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Rick Starr

A Week in Review, with Survivor Series Thoughts

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Hello Splashers! Welcome back! It’s been an interesting week in wrestling, so rather than doing a top 5, I figured I would give some of my thoughts on whats been happening.

On Matt Hardy.

Last week Matt Hardy and Matt Hardy Sky spent a lovely weekend together during one of Matt’s visits, as part of his rehab program. Things were apparently looking up for Hardy, until this past week he was arrested this past Friday for being thrown out of rehab, which was a part of his parole terms. He is being held on a million dollar bond. His girlfriend Reba Sky is currently choosing NOT to bail him out, at the current time. Reba’s decision is based on that she wants Hardy to think about his actions.

Now the bail was set so incredibly high for one of two reasons: 1. That he will stay in jail..and stay clean 2.The people who bail him out, will make SURE he shows up in court…and continues to follow the court orders…which is to stay clean. Do I think Matt should stay in jail for a few days? Your dammed right I do! Not because I want to see another man suffer, or because I’m some TMZ zealot, just waiting for a celebrity to hit rock bottom. It’s because the man needs some serious help, and if he can’t it in rehab, Jail is the next best thing!

On The WWE Network
A lot of people are really pumped up about the WWE Network, when if you ask me they have yet to give me anything to really be excited about. Sure there will be more classic matches, and they can bring WWE Superstars back to television. But aside from that are they offering, some corny shows hosted by WWE Superstars? I’m sorry folks I love HBK, but I don’t get all amped up each week just to watch the Macmillan Adventures (Which is probably coming to the WWE Network once it arrives.).

If the WWE is really smart, they would put most of their live PPV’s on the WWE Network. Why is this a good idea? Because 14 PPV’s a year is too much for anybody to ask. Instead of asking for an insane amount of money for one PPV, you now make these ppv’s apart of your “network”, that people will want to purchase for a reasonable low monthly cost, instead of streaming for free off the internet. Then you leave the “big ppv’s” such as Royal Rumble, Summer Slam and WrestleMania, to the regular purchased PPV’s. Make the big 4 PPV’s BIG again!

On John Morrison’s Future:
After watching Survivor Series, it’s clear that Morrison is gone from the WWE. I was hoping that it was a swerve, but now it obvious he’s been future endeavored. I think he could make a future in TNA, however he will have to rebuild yet another name.

Survivor Series Review:
Over all I thought the match was a decent show. I thought the best match of the night was the CM Punk/Alberto Del Rio WWE Title Match. The Big Show/Mark Henry World Title match had some great spots, however the DQ was disappointing. The stinker match of the night was the tag-team main event. Everybody was waiting for The Rock to “Come Back!”, and what did he do? He spent more time on the apron, and then he did in the ring. Then when he was in the ring, he sold a max of 3 moves, and for all his hard work, he gets the pin! Then (as I expected) he hits Cena with a Rock Bottom. Why did they do it that way? So Rock won’t have to show up on RAW, he got the last laugh again.

A Quick Thought on Sin Cara:
Reports are coming in that Sin Cara injured his ruptured patella tendon at Survivor Series, and is expected to be out for 6 to 9 months. However there is strong speculation that his injury was kayfabed (faked). If you watched the spot where Sin Cara was injured, he didn’t take much of a bump, and even landed on his rear, rather than his legs. Also it was very convenient, that his injury just so happened minutes after Dolph Ziggler was eliminated from the match.

Well that’s it for this edition of the Splash. Until next time….See you when I see you!
-Rick Starr @RickStarr

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  1. RellyG's Avatar
    Good blog, but on the Sin Cara note if you watch the video back you can see the injury occur BEFORE he goes over the ropes, the injury is the reason he couldn't dive over the ropes as he was supposed to.
  2. Zekic's Avatar
    Complitely agree about SS main event,a huge dissapointment for me
  3. deadly56's Avatar
    How did The Rock only do 3 moves?
  4. deadly56's Avatar
    I think you need to get your eyes checked fool,and by the way why do you call us splashes were not in no dam swimming pool,also every time you right a blog it makes me not wan't to not come to this site so im going to give you some advice.Whenever people read you blog they regret clicking on it because it is so bad,so why don't you just change your name to RICK SHIT BLOG CRAP so people know already your blogs are crap.
    Updated 11-26-2011 at 08:47 AM by deadly56

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