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WWE PPV Review for 2011

Rating: 2 votes, 3.00 average.
This is a simple run down for the year ( besides for survivor series and the TLC PPV ) for all WWE ppvs and how they have done throughout the year, in my opinion.... :)

[B]The Royal Rumble[/B] Obviously this is the first PPV of 2011, and I think it was pretty well done. There was some big returns such as Booker T and Kevin Nash, A bit of a surprise winner in Alberto Del Rio. The Edge Vs Ziggler World title match wasn't bad and the Miz vs Orton match was a bit of a surprise because Miz won.... [B]7.0/10[/B]

[B]Elimination Chamber[/B] This PPV had the two elimination matches which were ok but both of them were quite boring if you ask me, Corre Vs Santino and Koslov was a terrible match, Del Rio vs kingston pretty boring match. The worst part of this PPV was having the Miz defend his WWE title against Jerry Lawler. QUESTION - Why is it that WWE fans always talk about TNA letting old guys get title shots and stuff, But when "jerry lawler" an announcer, gets a title shot nobody says anything? WTF is up with that??? [B]4.0/10[/B]

[B]Wrestlemania[/B] Honestly, This PPV was a complete joke in my mind. One of the worst shows all year. The main event was terrible. Edge's last match may have been the reason to order the PPV, to bad
the WWE chose to air that match first, after that the PPV basically fell flat on its face. [B]3.0/10[/B]

[B]Extreme Rules[/B] Should WWE even have this PPV anymore? They have really banned anything violent from happening, this PPV was about as extreme as a 8 yr old girl prancing through a field picking flowers. The country whipping match, the tag team lumberjack match and the triple threat steel cage WWE title match were the low points of the night. The match that was worth ordering the PPV? CM Punk vs Orton that was a good match. Thats about it. [B]3.0/10[/B]

[B]Over The Limit[/B] This is the PPV that had that Chavo vs Sin Cara match, which was bad because of Sin Cara and his style, they had Zeke " I can scoop slam you " jackson face off against barrett which was saved by Wade Barrett being a decent wrestler, A wasted Cm punk match having him team with mason ryan going for the tag team titles. R truth Vs Mysterio and Michael Cole Vs Jim Ross in a Kiss my foot match were the low points of this show. [B]3.0/10[/B]

[B]Capitol Punishment[/B] This is not one of the worst of the year, it is the worst of the year. It wasn't even because of rushed card or low quality wrestling, it was because of the obama segments and the Obama spinnaroonie. [B]1.5/10[/B]

[B]Money in the bank[/B] Finally, a good PPV and the first solid one all year since the royal rumble. The two Ladder matches were really good, the match between Punk and Cena had an electric atmosphere ( not because of Cena, obviously ) This is definitely the best PPV all year for WWE so far. [B]8.5/10[/B]

[B]Summerslam[/B] I thought Randy Orton and Christian had a good match, as did Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett. The Whole CM Punk vs Cena match was not very good because it was overshadowed by the really good MITB match, it was going to be tough to live up to that. The CEE LO Green concert takes this PPV down a couple notches.... [B]5.0/10[/B]

[B]Night Of the Champions[/B] I enjoyed this PPV, had a solid card that finished up with HHH vs punk which was a good match. The wrestling was good all night for this event. Mark Henry also won the title. I just don't like del rio vs cena its so damn boring... in my opinion Del Rio and Cena are the two most boring wrestling personalities in wrestling today. Putting them in a match together could never be good. [B]6.0/10[/B]

[B]Hell in a Cell[/B] Rushed card, Sin Cara Vs Sin Cara was a horrible spot fest, Mark Henry Vs Orton was not good... Del Rio vs Punk Vs Cena had the good ending with Miz and Truth, but as we all know that storyline got destroyed. [B]4.0/10[/B]

[B]Vengeance[/B] The ultimate rushed card. Randy Orton Vs Rhodes, Mark Henry Vs Big show other than that, this was a bad show. John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio, yet again, was a slow paced boring match. These two guys just simply don't mesh, their styles don't match. Cena has no technical ability to wrestle and Del Rio is a complete technical wrestler. It would be like having The big show wrestle Dean Malenko. [B]3.5/10[/B]

Remember, this is MY opinion. You don't have to agree with me. Don't get all angry because my opinion doesn't agree with yours. I am very critical of WWE because I have been to a ton of different house shows, been to a couple RAWs, one PPV and a smackdown, in other words I have always been a fan of WWE. I know what WWE is capable of, that is the only reason I watch it still. They are currently dragging their feet, they are not trying to be a good show like they used to... oh well... maybe Survivor series and TLC will be good. can only hope.

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  1. Joonny's Avatar
    Haha, laughed while reading
    I agree with you on the most.
  2. RatedATB's Avatar
    I think you're a bit harsh in your ratings and analysis, I mean yeah they weren't the best shows, and some did deserve the ratings (I'm looking at you Capitol Punishment o.O), but hey it's your opinion so what more can I say than good blog. Also people wanna bash Wrestlemania and say it's the worst one ever. Not saying you did of course but when you look at it, Edge/ADR was good regardless of its spot on the card, Rhodes/Mysterio was good, Orton/Punk was good, and Taker/HHH was great so I feel like it deserves a bit more credit than it got. I'd go more into it but I think I'll just save that for another blog.

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