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Survivor series 2011 review

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Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison - Good opening match. But I think we all knew Ziggler was going to win. As if Morrison apparently heading towards unemployment wasn't bad enough, the guy has to hear how much the MSG crowd wanted Ryder in the match instead of him. Ryder coming out was the only thing that kept the crowd from chanting Morrison out of the building with the "Na na na, na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye" chant. Then again, I missed the opening minutes of the match, so maybe they did chant that and I didn't catch it. Goodbye Morrison. Hopefully Ryder will do more with your spot than you ever did.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres - Crap match. The crowd was clearly bored. Until the finish. I gotta say, that was pretty neat to see. More spots like that from the Divas, and they may become interesting. Not holding my breath though.

Team Orton vs. Team Barrett - As usual, these matches will have guys paired up for various spots. But all that went to complete shit once Sin Cara got hurt. Completely killed the momentum of the match and they never got it back. I was almost glad when it ended. Simply because everyone looked lost after that. There was no "ring general" in that match in any way whatsoever. For me, the best part was Michael Cole's dumb ass say that Barrett and Rhodes were "sole survivors". He clearly doesn't know what "sole" means. He has the same problem with the word "vintage".

Big Show vs. Mark Henry - What the hell happened? These guys had a good, entertaining match at MITB, but tonight, they stunk up the house. The obvious highlight being Show taking 15 minutes to decide if he wanted to do the elbow drop from the top rope. Nice to see him fly like that again though. That used to be my favorite thing about him when he was in WCW. Now I'm sure we all heard the "Boring", "HBK" and "Randy Savage" chants, but is it just me, or was there also a "Tebow sucks" chant as well?

CM Punk vs. Del Rio - GREAT match. Another Savage chant courtesy of Punk. Damn near teared up when he struck that pose on the top rope and held it for a second. And the result was much like MITB. No way in hell Punk wasn't walking out with the title tonight. The only match the crowd was into by that point in the show. But the best thing? HOWARD FUCKING FINKEL!!! So nice to see "The Fink" make an appearance. That being said, I could watch Punk and Del Rio work matches for years to come. WWE needs to make that happen.

The Rock and John Cena vs Awesome Truth - I have to admit. I never thought I'd see Rock wrestling again. And I was cool with that. I'm not one of those people who gets all pissy and thinks hat wrestlers aren't allowed to move on with their lives and move into a different career. That being said, Rock performed well when he was actually in the ring. Cena held his own(barely) and, not surprisingly, took most of the bumps in the match. Miz and Truth did their parts well. Truth cutting a promo on pigeons before the match made me laugh. Overall though, the match itself wasn't that great. Just your typical "paint by numbers" face team vs. heel team tag match. Even the post-match tit-for-tat was predictable. Personally, I was hoping for that long-awaited Cena heel turn. But whatever. It is what it is.

OVERALL REVIEW - I give the show a C-. Nothing special. Punk and Del Rio obviously stole what was an underwhelming show. Also, Jerry Lawler needs to retire already. Cole and Booker did their thing, but Lawler clearly does not care about his job anymore. WWE needs to send him home for good.

Comment if you'd like. I hope whomever watched this show enjoyed it to some extent. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!!

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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    ? Barrett and Rhodes were the last two people in the ring, making them the "sole" survivors. Im confused..... How did he screw that up?
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Sole survivor by definition means one! So having two survive, can't make them sole survivors!
  3. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    I'd say that the "sole" survivors line did make sense. I can see your point though.
  4. saint_nick's Avatar
    Why only 1 Survivor Series type match? Needs to be more, and will get more of the roster involved in the PPV. By all means have a WWE or WH Championship match, but needs to have 3 Survivor Series Matches.

    What will happen next, a Royal Rumble PPV without the a Royal Rumble Match?

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