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Zack Ryder is The Big O....OVERRATED

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I'm sure I will get a lot of negative feedback for this but I am going to post it anyway. Over the last few months we have been seeing the rise of Zack Ryder, he has gone from never being on TV (apart from the odd jobbing here and there) to being a regular on pretty much Raw and Smackdown, having arena chant "We Want Ryder" and got his first singles championship match on PPV. Now you can't not respect Ryder and the way he has self promoted himself, fans in their thousands have watched him on YouTube, liked him on Facebook and followed him on Twitter (see what I did there) and as Booker T said on Smackdown last night "Strap a rocket to this boy" but does he really deserve it?

You have John Morrison, a fantastic in ring talent who has likely now left the WWE who had less TV time than Ryder. Tyson Kidd, who is probably the most underrated wrestler in the company, no TV time. Trent Barretta little TV time. Guys who can seriously entertain in the ring passed over for a guy that entertains out of it. And let me stop people who are going to jump in and say Ryder has great mic skills. Really? Really? Really? REALLY? The times he has taken a mic on TV usually consists of a Woo Woo Woo, or a Broski this, Broski that. The mic skills people refer to are his YouTube show, and he has been shown up on that in my mind by Dolph Ziggler, who cuts great promos on that show, but gets slandered for his terrible mic skills on TV. And are people watching his matches? He should be spending less time on selling merch and more time perfecting his in ring ability, he goes through about 5 moves just like Cena!

And here is another one of my issues with his popularity. He did the whole petition thing for Survivor Series, fine. I don't agree with it, but the WWE love the Twitter craze so that is fine. They thought it would get more signatures (15,000 wasn't enough?) and obviously Morrison had the match with Ziggler. What irked me was the constant bitching on Twitter about it, John Cena posting "No offence to Morrison but Ryder should have that match" and Ryder retweeting it. How is that not supposed to be offensive?! Ziggler mentioned it on ZTLIS before that it didn't matter who Ryder had politicing for him backstage, but clearly it does. Ziggler to his credit sells Ryder like there is no tomorrow, he even makes the Rough Ryder look devastating!! But if Zack wins the US Title it will make an absolute mockery of restoring any prestige to it.

Trust me I'm not an anti Zack Ryder fan, I actually bought his headband back along, but for people to suggest he wins the US Title, nevermind the deluded few who mention him as a future World champion, is ridiculous. He is the American Santino, he adds a nice bit of comedy to the show, nothing more. In line with constantly referencing Twitter, I saw JR tweet that though he respects Ryder's efforts, but you can't win a title by being popular on Social Media. And also, just because it made me laugh, Lance Storm replied to a fans tweet about Ryder by saying that he doesn't like his gimmick, and thinks the LI character is a tool. Ha. Now if i can be serious for a moment.... I really do hope they reel in his push, but with Vince's current fascination with Twitter, and Ryder being the 5th most followed Superstar, I fear we will be hearing a lot more WOO WOO WOO's in future, and you know it.

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  1. Yano88's Avatar
    Just like Cena said and I quote: "I don't like Ryder because he is good. That's something he has to prove by himself in the ring if given the occasion. I like him because he had the guts to do something that nobody ever did. For that, he deserves more screen time."
  2. The Hit Man's Avatar
    I agree with you that Ryder is nowhere near as good in the ring as other under utilised superstars but Ryder is making the WWE money so Vince will push him.
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    I agree with Lance Storm.... It really doesn't get more ridiculous than Zack Ryder
  4. Marx's Avatar
    I agree to an extent, but as Yano88 said: Zack was going nowhere and made himself relevant. I stopped watching the youtubeshow thirty episodes ago and don't really care for Ryder. His matches are sloppy, though the flip out of the ring on yesterday's Smackdown caught me by surprise. Ziggler made him look good, Dolph sells the shit out of every big move he takes.

    The difference between Ryder and Morrison is that Morrison has all the talent in the world, had a chance to do something with it, and threw it away for Melina. Ryder has less natural talent, worked hard to get to this point, and is glad to be where he is.

    He could be the next Santino, though I find it too early to say for sure. We'll see in the next six months.
  5. bearsfantildeath's Avatar
    hes over not overratted...big difference
  6. tommytam91's Avatar
    Look Man the guys been wrestling since 2004. he invested in a gimmick, became huge and that's all that matters. He not Over ratted. if anything hes been underrated for a very long time. He gonna open doors for alot of other unused talent after WM28. believe that homie. Ryder is only the beginning.
  7. tommytam91's Avatar
    p.s. Morrison is a waste of talent in my opinion. If your gonna throw your career away for some woman then you should have never step into the big leagues in the first place. He'll never have a noticeable career in TNA then he would have in the WWE i guarantee that.
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