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Top 15 SADISTIC Wrestlers Ever

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Hey guys hope all is well. I'm blogging today on the great sadistic and grueling wrestlers in history. This is an opinionated list so try not to bash and say whom I forgot because I didn't forget anyone lol its opinionated.

However, I would appreciate if everyone left their own list in the comment section so we can compare and have a friendly debate. Hope you all enjoy.

GUIDELINES: The guys with the gimmick of being sadistic and the wrestlers that used the most off the wall weapons. Ladders, chairs and such don't count. Weapons like forks, sledgehammers, barbed wire or anything involving fire. So no Hardy's or E&C. Also I tried to stay away from ECW on this one as much because then the whole list would be ECW but I included a few lol.

15. Abdullah The Butcher

14. The Boogeyman

13. Gangrel

12. Randy Orton

11. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

10. Kevin Thorn

9. Abyss

8. New Jack

7. Kevin Sullivan

6. Kane

5. Mick Foley (Cactus Jack)

4. The Undertaker

3. Raven

2. Terry Funk

1. Freddie Blassie

Hope you all enjoyed.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    does anyone remember Kevin Thorn as Mordecai, to bad he a bar fight got him sent back to OVW
  2. Cynicism's Avatar
    I would have liked Mordecai to go further cause it was interesting
  3. JoePublic's Avatar
    The Sheik would be my number one. An interesting list.
  4. dub's Avatar
    didn't Jake the Snake "punch" Liz in the face during he and Macho mans fued??? Didn't he tie Macho man up in the ropes and unleash his snake on Macho man and watch as it chomped on his arm??? YEP I think he is number one in my book. I HATED THAT GUYS GUTS when I was little.
  5. Los Conquistador's Avatar
    you wanna talk sadistic, meng
    craziest fucker to ever make it in a ring
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    I'm just wondering, what did The Boogeyman do to be so sadistic? He had a creepy gimmick, but I thought that was it.
  7. GookMaster's Avatar
    I would go, in no order...

    Cactus Jack
    New Jack
    Bruiser Brody
    Jake The Snake Roberts
    The Undertaker
    The Dudleys
    The Sheik
    Randy Orton
    Abdulla The Butcher
    Kevin Sullivan
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