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Top 5 Entertaining World Title Reigns From Superstars Currently in WWE

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Top 5 Entertaining World Title Reigns From Superstars Currently in WWE

This blog is about superstar's who have had entertaining World Title Reign's,who are still in WWE right now.It also has to be atleast from the past 5 years and by the way like my Title says it has to be Entertaining, so that doesn't mean they have to put on great matches to be on the list.

#5 Mark Henry(Current World Heavy Weight Champion)

I am actualy enjoying having him as the current World champion,it has been a while since we had a World Heavy Weight Champion that is actually Heavy Weight.It should be like that more often.When Mark Henry did become Champion I was worried that WWE were going to make him look to strong,you may think that is a good thing in Henrys case but it is not.When WWE book some one to look very strong they do not have good quality matches,or most of there matches are all the same and when they eventually lose a match they will also lose there dominace, good example Vladimire kozlov.WWE do make Henry look strong, but in his matches when he wrestles some one like Big Show or Randy Orton he does atleast drop on the mat twice or two.He is currently in a feud whith Big Show and for two big guys they do put on reasonable matches,and I am looking forward to there match at SS and if they do decide to wrestle again at TLC they should do it in a table match but it would probably be a chair match for obvious reasons.

#4 Shemus(WWE Champion 12-13-09 to 2-21-10)

When Shemus became WWE champion it was really a shock, because not only did he win the Belt he also defeated John Cena doing it.I new he would of droped it before Wrestlemania, but while he was Champion everyone eye was on him.WWE did make him very beastly and capable of destroying everyone in his path,when he first indroduced his celtic cross it was so devastating,even his brogue kick looked painful.The only problem I have whith shemus is I think he became WWE Champion to fast in his career,it seemed it was rushed but I bet if he didn't become Champion when he did he wouldn't be getting a push right now on Smackdown,if he carries on like this by Summer Slum next year he should be World Heavy Weight Champion, thats if he is still on Smackdown and not drafted to Raw.

#3 Kane(World Heavy Weight Champion 07-18-10 to 12-19-10)

I know Kane is not currently in WWE but he is going to be back soon anyway.Kane showed us exactly why he truely is a monster,what kind of person would beat up most of the Smackdown locker room accusing superstars of beating up his brother The Undertaker, when all along it was truely him.I still can't belieave he accused Rey Mysterio of doing it lol.When Taker did return him and Kane put on great matches, there rivalry also caused there farther paul bear to return back to WWE but when there rivalry did end it was Kane who was victorious when he buried alive The Undertaker.I have not seen a rivalry that good in a long time from WWE they really suprised me whith this one.There was'n't much superstars for Kane to Challenge on Smackdown after that,but then we saw another good rivalry whith edge it was not as good as the Undertakers but it was decent enough to watch.

#2 The Miz(WWE Champion 11-22-10 to 05-01-11)

Many people think that The Miz was the WWE champion to early in his career but I have to disagree,WWE needs to take risks onece and a while and Miz becoming WWE Champion was a risky thing to do but it was successful.He wasn't called the must see Champion for nothing you know,when The Rock came back WWE made sure that The Miz should not be hidden away, they made sure he was almost fully involved in the Cena vs Rock battle.Remember when The Miz came out wearing a Rock masked at first he actually fooled me and I know im not the only one who fell for it.I thought The Miz had a good run and it was time for him to lose to Cena at Wrestlemania 27, but once again he surprised me and won the match.There is no doubt in my mind that sooner or later he will be WWE Champion again,and I will say in the next 3 years he will be the face if the company!!Yep I said it,the face of the company!!!!!!

#1 CM Punk(WWE Champion 07-17-11 to 07-25-11)

Do I really have to explain?

Thanks for reading my blog, and by the way whats up whith the majority of crappy blogs not all of them but most of them, anyway please leave feedback but how you like my blog and if you would like to add anything.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Koolaid man is horrible to watch in the ring and has no charisma...sheamus got his title wayyyy too soon it ruined him...kane v undertaker was horrible especially after they've done the feud to death 10 years ago...miz's reign was shit he was made to look too weak against cena eventually...they ruined all the momentum cm punk had too...

    not my opinions but I'm just getting all the inevitable crybaby comments outta the way before they wreck my buzz particularly.

    good blog man and i was entertained by every single reign
  2. Numbah1Ryder!!'s Avatar
    CM Punk's 3rd reign as champion should be interesting and "entertaing" LOL

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