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10 Most Pointless WWE Title Reigns of 2011

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Hey guys! You might have seen me on the forums and this is my first blog so I will try. This year, we have had alot of pointless title reigns but here are my top ten.

10. Kofi Kingston - United States Championship:

This just got in, but when he won the title from Sheamus, I was pissed. We knew that Sheamus was going to Smackdown, but Kofi? Really? He just got off the Intercontinental Title and he already gets another one? And in 2 months, he loses it to least Dolph is having a good reign.

9. Miz & John Cena - Tag Team Championship:

I wanted to put this in, because any short title reign is mostly pointless. This did have shock factor and storyline build-up so I put it at 9. Miz looked dominant and Cena sat back....until the Miz turned on Cena......big shock factor....(facepalm)

8. John Cena - WWE Championship:

Even though he is unbearable and we see him as champ SOOO many times, he didn't have that bad of a reign....til he won it from Alberto. YES, Cena won!!....wait, never mind, lost it again. Really made Alberto look credible. Can never beat Cena, has to lock him out of a cell to win.......(facepalm)

7. Sheamus - United States Championship:

Sheamus is easily one of my favourites and I have been a huge fan since TLC. When he won the united states championship, I was happy because it would be a fresh breath of air.....*cough cough* never mind, Kofi in the air.....sigh

6. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga - Tag Team Championship:

For once, I agreed with Jerry Lawler. They were pretty...boring. They did nothing, the tag titles meant completely nothing and no one ever saw them....once the nexses broke up, they were screwed. At least Otunga had some fame before, Michael...well, they was going to be the Genesis.....

5. Ezekial Jackson - Intercontinental Championship:

Bob: Yes, a new champ! Finally, Wade can move onto better things. Who is it?
Me: Jackson
Bob: Oh well, he was an ECW Champ. He can't be that bad! It isn't like he does body slams all the time, right?
Me: ...

4. Alberto Del Rio - WWE Championship:

This guy knows his stuff...inside the ring. When losing his previous chance at Wrestlemania and now winning the Money in the Bank, he finally wins the Championship! We wanted it and gets a good defense against Rey...Wait a minute, there it goes to Cena........reminds me of Swagger...... Damn shame too

3. Dolph Ziggler - World Heavyweight Championship:

Wait, he won the the Worldheavyweight Championship? Yes he did, for a bit. Then he lost it and got fired. I guess that was a great reign. In all seriousness, it was a joke. I love Dolph Ziggler and this was a waste of his first "title reign." When he does hold it, he better hold it proud and not like this pile of garbage.

2. Christian - World Heavyweight Championship:

Yeah, he was confirmed. Probably alot of you are wondering why he isn't number one, well lets go into the story. After so many years of hard work, he finally won the championship. People loved it and then on smackdown, SUPER ORTON came in to ruin the day. YAY. Anywho, this did lead to a great feud and Christian did get it back, no matter which way. But the next superstar got slapped in the face....harder than christian.

1. Rey Mysterio - WWE Championship:

Yes, Rey Mysterio. He won the title against the Miz and at the end of the night, he had to defend it again against John Cena. He then lost it. Now, even though this set up CM Punk and Cena, this was a hardcore slap to Mysterio. I look at Mysterio's Title Reigns and they have sucked hard! I can just imagine it. "Hey Rey, wanna have a title reign, but then we screw you over and make you lose it to Super Cena. GREAT!" Rey, I feel for you man. And now you are out with an injury.....this was a kick to the nuts of Rey and to me.

Well, this is my list. Leave a comment and anything else. Thanks guys!

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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    I enjoyed this blog, pretty spot on with most the things you said..... actually spot on with everything you said
  2. monctonvike's Avatar
    great blog man
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog. I couldn't agree more. There seems to be a stretch of these sorts of title reigns these days. I wonder if we could look up 2010 and 2009 and see some similarities. It's a shame how they suck all the credibility out of the titles anymore. And what's worse, is there's no real reasoning or explanation as to why they do it.
  4. Nitro_99's Avatar
    That sounds like a good idea! I will do one for 2010, 2009, and maybe, 2008. Ill connect ideas and we will see. Thanks for the compliments!
  5. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    I think one should be done for TNA. Oh wait. That would be a very, very long list...
  6. saint_nick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ain't No Grave
    I think one should be done for TNA. Oh wait. That would be a very, very long list...
    If your talking about 2011, then you must be joking? right?
  7. RellyG's Avatar
    Fantastic blog! I agree with everything you said, all these reigns amount to nothing and in Cena's case it gives him an extra title reign that he doesn't need, isn't he a 10-time or 12-time champion now? :/
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