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Rick Starr

The Top 10 WWE Wrestlers That Will take us to 2020.

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Hey Splashers welcome back! Every now and then I need to take a break from blogging. Sometimes it’s a few days, sometimes it’s a few weeks. This next splash is going to cover the top 10 big names in wrestling that could take us into the next decade. Now before any of you read this list you need to read it understanding one thing…

We have seen several big names resurface in the WWE over the past few months (Kevin Nash, Mick Foley, The Rock, to name a few), please do not expect these names, like these to be on the lists. These are names of yesterday which I loved and remembered, but these men are not are our future; they’re our history coming back for a legends tour. They will not be here in 10 years, and IF they are, they won’t be significant….unfortunately.

This list is in no particular order, or ranking.
1. John Cena: No doubt Cena is one of the top guys, if not THE top guy to take us into 2020. Even if don’t like this guy’s character, you have to respect his work ethics. He can do wrestling year round, and still do some decent flicks, without missing a beat. At the moment, his future appears to be rock solid with the WWE. However a lot can happen in 10 years. Right now Cena is 34. In 10 years he will not be the John Cena we know today. He could retire (He will be 43 in 2020.), leave the company because of a disagreement, or god forbid, get an injury. We have all seen it happen before, and just like lighting, you never know where fate will strike.

2. WWE – Randy Orton: Orton is another solid figurehead in the WWE. Just like Austin, Rock, Triple H, and a few other key names in the Attitude Era, Orton, and Cena are the two leaders in the PG-Era of the WWE today. Orton’s only downfall is acting, his most recent movie: “That’s What I Am” did not grab me. I think he would do great in the next Terminator movie, he has that personality plus I think the action would fit right in with his character. Other than that, I think his true calling is wrestling. But don’t be surprised if by the time 2020 comes around, we will see Randy Orton (Who will be 40 by then.) be either slowing down, or retiring a few short years after.

3. CM Punk: Anybody who knows wrestling knows that wrestlers have some good years, and they have some bad years. And this was Punk’s best year so far! It has solidified him as one of the top guys in the WWE. Even though Punk will be one of the older guys when 2020 comes around (42 in fact), I think he could be one of those guys who just might want to hold on a little later before he retires.

4. Cody Rhodes:
Cody Rhodes has definitely moved up the ladder in the WWE. Although he has yet to win a world strap, he has proven to me has got what it takes to be a main-eventer in this business. I would like to see him win the World Title, even win the main even at WrestleMania, but that’s obviously not in the cards for him this year. However Rhodes is still young, and will still be in his prime when the next decade rolls around (He will only be 35 in 2020.). It would not shock me if he was one of the top 3 guys, by the turn of the decade.

5. Wade Barrett: Wade Barrett’s career is still very fresh at this point, however I feel no matter where he goes he can make a strong impact (no pun indented). He has great mic skills, and his ring skills have only gotten better each week.

6. Sheamus: Sheamus has proven that he can get over as a heel AND get great pops as a face. That is a big part of this business that he has got down early in his WWE career. He has all the tools to be a big named wrestler. So unless something goes seriously wrong in his life, I don’t see him going anywhere but up.

7. Dolph Ziggler: Say what you want about Ziggler’s character, but this guy is a work horse! I cannot recall any other wrestler (Even John Cena) who pulled double duty at back to back PPV’s. Is this lining him up for a big push in the future (Maybe a win at the upcoming Royal Rumble)? Ziggler will be 40 when 2020 rolls around, and by then, he won’t be just another name in the roster.

8. The Miz:
This guy eats and sleeps and shits WWE. The guy has an inverted WWE Logo for HIS logo…and it’s freaking BRILLIANT! Miz has earned everything he’s gotten in the WWE. Right now he is in the angle with Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series (I think that match could go either way if you ask me), which goes to show you how much confidence they have in him. Over the rest of the decade, I expect The Miz to win several more WWE/World titles, and prove he is one of the top guys in the WWE.

9. Alberto Del Rio: While Alberto Del Rio is new to the WWE, he is a seasoned veteran in the ring. Del Rio has been wrestling professionally for over 10 years. Del Rio will be 43 in 2020. The big question is will he last here in the WWE for the next 10 years? I think he could. He has the ring skills, the mic skills are decent enough that they could (and most likely will) improve over the years.

10. Christian: Right now he’s 37; he will be 46 in 2020. I don’t know if Christian will make it all the way to 2020, as he has suffered several injuries in his prime years. However I want to say that I gave somebody a shot on this list that wasn’t 100% obvious. Don’t get me wrong. He is already a big named wrestler, and should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. But the human body can only take so much, and I’m guessing by the time Christian hits his early 40’s he will want to slow down. Thus he will not be a front-runner for the company.

Well that’s it for this edition. This was a hard list for me, because there was so much other talent that can come and go within the next 9 years, anything really can happen in the industry of wrestling. Until next time splashers....See ya!
-Rick Starr @RickStarr

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  1. Corwo's Avatar
    Another beautiful blog,great job splash
  2. By0nd_Perfect's Avatar
    Great Blog, agree with each of these names except for maybe Christian, but it would be great to see him still there anyway.
    Updated 11-21-2011 at 04:58 AM by By0nd_Perfect
  3. toobeastly33's Avatar
    yeah i liked this blog because it is fun to think about. Great job!
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    Great blog bro as always.

    I disagree with one name though and thats ADR. I just feel that this guy can't make it. I know CM Punk said this but it's so true he's so one dimensional and bland. The only thing I like about him is his cars and Ricardo Rodriguez. I must also comment on Christian being on the list excellent. He puts on great matches, great on the mic and oozes charisma I just hope he can make it to 2020.

    Last point instead of ADR I would have probably included Danial Bryan to my list. He's the best submission wrestler WWE has right now and can have a great match with anyone. WWE would will be stupid to release this guy. But I know you might have excluded him because his age (if I'm not mistaken he's a bit old). Anyways great work
  5. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    I disagree with everybody about the miz. The guy just does not look tough. Look at him standing next to the rock, what a joke. Sure, he can use the mic, he is one of the few in WWE that knows how. Still, the guy just isn't tough looking, he doesn't make me think that he could kick anybodies ass. ( especially after watching stone cold steve austin punk him out a few months back, and watching him get pinned by a 60 yr old roddy piper )
  6. ejaspy's Avatar
    Love the list, couldn't agree more.
  7. HITMAN's Avatar
    I think swagger should definitely be on this list, and alex riley
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