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Is Bret Hart Overated?

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This Blog is not asking the question "If Bret Harts Overated" Cause that is the dumbest thing I ever read. This Refering to a Artical on a different Website Called "". On this site they had a Round table asking If Bret hart is overated. After Reading it I wondered if a intelligent and well balanced Wrestling coulumnist exist. The bloggers on this site have a better grasp on wrestling and have more taste than any wrestling columnist on the internet.

You can read the artical here

I Will Deal with the complaints by the panalist and the readers in the comment section here.

Mic Work:
I Read on that column and had many arguments with people about Brets mic skills or as they say lack of mic skills......
Bret has promo abilty, Is he the Best? No. but Bret could cut a Great promo at times and got his point across. Look at his work in 1997. Look at his promos in his Austin feud..... I remember when Bret Hart and Sid had a Cage match before Wrestlemania 13 for the WWF championship, Bret Lost cause The Undertaker cost him the match. Bret Hart went insane and a brawled ensued and it was one of the best endings toa Raw or maybe the Best ending to a Raw I ever seen. When bret Hart cut a promo it seemed real. he convinced you that he really felt that way.

He wasnt the greatest promo guy in the world but he got his point across and some of his 1997 promos and WCW ones are true gems.

Bret in the early 90s had to be a Boy scout sort of, he let the Wrestling do his talking. He didnt defeat people with words or embarrsed them by talking about them, he was honorable and he said what he needed to say but let his in ring action do his talking. That was his Character, it had to be that way. When his Character Changed to a heel in 1997 he let lose and was much better on Verbal bashing.

People say Bret Hart lacked charisma, I think thats stupid. I dont think wrestling fans know what charisma is. A wrestling fan will see Flair take of his pants off and elbow drop them and say "Wow he has charisma". Charisma is not catch phrases, stripping, Wearing flashy clothes with a boa, Wearing glittered robes or painting your face, No. Ill let Wiki describe Chraisma for you. it says

Chraisma is a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others, 2) a divinely conferred power or talent.[

and Bret Hart had that. Bret Hart had loads of charisma. He had people beiliving in his character and his ability, he had a draw to him. Bret never picked up a micin 1990 and 1991, He just went out there and wrestled and he was very over as a IC champ. he had a Great look, He had in ring Charisma and he even a charm to him. When people are drawn to you and find what you do compelling than you have Charisma.

Look at Eddie Guerrero God Rest his soul. When he went in the ring against a Big Show and a Undertaker it looked like Eddie was gonna get killed, It seemed so much more staged when Show or a bigger man sold for Eddie. It looked like these guys would kill him if they wanted. Now Eddie had Buckets and truckloads of Charisma im not denying it but look at Chris Benoit. He stood around the same size has Eddie Guerrero, they both had alot of muscle mass but When Big Shows Mystery opponent was Chris Benoit my words were "Oh Fuck Big Show is Gonna Die" (please no murdering jokes). Now how did it go from Eddie looking like he didnt belong with the Big Show and like he was no match for someone Big shows size, from getting a reaction from me as if Show was in danger and was no match for Chris Benoit?. Cause Benoit had Charisma. He had me believing his character. He had a appeal and charm that sucked you in and made you believe him has legit Ass Kicker.... See Bret Hart is the same like Benoit. They both had that charm and charisma that sucked you in and believing their character and the story they were telling in the ring.... I could use that same analogy for Bret and Shawn. Look at Shawn, Very a charismatic person but when he fought Diesel it looked kinda silly and kinda took away from the match cause it didnt really look like Shawn was a match for Kevin Nash. But Bret being the same size, didnt look out of place dominating Nash in a match. Because Bret had that legit feel and that Charisma that made you believe he can beat anybody and he is never over matched no matter the size of the opponent. That is Charisma in strides. So before some one downs someone for lack of Charisma please understand what it is, to say guys like Benoit and Hart didnt have it is just foolish.

5 Moves of Doom
The funny thing is, All wrestlers have a ending move set. I hate when people bring this up. Does columnist not understand that from the beigning of wrestlings evolution to Entertainment that Wrestlers had signature moves.

The two men who brought this up was Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels claming that Bret Hart was too predictable... Does anyone know that not only does Flair and Michaels also have the same 3 or 4 ending signature moves but they also had the same unrealistic selling sequence of moves. How many times did Flair Flip over the turn buckle or act like he was gonna get ready to throw fist with his opponent and just drop on his face. It was silly and unrealistic. Just like Michaels jumping on the top buckle from a irish whip and had his oppoent kick him while he bounced him self in the air very obvisley. Im not downing these men, but not only did they do the same thing Hart did but they also sold moves the same which made them more predictable and unrealistic than Bret hart.

