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Blog Wars Episode 4: Top 5 Submission Holds Part 1

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Welcome back to Blog Wars. Last week's The Hit Man came out on top to end Dr. Death's 3 episode reign. The Hit Man will face Rated_R(ob)KO in his first defense. Again due to character restraints (if your on Blog Wars please don't make it to long) I will make 2 blogs for the lists. So vote on part 2. Here is this weeks list:
Top 5 Submission Finishers
Some criteria to consider are ease of applying, ways to escape, impact, and etc.


Hello everyone it's good to be on board for BlogWars! As you know I'm squarely behind this endeavor and I'm glad to be a part of it even if it's just for one week if I lose. Now, the theme of this weeks episode is: "TOP 5 SUBMISSION MOVES"

The criteria I've been given is as follows: Impact Of Hold, Ease Of Applying, And How Well It's Performed. I'm also going to be applying one more thing here: Professional Wrestling Holds... the reason behind applying that one is because of the fact that MMA holds are obviously more effective but, they have no place here. I'm going with Professional Wrestling holds only. Now, lets get to my list.

05.) The (Crippler) Crossface:

Created By: Dean Malenko
Year Created: Sometime in the late 1980's

This maneuver is brutal. It cranks on the neck and back while putting your other arm into an armbar type hold. Chris Benoit is most famous for using this hold and within that he showed how easily its applied and the force behind it. Benoit applied it from out of nowhere at times and that's what made it so surprising and added to the element of the move. More recently Shawn Michaels was an adopter of it before he was retired a couple years ago. John Cena (STF -- Stepover Toe Facehold) and Daniel Bryan (The Labelle Lock) use variations of the hold and of course Cena ruins it every time he applies it. This hold is controversial due to the double murder of Benoit's wife and son. Many speculate that he applied the move to kill his son. Although it was proven to be plausible if not an outright lie, THE 'E have still "banned" the move as a result. The variations are fine but, not the actual move itself for some reason.

04.) The Camel Clutch:

Created By: Gory Guerrero OR The Sheik (Both Credited)
Year Created: Sometime in the late 1950's, early 1960's

C'mon... if you didn't think this move was on here, you'd be insane. Now, I know Gory Guerrero invented the move but it was made utterly famous by The Iron Sheik. He's the one that has shown time and time how easy it is to apply and also the depth of the hold as well. With this move, you sit on your opponents back, pull the arms back and grab the face and pull up. Making the back arch in a most uncomfortable way. This move is another brutal one due to how effective it is. It usually involves an "insta-tap" as its called. Sabu, and a few others use it but, The Iron Sheik applied it the best and made it the most believable.

03.) The Boston Crab (Walls Of Jericho):

Created By: ??? It's a common hold that dates back to Japan.
Year Created: ?? Speculated to be in the 40's. Possibly.

Yes, I included it. The final position has the wrestler in a semi-sitting position and facing away from his opponent, with the opponent's back and legs bent back toward his face. Chris Jericho has the most famous iteration of the maneuver calling it "The Walls Of Jericho". It's been proven time and time again how quick this hold can be applied. It's as simple as using a school boy roll up and turning it into it. Brilliance. You can hit this move from a person jumping off a rope, running, anything. It can happen at any time. And in my eyes that's why it makes the list. It's quick, effective and well, it's a Jericho hold haha.

02.) The Figure-Four Leg Lock:

Created By: Buddy Rogers (Credited)
Year Created: Sometime in the late 1950's, early 1960's

Of course this move is either the number one or number two. It's one of the simplist and most effective of all time. Ric Flair has had many memorable moments within the Figure Four. Some epic moments happened while an opponent was held. No other wrestling hold other than my number one has as much lineage. It can be applied out of nowhere and it's crazily effective. There are a TON of variations for this hold and weirdly enough, it can be broken out of fairly easily once you turn over. But, you have to actually be able to. It's legendary, it's effective and it's amazing. WHOOOOOO!!!!

01.) The Sharpshooter (The Scorpion Deathlock):

Created By: Riki Chōshū
Year Created: Sometime in the 1980's

The opponent starts supine. The wrestler steps between his opponent's legs with one leg and wraps the opponent's legs around that leg. Holding the opponent's legs in place, the wrestler then steps over the opponent, flipping him over into a prone position. Finally, the wrestler leans back to compress the legs and hurt the knee. The move was made famous by Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Sting. That's a submission. The way the move is applied all the way to when it's locked in. When I see it coming I actually get excited. It's definitely my favorite Professional Wrestling maneuver and I feel it's right at the top when it comes to the most effective. Sting and Ronnie Garvin were the first to use it in America but, obviously Bret Hart made it famous.

Now, I know my Top 5 is over but, I have to make an area for (IMO) the next 5. I'm just going to name the moves here. Nothing else:

The Chicken Wing, The Surfboard, The Gory Special, The Cloverleaf, The Anaconda Vise (Vice)

And with that, my time here is done. Like I said previously, I chose the maneuvers based on the critera given. Of course I put my favorites in but I feel that these moves are universal in their nature as well. Thank you all for reading and hopefully I'll be back for another one. Thanks for the opportunity!

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