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Getting the Poison Out: Why is being a "mark" a bad thing?

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Wrestling fans are referred to within the wrestling business as "marks"

The term was used for decades of course, but many of us didn't know it existed. But it was fair. It implied that we didn't know what was going on. That we thought what we were watching was real. And most of all, that we were willing to pay money to see it. Which we did. We were all "marks" at some point.

Then the term "smart mark" or "smark" came along. This is, in my opinion, the most accurate term to describe a majority of wrestling fans nowadays. Most of us know it's fake. Most of us know a lot of the tricks of trade. We know the game now. We still enjoy the business, but we get that it's just a show.

Then came "internet mark". This is where I think the term "mark", in all it's variations, started becoming a dirty word.

Since the rise of the internet, many of us have been given a voice that we never had before. We can now tell the whole world exactly what we think about anything in wrestling. We no longer have to buy a ticket and hope that our homemade signs aren't going to be taken away from us. We can bitch about or praise the product immediately. Hell, we can even do it while we watch the show.

The wrestling business, in general, clearly hates the "internet marks" more than any other category of marks. Some in the business have gotten wise, and realized that we don't hate wrestling. We love it. With a passion. We desperately want to see the business, regardless of what company it is, to do well. Because we love it so damn much.

I feel they've used the word "mark" as a way to separate themselves from us. They've done that by turning into an insult. And it's worked. So much so, that even people in the "IWC" call each other "marks" in a derogatory manner. It's become rather sad to see. It's practically the "N-word" of professional wrestling at this point.

I think most of the people in the business, especially the ones calling the shots, use it as an excuse to make unpopular decisions. Then some of them hop online, ironically enough, and bitch about us bitching about them. Say that we are just "stupid marks" that don't understand anything about wrestling. I think that maybe the business is just mad at the fans because we stopped paying money for some of the crap they present to us at times. We no longer eat whatever they feed us, and they hate it.

So from here on out, I'm "taking it back", so to speak. Damn near everyone in the wrestling business is a mark, and goddammit, so am I.

Comment if you agree. Or even if you don't. Either way, have a nice day.

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  1. Gabriel_Blaze's Avatar
    Great veiw.. Tell you the truth I did not know what a mark was until this blog thanks
  2. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    sweet blog, love it
  3. Abs's Avatar
    True words there. Voicing our opinion!!
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    If you pay any amount of money or time to wrestling and dont make a living from it. Then your a mark.

    a mark is someone who pays to watch wrestling and is not paid by the wrestling business.

    You know I found out why the WWE doesnt like Internet marks.... We sit there and bitch and complain about wrestling all day long. We Talk about how CM Punk is the Greatest and how he will Save Wrestling and we are behind CM Punk 100%. If the WWE gives Punk a chance he will save the sagging ratings and buy rates... Punk gets his Chance and you know what?, Ratings are in the toilet, Summerslam with Punk in the main event did worse than last year, Actually much worse. The ratings since Punk have declined a bit.

    If we want change in the WWE then we need to support are guys. Why didnt the IWC order SummerSlam? they got what they wanted right?. You want change you have to be apart of it. Order the Summerslam ppv, Watch Raw. Bring up the ratings and the WWE will get the message.... Simply put the IWC doesnt put more money in WWEs pocket wheater they do what they want or they dont. They wont order the PPV even if you put Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in a iron man match, They will just stream it for free..... Pleasing the IWC doesnt make the WWE more money simply put. Cause the IWC is never satisfied and they are cheap.
  5. kjell's Avatar
    why would wouldn't the promotions like iMarks(internet mark)? yeah we bitch about everything, but whats wrong with that? opinions is a bad thing? without the iMarks bitching we wouldn't have so many "marks" as we do now. Marks generates marks. Opinions and discussions makes things more exciting.
  6. Sage's Avatar
    i think the cripplers comment should be its own blog entry lol
  7. knox's Avatar
    i think if the "marks" were in control, the product would be alot better. Vince is trying to tell us what we want instead of giving us what we want.

    Great blog btw

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