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How to Fix the Problem of Rock v Cena

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Hi Again, I wasn’t ripped to shreds for my first blog so I figured it would be safe to return with Part II “How to Fix the Problem”

I will freely admit that my thoughts on this push creative license to the limit, and in all honesty there is no real chance of this ever happening, but with some major twists and returns it could be a MASSIVE build up to Mania. Please accept my apologies if you don’t agree with this, it is meant purely as my ideal scenario to make the Rock vs. Cena matter.

Step one – bring in a few outsiders.

Raw, 28th November – opening match. Cena will have to be booked against someone, and as the E are at a loss with what to do with him at the moment let’s say he is up against Christian . During the match Christian goes to the outside and grabs his crutch and nails Cena with it. (Cena of course wins by DQ). Christian then continues to beat down on Cena. Who comes to his aid? Miz. After knocking Christian out to the floor Miz then salutes Cena and walks, leaving a bewildered Cena in the ring. On the ramp Miz gets a mike and explains that he was sick of someone from ten years ago taking the glory and he believes he should be the one in the spot light, and if it means helping Cena get rid of the Rock so be it, and he has got his back until Mania. Cena says he doesn’t want or need his help, and tells him to take a walk, which Miz does. Out comes Johnny Ace, and in a Teddy Long moment, makes a tag team match between Cena and the Miz and Christian/Barrett next week on Raw.

Raw 5th December – highlight of the evening – a VT from the Rock. He is in the gym on a weight bench. He talks about how twice now he has laid out Cena, and how at Mania he will do it again. Then out of nowhere he is hit in the side of the head with a dumbbell. The camera pans round and there is JoMo (for the sake of this he has signed a new contract). Back to the action and the main event tag team match, which Miz and Cena duly win. After the match Miz grabs the mike and says that he asked JoMo to do what he did, as he feels the same way Miz does, and they are both out to help him. Cena looks aghast as we go to credits.

Raw 12th December – the Rock is back. He is in the ring and he is pissed. He calls Cena, Miz and JoMo out so he can put boot to asses. Out comes Cena to a cacophony of boo’s. he gets in the ring and tries to explain that what happened to the Rock wasn’t his fault. He never wanted their help and none of this is anything to do with him. Rock says it doesn’t matter what you say and nails Cena with a big right hand. He continues to stomp on him until out comes Mick Foley! He pulls Rock off Cena and tries to calm him down in the opposite corner. Through the crowd come Miz and JoMo who proceed to beat down Mick with chairs. Cena i sup now and goes to pull them off, but then shakes his head and walks out of the ring. Rock follows him but gets an AA on the ramp. We go to credits.

TLC – 18th December – Cena vs. JoMo in a Tables match, Foley is the guest referee, Miz is on commentary for the match. Usual high flying from JoMo, very little action in the way of weapons for most of the match, typical PG stuff. They end up on the ramp, and with Foley distracted Mix pulls out a broken table from under the ring, and sneaks it in the ring before giving Foley the skull-crushing finale and scuttling off to the announcers desk. Cena drags JoMo back to the ring just as Foley is stirring. He goes for the AA but JoMo kicks out and back body drops Cena on to the broken table which Foley sees and calls for the bell. Cena argues with him but it does no good and he walks to the back. Miz is in the ring with a chair and nails Foley. He and JoMo continue the beat down until all the referees form the back pull them off.

Raw 19th December – Miz and JoMo are in the ring. They explain that Foley isn’t there as he was beaten so badly he was still in the hospital, and if Rock has any sense he will stay by his side. They say they did it on Cena’s orders and the proof is that Cena didn’t try and stop them beating down on Foley. Cena comes to the top of the ramp and denies everything. He says to prove this he will go one on two against them right now. We kick the match off and by the looks of things he is telling the truth, although he looks a little slow in the ring. Finally after the 5 moves of doom he gets JoMo in the STF, and Miz makes the save, and they both proceed to give Cena a kicking. The Rocks music hits, and he makes his way to the ring, but stops on the steps. He looks like he isn’t going to help, but then gets into the ring and clears out Miz and JoMo. They start to make their way up the ramp with Rock watching them and while his back is turned Cena gets up – he wasn’t beaten by them, it was all a ruse to get the rock out in the ring. Cena hits the AA on Rock and Miz and JoMo return and all 3 of them destroy the Rock, and Cena hugs them both. The heel turn is complete.

i am running out of space so i will summarise how i would go from here. i would bring in another couple of heels to make a proper faction for Cena, say Swagger and Ziggler with Vicki as the manager. Johnny Ace could also be on their side as putting then at an unfair advantage against the Rock and Foley, meaning they would need to create…
…The Attitude Era faction! Jericho is possibly on his way back, as is masked Kane. Team them up with Rock/Foley, have Shane O Mac join them too as opposition to Johnny Ace. Kevin Nash is in Ace’s pocket so he could be expected to join the heels, means trips would fit nicely into the Attitude faction. The possibilities are endless. Any of today’s roster could join the heel faction, and the Attitude faction could recruit Vince McMahon, Undertaker, X-Pac, the new age outlaws…the list goes on.

