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Where is the Barrett Barrage Headed?

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Yup, it's Cousin Scribbler again with more thoughts on WWE. It's funny - I'm a TNA fan through and through, but I actually seem to be giving WWE a lot of thought. Not all of it is positive - mainly I'm musing and ranting about what I don't like about it (generic, short-lived tag teams; obvious and retarded blown spots - I'm looking at you, Swagger; and the lack of a "wow factor") and wondering what's next for the Superstars who seem to be going somewhere, but knowing WWE, they will probably be shelved and ignored once they stop trending on Twitter. One such talent is Wade Barrett.

I wasn't always big on the guy. I didn't really watch that season of NXT, and while I found the idea of invasion that the Nexus offered appealing, I knew that it wouldn't really go places so I kinda passed it over. To some extent, I do like Wade because in some ways he reminds me of another wrestler I admire: William Regal. I've always liked the British type of character: the stiff-upper-lip demeanor, the accent (yes, I know) and the "devious gentleman" persona. Wade has some of these qualities, but not as much as Mr. Regal. Wade piqued my interest when he kind of bottomed out: after Nexus was taken from him and the Corre fell apart around him. In my opinion, Barrett has great potential. He seems able to work the leadership role well (although that could use some work) and I like the idea of a Superstar who has both intellectual aptitude and physical firepower.

With the push he's been getting, I have some hopes for Wade. I've seen him as a former big-time player (very short term) who rose quickly and fell hard, who would want that power and influence more than anything else. Wade had gotten by before using subordinates and lackeys, but now he's got to scratch and claw his way up on his own. I think this would be a great way to showcase what he's capable of. If done correctly, Wade could be the next big thing for Smackdown.

What scares me is that it won't be done correctly. I get the feeling that Wade will ride out this push, but either creative will goof up a storyline and the push stalls out as a result, or they will just get lazy and Barrett will stagnate (again) because they decide to ship him off to Superstars. I want Wade to be great. The WWE could use some new power players - nothing against Punk and Orton, but some new talent heavyweights could make a world of difference. Barrett would be just what the doctor ordered.

Let's just hope the doctor isn't asleep on the job.

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