Dont get me started on Flair. How many times did Flair get pinned by a small package from the figure four? you think after 30 years he be prepared for it and not be pinned. How many times did Flair get thrown off the top rope? Flair got thrown off the same way, the same distance and heignt reguarless who he was facing, He would even let them throw him, he would hold his opponents hand so it wouldnt touch him so he couldnt be thrown its more like flair was getting a assist in his cannon Ball.

So these same men that call Michaels and Flair the best ever say Bret is Overated or not in Flair or Michaels leauge cause he is predictable? Bret had like 10 moves he used alot, but the rest of his match wasnt predictable. and hell he did more wrestling moves in his final 2 mins of a match than Flair did in a hour match.... Flair couldnt do any moves out of his move set. You ever see Flair do a new move? I havent. Did You ever see Flair attempt to do a simple move like a Piledriver? it looks fucking ridcules.

Drawing Power
This is a pet peve. Most people on the IWC think since Wrestling isnt a real sport that Drawing power is the measure of a Great wrestler.....
Well that is just plain stupid. So since movies are entertainment that would mean that Adam Sandler is a much better actor than Daniel Day Lewis cause Sandlers movies make more money? Right?... or Avatar is the greatest movie of all time. Or Justin Bieber is a better singer song writter than Neil Young and Bob Dillion.... Drawing and greatest is two different things.

Listen, Im a huge Shawn Michaels fan and I understand and can see how some people would perfer him over Bret Hart. Shawns a talented guy, im more a Bret hart Man my self but I can see Shawn has huge talent. I respect Ric Flair and think some of his matches were incredible. I just dont see how people consider Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair in the top 5 wrestlers but Bret Hart isnt even in the top 30 to them. Bret Hart is just as good or better than them. If they are in the top 5 than so is Bret Hart.... Bret Hart had a rare talent not alot of wrestlers had. He could have a Really Good 10 min match with Doink, A great 8 min match with Jerry Lawler (which is no easy task in 1993 in WWF), Have a classic with Curt Henning, go one on one in a History making Brawl with Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13, Take a Bob Backlund in the mid 90s in a era Bob Backlunds style wasnt gonna be appreciated or accepted by wrestling fans and have a Great match with him (probably Backlunds best match ever) and Have a Technical Masterpiece with his Brother Owen....
The Point is, It doesnt matter if Bret is facing a Green and untalented 7 foot tall Diesel or a Undertaker in 1997 before he was a great worker or if he is carrying a Drugged up Davey boy Smith to one of the Greatest matches in wrestling history, With Bret Hart you knew you were getting a Good to Great match no matter who it was or what the style was. Bret could Work with anyone and pull a 4 star match and thats a fact.

God Bless and Happy Thanks giving.

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  1. The Hit Man's Avatar
    Bret Hart would be in most people's top 10 off all time. To say he is overated is a joke!
  2. Parallax's Avatar
    I'm actually about to write a blog about Bret Hart as well. This one was very good, and it highlights a few of the points I plan on making in mine.

    Good work my friend.
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Parallax
    I'm actually about to write a blog about Bret Hart as well. This one was very good, and it highlights a few of the points I plan on making in mine.

    Good work my friend.
    I look forward to reading it.
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    My opinion Bret Hart is the greatest Technical wrestler that stepped into those ropes that I've seen.So no arguments here!
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    Bret Hart was a great ring general who could carry a storyline with his actions in the ring. That said, it was a good thing he could do so because he did lack mic skills and charisma! Of his generation of wrestlers, he was in the bottom half of the barrel. Sadly he had very good drawing power, but not great, which imo was due to his lack of mic skills and charisma. Bret will always be considered one of the greats, but he did have his flaws.
    I dont think his lack of mic skills or his charisma was the drawing problems. The drawing problems is cause the wrestling fade was done. Wrestling was no longer the it thing. All their fans grew up and the kids of the 90s found something else that attracted their attention.

    Look at HBK. He has mic Skills and charisma right? he didnt draw crap in the mid 90s, he was worse thna Bret. Look at the Undertaker, his reign was no better in the 90s. Look at Ric Flair, he wasnt drawing huge numbers in WWF, he drew worse than Bret Hart as champion in WWF.

    It was just the times, Even Hogan was no longer a draw till the NWO came in.
  6. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    The following staement says all there is to say about Bret Hart. "The best there is, the best there was & the best there ever will be!" I remember when Bret won the WWF Championship I was happy to see someone work his ass off from the bottom of the pile to the very top of wrestling. Like you said we just believed in Bret for who he was, Bret"Hit Man"Hart.
  7. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Oh, one more thing everybody needs to remember about Bret is the man wrestled for 20 years & never hurt another wrestler(for real) in his career. I'm willing to bet it would be a very short list of guys who could say the same!
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