I believe a storyline of Era vs. Era would be huge. Not only would the fans of today be happy, but fans of yesterday (like me) be happy. The dream matches we have all wanted to see could really happen. And the highlight of the angle? The pinnacle of the storyline? The answer is simple. A match at Mania that matters. A match that fans from yesterday and now would do anything to witness.

The leader of the Attitude Era vs. the leader of the PG era.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Rocky Austin's Avatar
    isn't stone cold the leader of the attitude era? btw stop bitching this is a horrible idea
  2. The Peep's Avatar
    Holy shit, your ideas are great!
  3. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky Austin
    isn't stone cold the leader of the attitude era? btw stop bitching this is a horrible idea
    How does someone's fantasy scenario constitute as, 'bitching?' Let's see you come up with something as creative, as you are obviously far more superior!!
    Updated 11-25-2011 at 10:43 AM by Wade Barrett 1979
  4. GiantHaystacks's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky Austin
    isn't stone cold the leader of the attitude era? btw stop bitching this is a horrible idea
    Seriously!?!? if you re-read the bolg i stated that Rock would be the leader of the Attitude Era faction. Did my turning Cena heel upset you??
  5. Shaz11's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky Austin
    isn't stone cold the leader of the attitude era? btw stop bitching this is a horrible idea
    LOL, your obviously in love with Cena, how old are you?
  6. nosellshogan's Avatar
    You know after reading that latest interview with cm punk in what he had to say about the rock and him not really saying hi to any of the guys backstage and him having a large ego and remembering the legendary promo he cut talking about john cena and how he hated the whole idea that cena thinks hes better than everyone.

    It got me thinking now what if instead of john cena vs rock we get cm punk vs rock. Consider that cm punk is a much better shit talker than cena,consider cm punk and his remarks about the rock and then consider the Rock was pretty much the guy in the attitude era and how he is in with older fans but also consider cm punk and how he is in with older fans today.You got two guys that are gold on the mic,have the it factor and in all honestly I think you could build those two into a better story and feud.I dont even think you would build either one as a heel or face as I think people have strong feeling and opinions about both and theres your dividing line right there

    As for Cena, I'll probably catch a bunch of shit for this and I'm not a Cena fan by any stretch BUT he is the biggest draw today in wrestling love him or hate him.And because of that I think you take Cena and go back to those comments when cm punk said Cena used to be the underdog but now cena is everything cena is supposedly against.Cena is a dynasty now cena starts believing his own hype,he goes on a tear turns heel starts thinking he is bigger than the company and rubs it in everyones faces hell even put the title back on him just to drive that point home. Cena starts thinking he's so big so untouchable that he can even...END THE STREAK then comes Undertaker vs Cena at wrestlemania in Miami. The biggest star in the biz today the championship dynasty cocky john cena vs the unbreakable streak. Would wwe dare have cena end the streak or does taker put cena in his place ?

    Now thats just the basis of my storyline fantasy and personally I think could be more compelling than what wwe has built now with rock vs cena.I'm sure if I put more thought into this I could throw in a faction or two and other components of the story but I think what you would have with my scenario are two compelling matches now instead of just building around one half-assed match.

    But thats just my opinion and I like your blog btw but I just wanted to throw this out and see what you thought of it.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I like the Way you Write but your ideas are terrible.

    I like the Idea of a possible Rock and Foley team once more and maybe the Idea of a Miz and foley feud ( WM28 maybe) but to soil the Rock vs Cenas feud with factions is the wrong way to go with it, It sounds like something TNA would do.

    Rock and Cena are Icons of this business, They are legends. They are both healthy and can still go, they had some real life beef with each other, nothing big but they use that to build this feud. I just want a straight up, Whos better, I dont like you, not for any reason, I just dont like the person you are feud.

    Think how dumb it would be if HBK put DX back together (roaddog, chyna, Gunn and HHH) and Undertaker got the ministry of darkness back together and all these men had a feud and the leaders had a match at WM25. It would destroy the whole feel of the Legend vs Legend match. The only thing they needed was the streak on the line and the 2 mens history in this business. No reason for factions and heel turns. It was just a classic feud built on respect and the two mens history and legacy in the wrestling business.

    or what if Warrior and Hogan had put together groups and Hogan had faction of older guys that wanna hold on to there spot from the undeserving younger guys and Warrior had a group of Young hungery guys who think they deserve the spotlight and the 2 leaders will face at Wrestlemania..... it would take away from the classic Whos better of the two storyline. Face vs face, No gimmicks needed just a personal riverlary between two men who dominated wrestling.

    I said before I like the Miz and Foley feud or the Rock and Foley teaming, Great ideas but not for destroying the nice and slow build Cean and Rock built for their feud
    Updated 11-25-2011 at 04:57 PM by THE_CRIPPLER
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