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The State of Wrestling...Is the End Near?

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This is my first real attempt at a blog in a public forum. I welcome any comments and I will be posting regarding WWE and TNA leading up to Wrestlemania. I cannot promise that I will be posting after Wrestlemania though.

I've watched Wrestling for a long time. And while I've seen the emergence of many superstars, and dealt with changing times and different eras. I've never thought I'd see what I feel is, the end.

Survivor Series, or what I like to call, the half way point to Wrestlemania, is now behind us. In the distance, the lights of Wrestlemania are twinkling. And there's only one thing on everyone's mind for this year's Wrestlemania. The Rock vs John Cena. The no-doubt, no questions asked, main event. And all of us who are buying the PPV will endure 3 hours and 15 minutes of fill matches and pathetic title matches, all in anticipation of The Rock vs John Cena. Yesterday's Top Dog vs Today's Top Dog. But what are we really anticipating here?

I, for one, feel we are anticipating the end. Obviously, not truly the end of wrestling, but the end of wrestling as we know it. The Rock vs John Cena is the culimination. The final of the WWE's potential high moments. Never again, will the WWE be able to reach such a point of historical significance.

There are only a select handful of wrestlers over the years that have reached a certain status. A status where the company could truly lean on the shoulders and have these wrestlers carry them. For simplistic purposes, I'm going to keep Sting and Flair out of the conversation because they were WCW, not WWE. This group consists of Bret Hart, HBK, HHH, The Undertaker, Stone Cold, and The Rock. Obviously, Hulk Hogan is on a pedestal above this group, never to be overtaken. Now we can add John Cena to this group. This elite 7. With all due respect to Orton, Batista, Punk, Edge, Guerrero, Jericho, and Foley, they have not reach these heights. They were talented, they were main eventers, title holders, but could not single-handedly carry the company.

Now take these elite 7 and match them up. HBK, HHH, Undertaker, Bret Hart, and The Rock have all battled a past his prime Hogan. HBK and Bret Hart speak for themselves as do The Rock and Austin. HHH and The Undertaker have bridged eras and battled both Rock/Austin as well as Cena. So, The Rock vs Cena is all that remains.

So why is it the end? Why can this not keep going on as a cycle? Because of the WWE's changes of today. The WWE has converted again. From the 80's and early nineties to the mid-nineties and into 2000, it converted with the Attitude Era. It took on a whole new identity and focused on a whole new demographic. Now, it has converted again, only this time, into reality TV. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Reality TV sells and the WWE is a business that wants to make money. Look at Tori and Dean and Jersey Shore. But the speed of things has also changed. The WWE doesn't have it anymore. The creativity isn't there anymore. The characters aren't there anymore. The mic work isn't there anymore. The writing isn't there anymore. And just like reality TV, they try to judge things based on what would be popular at the moment, instead of in the long run.

So the people who have jumped on the WWE of today, and who will witness the culmination that will be The Rock vs John Cena, will actually be cheated from here on out because there won't be any replacements. Once upon a time, they were all replaceable. Now, it's not so easy to do anymore. The WWE now cares about how many of their topics are trending and how many fans their facebook page has. And it plays well to this generation. But there will be no more Austins, Rocks, Cenas, Harts, Takers, or HHHs, or HBKs. This Wrestlemania will be the culimination.

I will post often as we work our way up to Wrestlemania. Please feel free to comment.

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  1. jonod's Avatar
    I'm sorry that you feel this way. times change, we and the e have to change with them.
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