't wrestle? He has wrestled a 60 minute classic with Shawn Michaels on RAW. He had classic matches with Punk, Michaels, HHH, etc. Even the match he had with Umaga was seen as a match of the year candidate.

What matches of Hogan's stick out as 5 star classics? Other than the Rock and Warrior, most of Hogan's matches have been seen as poor. Hogan vs. Andre at WM 3 which is one of his biggest matches was seen as Worst worked Match of the Year by Wrestling Observer.

Also the writer says Hogan can sell better? Well that's why he went over 8 men (3 of which are legends) at Uncensored 1996.

John Cena has some good promos. His work with the Rock has been pretty good. Sure he's no Austin or Rock but at least some of his promos are funny especially on the RAW when he first ripped into the Rock. Also blame McMahon, the writers, and PG for Cena being boring. When Cena first started during the end of the Attitude Era, he could cut some awesome promos.

Meanwhile Hogan has cut the same promo a billion times. This is a basic Hogan promo. "Let me tell you Mean Gene. I'll bodyslam that 400 pound giant since I have the power of the Hulkamaniacs blah blah..." Like Hogan's matches, you've heard one promo, you've heard them all.

The writer says Hogan has many fans. At one time I agree he did. Now Hogan is seen as irrevelant by many.

Also Hogan has been protected. You know why Jake the Snake became a face in the 1980's. Because Hogan and Jake Roberts were going to feud after Wrestlemania 3. At a house show Jake DDT'ed Hogan. The fans were going wild for Jake the Snake. And this was supposed to be the peak of Hulkamania.

Futhermore Hogan began getting booed when he faced the Undertaker. Sid Justice got mad props for eliminating Hogan. However Vince dubbed the audio for those events.

Meanwhile Cena is booed, I agree. But going back to earlier points, part of the reason is that he doesn't have enemies that are really hated. Cena never had the luxury of having the stars and stripes behind him. What I'm saying is that unlike Hogan who went against some real hated heels like Piper and Slaughter (both of whom could cause riots), or even unlike Austin who went against the hated Vince McMahon and Hart Foundation, Cena never had the same level of hated opponents. CM Punk is popular, Michaels is popular, HHH is respected even as a heel, ADR and Umaga and other Cena opponents never had the same heat as McMahon, Piper, or Slaughter.

Also Cena another reason that Cena is booed is because he can't cut those earlier promos that he cut in the beginning his career because of the PG rating the WWE is keeping. Also this is seen as the dark ages of wrestling. Again that is McMahon and the writers fault but since Cena is the top guy, he gets the blame.

This is another point that the writer makes that I couldn't disagree with more. Hogan has a better arsenal of moves and his matches are unpredictable, the leg drops comes out of nowhere. Are you kidding me. Again how many 5 star Hogan matches are there? If you've seen one Hogan match, you've seen them all. Hogan gets a brief amount of offense in. The opponent gets 10-20 minutes of offense then Hogan starts shaking like he's having a seizure. He gets up and points a finger at the opponent. Throws punches that any person on the street could avoid. Then he whips then into the ropes where the opponent runs into Hogan's foot (Again anyone on the street could avoid the move). Finally Hogan does a basic legdrop that any wrestler could do. A Sabu legdrop is an awesome manuever not Hogan's.

Cena meanwhile has more moves than 5 and he at least uses a submission move. At least with Cena's finishers come out of no where. I mean Cena may use the same manuevers in a sequence but so does Ric Flair, Bret Hart and Kurt Angle and every other wrestler. For instance Austin usually does the Lou Thez press then uses that forearm drop with middle fingers. Bret Hart uses a backbreaker then a elbow/forearm drop from the second rope to set up for the sharpshooter. These are common with every Austin, Hart, Cena, every other wrestler's matches. Every wrestler has a set of moves that are common and constantly used in each of their matches.

But here's the difference between Hogan and Cena/the rest. Hogan does each match exactly the same. I mean Hogan will pin each opponent the same way. He no sells, then three punches, a move like a body slam (maybe), big boot, and legdrop. There are few exceptions like Hogan pinned Flair in a tag match following a clothesline but that was a tag team match. His singles matches with the ending are always the same however.

Steve Austin may use a Lou Thez press in 99 percent of his matches but it doesn't mean a stunner will follow. Bret Hart may use a backbreaker but that doesn't mean the sharpshooter will occur right after. Perhaps the opponent counters Austin or Hart and then later in the match they get hit with a Stunner or put in the Sharpshooter. Most matches, the ending is different. For instance Bret Hart put Mr. Perfect in the sharpshoot by countering a leg drop while with Ric Flair Hart countered a figure four and hooked the sharpshooter. Austin stunned Shawn Michaels by countering Sweet Chin Music where as with the Rock he countered a punch.

