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The E Under The Sun: Jericho Vs Marufuji

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OK. So I know full well that I said in the last one of these little battles (however long ago it was) that the next one would be Kawada vs HHH but then I got distracted by the idea of a different comparison, I get the feeling the Kawada vs HHH will never get written if I continue my magpie-like self indulgence and ever changing mood, but it will no doubt get done one day.

My comparison’s for this episode will be charismatic icon turn quite mediocre rockstar, Y2J himself, Chris Jericho. Heading off against one of my all time favourites, (and possibly my favourite of the past 10 or so years) The wrestling genius himself Naomichi Marufuji.

I’ll start this one by stopping you from reading this blog if you are unfamiliar with Naomichi Marufuji and tell you to go away and watch some of his stuff (most of it is in NOAH) as you my friend, have missed out and I now despise you and all you hold dear...

ANYWAY! Straight into the scoring system it is then I suppose!

World Wide Popularity:................Who the fuck do you think gets the point!?!?!?!? I’ve had to address anyone who may not know who Marufuji is in the last paragraph! Now that he’s been on a shitty American version of a shitty British TV show Chris is brimming with world-wide popularity outside of the wrestling business as well as out (although this Fozzy obsession might kill that dead). One point to Jericho.

Best Match: Now this one is a lot harder. Prior to writing this I have watched some matches which in my opinion are each man’s best matches, for Chris I’ve watched a lot of both his feuds with HBK and some of his stuff with HHH, a lot of even earlier stuff and as a weird one I threw in that random match with Yoshi Tatsu off of Superstars. For Naomichi I’ve been ranging across matches with KENTA, Mitsuharu Misawa, Shuji Kondo and pretty much the entire cruiserweight division of Japan. Even so, I can honestly say that it is a complete mind fuck, but I will still have to give it to Marufuji. It may well be biased, but I was still enthralled in a lot more of his matches (citing KENTA, Kondo, Devitt andAkiyama as just some of my favourites) you may dislike this choice but tough, both men ranged from cruiserweight to heavyweight and I can sit here and say that Marufuji probably did it better.

Time Of Retirement: I explained how this one works if someone hasn’t retired yet in the last episode (which you should really look at by the way as every second you don’t, I spend crying under a table in PC World), so this one is also fairly hard to decide. Chris for all intents and purposes has practically retired (FOR NOW!) and although he would be remembered forever I can’t help feel that if he didn’t come back ever again then it is an incredibly anti-climactic way to go. For me a retirement should end on an awesome match where people know full well that this is the last time they will see the retiree and will let him know that it would be a shame so the atmosphere is incredible. For example the actual match was only half the reason why HBK’s last hoorah was such an emotional nuke to the heart, the other half was crowd atmosphere, the feel in Y2J’s last match thus far is that it’s just another angle so who cares. If Marufuji retired now it would have much the same feel (and that is very possible as he has just had very serious spinal injuries). So I will have to give this one to Chris on the basis that he is more likely to be able to come back unlike the injured Marufuji.

Move Set: MARA-FUCKING-FUJI!!!!!!!! As if it was any particular shock, as much as I enjoy him in the ring, Chris is a storytelling man, not a move innovator. When I think of his move-set there is very little that I can think of as memorable (making his ‘stealing moves’ talk rather ironic really), as opposed to Marufuji who is just a hailstorm of new and interesting ideas. Inventing moves like the Tiger Flowsion and the Shiranui. Score one for Marafuji.

Number Of Main Title Reigns: So it comes down to this, 2 points apiece. I should explain however, that I will be counting Marafuji’s Junior Heavyweight titles as well on the basis that the weight classes are far more strict in Japan and thus winning that is pretty much the same as winning the heavyweight belt only of your weight category (yes you may call me slightly biased so I can tell you to fuck off as that is VERY fair, if Rey Mysterio went to NOAH and demanded a GHC heavyweight title shot, Akira Taue would giggle a bit before giving him a shot at the GHC junior belt, BECAUSE THE WORD HEAVYWEIGHT CANT BE APPLIED!).

Chris Jericho has....8! With 1 CRMW title, 1 Undisputed, 3 Heavyweight, and 1 WAR Junior heavyweight belt (yes it works both ways bitches!). Naomichi Marufuji has......4! With 1 AJPW Junior heavyweight belt, 1 GHC Junior heavyweight, 1 IWGP Heavyweight and 1 GHC Heavyweight belt.

Making your winner....CHRIS JERICHO!!!!!......balls.

Do you agree with the winner? Would you like to see a match between these two? Your Comments!

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  1. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    This is very confusing. I really dont get it, even if i did know who the japanese wrestler you were speaking about. So since I dont know much of whats going on I will speak about what I know ....

    I will give you a few tips on how to make it more easier to follow. If at the end of the artical you put in bold letters the winner such as.
    WINNER: Chris Jericho

    That way we know who won what catargory. You dont even have to put them in bold just put the winner at the bottom of each catorgory.

    I think Chris Jerichos best match that I ever seen was him and Chris Benoit in a Ladder match at Royal Rumble 2001. but Im not sure you were counting ladder or cage matches.
    Updated 11-22-2011 at 08:42 PM by THE_CRIPPLER

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