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Raw Thoughts: 11/21/2011

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again folks with his Raw thoughts. We are coming off the heels of Survivor Series and with plenty to build into, lets not waste anytime. Without further ado....

We open up with Punk talking about his need for change and I can't help but agree with a lot of what he said. Nothing really much to talk about here, other than my hope of one of those changes being the WWE championship.

Match #1 - Zack Ryder vs Alberto Del Rio
Nothing spectacular here, they did well in at least attempting to make Ryder look like he could hang with ADR but ADR needed the win and the heat after dropping the strap so no complaints in the end result. Not long enough to really get into though, so 1/5 for the effort.

Match #2 - Sheamus vs Jack Swagger
Glad to see these two wrestling again, I liked their match last week and I think they work well together. Only thing is they killed it right as it started to pick up and I would've loved to see em go about 5 more minutes, but maybe we'll get this on a ppv because these two work great together. Again, 1/5

Nash segment was straight up awful. He kept stumbling over his words, and he just repeated what he's been saying the last few weeks. I hope Trips comes back soon so we can get this feud over with.

Match #3 - Cody Rhodes vs Santino Marella
Good promo at the beginning from Rhodes, although his laugh is completely cheesy and needs to either change or go. Another short match, like come on now. Glad to see Rhodes is still getting a push but can we get some wrestling on this...ya know...wrestling show. I am glad to see the seeds planted for Rhodes/Booker though, I think that can be a good feud and produce some interesting matches. No rating for the match, you need to wrestle to get credit.

Match #4 - Ziggler v. Punk
Wow. Can I just Also did I mention....WOW. GREAT match here from these two, and week after week Ziggler continues to look like a freakin star. I can't wait for Ziggler to be a main eventer, he just keeps proving how much he belongs there. Not to mention how OVER Punk is. Every crowd just continues to stay behind him and people chant his name as much as Rock or Austin. 4/5 for this match, this was great.

Big Show Show's not bad on the stick but this didn't do anything for me, and all it really did was further the feud between Show/Henry which no one really wants to see so why?

Silly divas segment that no one cares about. WWE 12 ftw though.

Match #5 - Wade Barrett v. Kofi Kingston
Poor Kofi. Bourne f's up once and Kofi goes on to suffer for him. At least Barrett is getting a great push and I guarantee you by this time next year he will have held the world title. He has the look, he can talk, he can wrestle, he has the full package and I can't wait for him to "make it." This was a great match and even if he lost, Kofi looked good throughout. I'm anxious to see a change in Kofi, I wish he'd change it up a bit. I'm also glad to see Orton and Barrett in a program, I think they could have fantastic matches (again). 3/5 for the match, good stuff here.

Cena segment was more or less your typical Cena segment, nothing new said at all really. Only problem I have here is Cena's reaction. He got his ass Rock Bottomed and he's like eh whatevs. No biggie. What? Oh well. But here's the controversial part of this segment: Awesome Truth. People were pretty angry about what happened concerning the split, but that was before we found out about Truth's suspension. That notwithstanding, I'm glad they split. I love Awesome Truth, they had a good thing going, but they are main eventers and I don't think they need to be in the tag division. People want variety, but what happens when Del Rio/Punk ends...we get more Cena? No one wants that. I hope when the suspensions up Truth comes back as a serious face, almost like Booker T in 04 when he turned. I'd also like to see him with a World Title reign before long because I'm a big Truth fan and I think he deserves it. He doesn't need to rap or anything, just be real and put on some good matches. But it looks like we're gonna get Cena/Miz before long which I guess I don't mind, it gives both something to do and Cena's out of the title picture so I can live with it.

Overall I'd say this was an entertaining show. It had it's low points, but it also had 2 really good matches and some storyline development that I for one am looking forward to. It's almost Mania time and from the looks of it, it's gonna be a good one. Until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces.

Random tidbits-
-Buy WWE 12, it's fantastic and a real step towards a new generation of WWE games.
-I'm on the fence with these cryptic messages. The promo was obviously Kane, and if he comes back with a mask I'll be kinda happy, even though it wont make a whole hell of a lot of sense but whatevs. The problem I have here is I don't think the static is him. I'm willing to be that part is Taker and it looks to be some build towards his return for what is most likely his last match.

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  1. The Peep's Avatar
    I completely agree with everything (especially that WWE 12 is AMAZING!)
  2. Zekic's Avatar
    Lets see,an awesome match of dolph vs cm punk,other matches were good enough,no cole-king ranting,no divas match,alots of wrestling action. For me it was one of the best raws in a while

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