Same with Cena, he'll do a five knuckle shuffle but might miss a move after. In some matches the opponent will counter and do his own move. However out of no where Cena hits the FU or he somehow capitalizes on the opponent's mistake and puts the person in the STF. Or sometimes Cena will just roll the opponent up in a school boy. So Cena in my opinion does have more unpredictability than Hogan.

Finally the writer says that Hogan brought prestige to the World Title... With many of Hogan's title runs (especially WCW) I can count the times Hogan defended the belt on one hand. Was Starrcade 1994 Hogan vs. Brutus Beefcake (Hogan's best friend yet never a main eventer) bringing prestige to the belt? Is Hogan using backstage politics bringing prestige to the belt. Was Hogan refusing to pass the torch to Bret Hart in 1993 (as well as countless others) bringing prestige to the belt? When Randy Savage first won the WWF title, Hogan was constantly around Savage. He never let Savage have any of the spotlight. Every PPV during Savage's first title run revolved around Hogan. In tag team matches Hogan got the pin while the WWF champion played second fiddle. Was that bringing prestige to the belt?

Cena has defended the belt multiple times against the best. He does jobs. Especially when Cena jobbed CM Punk earlier this summer. Now Punk looks to be the next big thing thanks to Cena jobbing.

Hogan would have NEVER dropped the belt to Punk and would use backstage politics to keep Punk down because anyone who was a threat to Hogan was held down. Hogan only jobbed when he wanted time off like with the Warrior at WM 6 or when Vince had Hogan by the you know whats like in 2002. From what I hear Cena is not afraid of other wrestlers and does not view them as threats. Cena will job, Hogan will hurt a company before he would ever consider doing so.

My last point is that who does the locker room respect more. Hogan is hated by many wrestlers including Austin, Hart, Warrior, Savage, etc.

Cena was praised by Austin recently. Bret Hart seems to respect Cena. In fact I have never heard Cena bashed by any wrestler in real life.

I'm not a Cena fan but I still say he's a much better wrestler and human being than Hogan is.

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  1. Jags's Avatar
    I do like your blog, I thought that other blog was just bashing John Cena. Don't have to like the guy, but respect him busting his ass for what he loves. Same as Hogan, there shouldn't be made a comparison between these two.
  2. Marx's Avatar
    Thanks for the blog. I agree with you on every point.

    One thing though: Hogan was the first to do it this way. Cena can't emulate Hogan's legend because Hogan will always be the first big icon. That's not fair, but that's how it is..
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    This is one of the best blogs I've read on the net. Of course you're going to get Hogan marks or Cena haters that disagree, but I think they're deluded by their worship for hogan's character. Cena does do a better job all around than Hogan - in the ring, on the mic, having 5 star matches, moveset, and of course, respect from his peers. What he doesn't have, is the same level of love from the fans as Hogan did. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that he hasn't had any opponents that were truly hated, perhaps not. But for Hogan marks to be blinded by Hogan's overwhelming popularity with the fans is ridiculous. Its quite surprising how Hogan got so over with the crowd. All he did was cut similar promos each time, and used simple catchphrases that were easy to imitate. ANYONE can do that - refer to Zack Ryder. Hogan did help wrestling become popular, but hes sure as hell not better than Cena, and I'm no Cena fan.
  4. daverende5's Avatar
    In terms of popularity Hogan > Cena.
    I live in the Netherlands, where we don't have wrestling on the cable/PPV, and if you would ask a random guy who Hulk Hogan is, nearly everyone would now it. If you ask who John Cena is, you would get a ''who?''.

    Don't forget that this is John Cena at his good age, he's young, somewhere around 30's.
    We'll see how he gets when he's older.

    And Hulk Hogan wrestled til his 50's matched, and still was the most popular person in his matches.
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    I disagree that Cena is better than Hogan. You complain about Hogan's promos but atleast Hogan had a phrase everyone remembers, Cena doesn't have one! Not to mentionis how they are booked. They booked Hogan as always having an uphill battle against his opponents. They didn't do that with Cena, He is book as always winning every match. I do agree about what you said about not hated enough opponents going against Cena. I blame the talent themselves, they don't have the goods to be hated by the fans. I disagree, Cena put guys over as much has Hogan did, neither one doesn't really do that!
  6. AJ1981's Avatar
    Intially my first thought was that yes Cena is a better worker than Hogan. Then I actually thought about it and Hogan actually grasped the idea of ring psychology and knows how to work a crowd. Although Hogan isn't known as being the greatest technical wrestler ever I've seen videos of matches he had in New Japan in the late 70's, early 80's that are quite respectable and I was suprised by the difference in his wrestling style compared to when he wrestled in the states. I then found an interview with Hogan where he was quizzed why he performed differently abroad. He basically said it was because of the expectations of the audience, he said in Japan he was expected to entertain a bit and wrestle a lot and in the States he was expected to wrestle a bit and entertain a lot and he just played to the audience
  7. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    All the people who disagree with this blog, how old were you when Hogan was a big star? (World Championship wise)
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