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Survivor Series 2011 Thoughts

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with his Survivor Series 2011 thoughts. I went 3-6 with my predictions, but you can bet I am DAMN proud of calling Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes as the sole survivors. Anyway, without further ado...

Match #1 - United States Championship Dolph Ziggler (c) vs John Morrison
This match is a prime example of why WWE would be out of their minds in letting Morrison go. These two made each other look like stars and this was a fantastic way to open the show. I strongly hope Morrison resigned because this was exactly what WWE needs to do for the U.S. title: give us exciting, competitive matches that put both the wrestlers AND the title over. Also good lord the crowd is hot tonight, who would've thought Ryder would get a reaction like that? Anyway I'd give this match a solid 3/5, good open.

Match #2 - Divas Championship - Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Eve
Is it me or are there a lot less divas than I thought? Seems like they had like 10 more but hey, less is more imo. Sloppy opening here, and not a whole lot of action to be honest, almost glorified running around. This match had no reaction from the crowd, I mean it was DEAD. Even the announcers seemed bored. As bad as this match was, I gotta give it some love for the end, and kudos to Eve for taking the Glam Slam from the top rope like a boss. 1/5 for the end alone

Match #3 - Traditional Survivor Series Match - Team Orton vs. Team Barrett
"I'm gonna follow me!" - Dolph Ziggler. Gotta love it. Poor Sin Cara, the guy can't catch a break. Not that I'm his biggest fan but it sucks to see someone go down like that. This match really took a while to catch on in my opinion, nothing drastic happening and whenever it picked up it started to drop back off. I think the problem here is, while I do like everyone in the match (save for Ryan), they didn't do much of anything to make me want to see this storyline wise. As I said, nothing spectacular, it's not gonna really be remembered, but glad they gave it to Team Barrett and that Rhodes and Barrett were the sole survivors. 3/5

Match #4 - World Heavyweight (and I mean HEAVYweight) Championship - Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show
Not the greatest World Title match in history and I'm sorry to Henry fans but I just can't catch on. We go from Edge/Ziggler, to Orton/Christian, to Big Show/Henry and it's just a step down in my opinion. There was some ok stuff and a freaking brilliant elbow from Show which got a massive pop from everyone, including myself. A regular person does an elbow and gets a reaction...a 500 pound monster does and the crowd becomes unglued. It wasn't a complete disaster but I wouldn't recommend people go out of their way to check it out. Also I totally called the Big Show winning by DQ *pats self on back*. 2/5 for a few good spots and good crowd reaction.

Match #5 - WWE Championship - Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. CM Punk
First things first, Howard Finkel FTW! Lots of great stuff from these two and I loved this match. The crowd was especially amazing and really added to it. Also you gotta love The Fink announcing Punk as the winner. I've missed that "Here is your winner...and the NEEEEEEEEEWW!!..". The finish was awesome and kept you on your toes, AND Punk with the surprising win. Not much I can say but just a solid match and match of the night in my opinion, 4/5.

Match #6 - Never Before, Never Again - Crock - Awesome Truth
To be honest, I really enjoyed the video package before the match, WWE can make any match look like it's the biggest thing ever. I wasn't really looking forward to this to be honest, and I think the wrong team won. That being said I WAS looking forward to seeing how they played out the storyline with Rock and Cena and if Rock was going to have any sign of ring rust. Again, that being said, he didn't and he looked like a million (AND A MILLION) bucks. Cena draws a ton of heat, unnecessarily I may add, but I'll save a Cena blog for later. This match kinda drug when Cena got in the ring and took his typical beating but definitely picked up when Rock finally came in. I know I said I'd save it, but if they made Cena less vulnerable throughout the match, and evened him up at the end, instead of taking a beating and coming back at the last second, then people would probably hate him less. Again I think a win on the side of Awesome Truth would've been much more favorable in my book, I think it would've added more tension between Cena/Rock. Also idk if it was just me, but it seems like Cena really took a back seat to the Rock, which is really weird to see considering how much of Cena we've had these last 5 or 6 years. Anyway I wasn't too into this, I'll give it a 2.5/5. There wasn't anything that stood out, nothing really good came off of it other than seeing Rock again, but they made Awesome Truth look like nobodies and that does nothing for anyone if you ask me.

Overall I think this was an ok ppv, nothing overly spectacular save for the opener and the WWE championship match. It seemed like the show just dragged and dragged but that's just me. I gotta say I give it up to the NYC crowd, they were phenomenal and really added to the show. I'll give this show a 7/10, nothing to ride home about, glad to see wins from Punk, Ziggler, Team Barrett, and Beth. Until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces

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  1. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Hey ATB Great Review, I agree with you 100% on this blog. I just personally thing the main event was a squash due to Dwayne's performance. The guy is obviously not even trying to do any work in the ring, and it's pathetic. Even CM Punk recently trashed him, it could be keyfabed to draw heat but it's the truth! -Rick Starr
  2. Synned's Avatar
    i agree the best match of the night WAS the Punk match. the Cena/rock vs awesome truth was like...meh
  3. NickAW1990's Avatar
    Both of the RAW championship matches were awesome. Such a shame A) Morrison is probably leaving and B) Del Rio is such a bore to listen to.

    The 5 on 5 went well largely, Sin Cara's injury put everyone, in the match off their timing in my view.

    Rock/Cena vs Miz/Truth was far too predictable. Although that said Cena sold quite well in the match and i'm amazed how good Rock looked. Sharpshooter aside I think he actually looks better than he did towards the end of his time in WWE.

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