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1997: WWE's best year

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January- Royal Rumble in the Almodome maybe the best since 1995 whem SM won it. Stone Cold a major factor this night in front of about a Wrestlemania size crowd of about 60k. My favorite moment is the fact that when Austin is walking out with his condescending bmf walk. Lawler says that's a bad man right there and Vince says says yes it is. 99 wasn't Austins year 97 was his best as a heel turned face in a few months. Great storytelling finish to that royal rumble with Austin winning and turning an ongoing feud with Bret Hart to another level. Shawn Michaels vs Sid Vicious for the title that night in front of a Shawn Michaels home crowd an OK match that should've had more air time but Michaels always makes a great moment even better.
* moment to watch- Fake Razor Ramon's 15 second fight of throwing maybe the worst punches ever! and be eliminated by Ezekiel Jackson i mean Ahmed Johnson sorry.

Febuary-You can skip over the next months ppv IYH: Final Four except watch Vader bleed to death. But it gets really exciting within the next month.

March- Wrestlemania 13 OK starts to the night with the rock with the helps of his father defeated the sultan with iron sheik and bob backlund. Pretty good match between triple h and goldust who had what i think pretty good chemistry check that out on YouTube. The fight between Owen and Bulldog and a weird tag team of Mankind and Vader with mankind and Vader losing by double count out. Obviously the match pf the night and decade was Austin vs Bret Hart Submission match or I Quit match if you want to call it that. Special Guest referee and his introduction to the wwe Ken Shamrock. The match is said to be Austins break out match but he turned a lot of heads at survivor series 96 vs Bret hart which replicates a lot of what they did at t WM 13 match just different stipulations. Undertaker wins the title that night against Sid in a pretty good match.
* watch the ending between Taker and Sid and of course Austin vs Bret

April- IYH: Revenge of the 'Taker Jesse James vs Rockabilly(Mr. Ass) which is a precursor to the NAO. You had 'Taker defeat Mankind in a pretty non exciting match. The Main Event was a number one contenders match in which Austin defeats Bret via DQ its kind of whatever you kind of see it coming with Austin's kind of face state.
*you don't have to really watch this its for your entertainment though.

May- IYH: A Cold day in Hell. Austins title shot comes in defeat another ppv you can kind of pass on nothing special here folks.

June- King of the Ring. Triple H defeats Mankind to become the KOTR. Shawn Michaels and Austins feud which began with the last month is very entertaining match both these Texans didn't have amazing chemistry but show why there the best. Taker defeats Faarooq in a whatever match.
*Watch Triple H vs Mankind these guys put great matches foreshadowing their match at SummerSlam here.

July- IYH: Canadian Stampede. This seemed like a pretty short night. Mankind and triple h yet again put on a great match maybe the feud of the summer with the result coming in as a double count out. Taker defeats Vader in an OK match Taker was kind of a boring champ at this unlike 99. You had the heel faction of Hart foundation vs a out together team of SCSA,Shamrock,Goldust and LOD. Great match in front of a Canadian crowd which made the hart foundation liked and inevitably defeating the put together team
*Austin and Stu Hart grapple lol

August- SummerSlam The best ever cage match between Mankind and Triple H. Mankind wins and this math opened the night and for sure overshadowed the night for sure. Austin wins the IC title in the infamous match against in were he breaks his neck. Bret Hart wins the wwe title against 'Taker with Shawn as special guest referee. Great storytelling in the main event with the finishing of the match showing how much real turmoil Shawn and Bret had.
* Duh! los Boricuas defeating DOA

September- IYH: Ground Zero. not really an entertaining night not trying to contradict my blog but this was bad by creative really terrible push for the headbangers who were just bad defeating an old LOD who were just bad. 1997 was bad for tag teams in the wwe. And what wait The Patriot vs Bret Hart for the wwe title?? They give this terrible guy a push having a lucha libre outfitted wrestler but in red white and blue but wrestled nothing near a lucha libre style. that. Terrible storyline, I don't even want to continue on this Hart retains.A pretty good fight between shawn and taker in the main event no contest.
*Patriot come out to Kurt Angles theme.

October- IYH: Badd Blood. A lot happened before this ppv. The emergence of Dx, Shawn winning the European title Rock reemerge on TV and become a heel and join The Nation . Austin having to give up the IC title due to his neck injury. So Owen Hart wins the tournament for the vacant IC title. Funny match between The patriot and Vader vs. Bret Hart and Bulldog. And Finally Shawn Michaels Vs Undertaker in the famous Hell In a Cell which was just awesome. Kane debuts this night during their match with an underrated debut imo.
*Kanes Debut

November-Survivor Series. Just tension filled night. The road warriors defeat the nation in the night tag team tournament. SCSA wins the IC title from Owen in a $minute match. With all the question faced towards the main event between Bret Hart (c) vs Shawn Michaels. All the Politics pushed aside a great match put up and to be honest it was a great storyline finish even with Bret Hart surreal rage at the end.
* SCSA vs Owen

December- IYH: D-Generation X. NAO wins the tag titles. Triple H beats Sgt. Slaughter in a boot camp match. Jeff Jarrett gets a push by beating Taker. The Rocks second push. Great Match between The Rock and Austin for the IC title with Austin retaining with them showing a great rivalry to come. The Main event was not as great as the build towards it with Ken Shamrock defeating Shawn Michaels via DQ
* The Rock Vs Austin(Kama Mustafa being thrown into Austins truck) and d'lo being stunned lol


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