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Why WWE is PG and What The IWC Doesn't understand

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I read Blog after Blog. Artical after Artical. All giving their Theory why the WWE went PG. But the truth is, the answer is right in front of are face.

Lets Get the facts on why WWE is PG
WWE became PG in mid 2008. That was the First Raw PG show for WWE.. WWEs ratings around 2005 were around high 3's and sometimes (very Rare) they hit a 4.0. They ranged around 3.7..... Ratings started slowly declining.

in 2008 they decided to go to a TV PG. WWE seeing the slow decline in the rating, Not in hope of boosting ratings but in attracting a different audience went to TV PG..... Now in 2011 the WWE is averaging around 3.5 or 3.3 in the ratings, which is a small decline (PG is not the reason). But people ask what did WWE gain with this PG rating if their ratings are lower? well lets see.

WWE was drawing huge numbers in the late 90's and early 00's. ratings were around 6.0 per Raw. Which at the time was unheard of for cable TV. But WWE was barely making money from advertisers. companies like Coke, Pepsi, Mars candy all refused to sponsor and advertise with the WWE. For the edgy material and vulgar launge. Alot of Advertisers didnt like to advertise with Wrestling programs cause advertisers and sponsor see the adult Wrestling audience as below the poverty line. So big companies think it is useless to stick money in wrestling cause Wresting caters to poor people who dont have much desposible income to purchase.... In advertisers minds, Wrestling fans are Trailer Park living, 1 toothed, bare foot red necks watching bugs get zapped on their porch.... So no matter the ratings Wrestling gets, Advertiser will not pay them half as much as a sitcom who gets the same ratings as Raw does.

but if you redirect Raw as a show for Children and change it to PG. Then that opens a new market to Advertisers..... Then Suddenly they see it as children of blue and white collar parents who will buy What ever their easily impressed child wants.... So since the PG rating, Even with the Declining ratings WWE has partnered with
and so on, and Mars candy is sponsoring WWE Raw and PPVs constantly.
Cause kids like Toys and Candy.

Look at this for a minute. Sponge Bob gets a 2.5 rating maybe 3.0... and Shows like dancing with the stars recieves 15.0 too 20.0 ratings. But Spongebob ranks in 100s of million each year for Nick. Does Dancing with The Stars Pull in a 10th of the revenue for ABC as Spongebob pulls in for Nick? No way. Cause its all about merchendise, advertising and what people buy.

You think WWE cares about offending gay people? NO. You think any big business or company cares about offending gay people? Hell No.... the Gay community is a vocal group that has alot of backers and if GLAD writes a letter to Coke a Cola and says they will boycott their product within the Gay community and protest and back pepsi Cola company. Then the Coke Company could lose alot of Gay customers and Gay sympathizer. Then its a possible millions of customers lost. So of course Coke will no longer advertiser with the person on GLADs hit list....Its all about corporate and how much money you could make. If WWE, Walmart, Pepsi and Coke could make more money by pleasing the KKK then they would.

Vince Mcmahon no longer has no one to answer to. Ever since the WWE went corporate Vince has to answer to a board. For every distastful thing he does, For every offensive thing he does. Vince Mcmahon not only has to please fans but also a board of Stock holders.

Cable Network
USA is no longer a little cable channel, its one of the biggest Cable networks in Cable, Considered number 1 in all cable. So they no longer are a regegade network that had soft core porn at 2am on friday night (USA up all night). USA is owned by NBC and its affilates. So they have a standerd to live up to and a reputation. So WWE has to be more careful what they do. If USA and Mattel are offended by someone get choked with a tie then something will be done.

"These are NOT Reasons why WWE is PG"
John Cena is not the Reason The WWE is PG, Its stupid to think so. and Honestly I think John Cena would strive in a Attitude era or a PG enviorment.

Chris Benoit and Wrestling deaths are also not a main reason for the PG change. Sure it might of been a small factor but it wasnt a breaking point.

Lack of compition is also not a reason of PG ratings.

WWE is PG for one reason "Money". If Vince could get half the rating but make twice the money he would. if Vince could get reid of all his loyal fans and get new ones that give him more money he would.... if Advertising Benoit would make Vince Mcmahon more money then he would.

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  1. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    Correct. Finally, someone not bitching about Linda McMahon's senate campaign (even if it may be a minor reason), when there's so much more to blame for PG TV. Was it more entertaining in the TV-14 days? Of course it was, but that was because there was better writing. Curse words and tits don't spike the ratings or make an entertaining show. Just look at TNA, using derogatory phrases and flashing the Beautiful People's asses around at every chance they can get.. but the product still sucks cuz of the crappy writers and poor leadership. WWE suffers from a similar problem these days. It's all about the writers, and Vince giving the go ahead to good ideas and not turning them down. Writing and leadership.
  2. JoePublic's Avatar
    Excellent stuff. It is simply 'The Corporate' that has changed so much. PG is a stable, less risky proposition in all possible ways.
  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    you really are the best blogger on this site crippler, finally someone not bitching and bitching and bitching about shit that is incorrect. everyone should read this, and allow what they have in their brain regarding the pg situation to be challenged, cause you sir are correct
  4. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    Honestly, you are correct about everything you said. Can't deny any of it.

    What I can say is, why me, the wrestling fan, should care about how much money WWE makes, how much merchandise they sell. I don't care about none of that stuff, none of it matters. All that matters to me is that they make a good show, all that corporate stuff shouldn't matter to any fan. Now, it directly affects how good the show is, as you explain in your blog.

    I really get kind of upset at some fans who just "take it" basically you just explained fully in your blog how WWE really does not care about what happens on the show as long as A.) they make money B.) they sell merchandise C.) They attract sponsors and please stock holders. None of that matters to me, and none of it should matter to you the next time you watch a dull, uninspired raw.

    Really good blog again, I just don't think fans give a crap about none of that, they just want to be entertained on Mondays. WWE, are they entertaining the majority of the fans on Mondays? Are they doing their Job? I don't think so......

    and the whole PG rating is definitely not why WWE is that way it is, I agree with you on that 200%.

    Look at Smackdown, that has ALWAYS been TV_PG
    Updated 11-20-2011 at 12:53 PM by Wrestlinfan608
  5. ejaspy's Avatar
    I really don't mean to beat a dead horse about Linda McMahon's senatorial ambitions but i feel that it plays a hefty role in the WWE PG era. I don't agree fully with a lot of what you wrote, here's why:

    As far as advertisers and sponsors, WWE has never been lacking in this department. Also, they did not JUST start having candy and toy sponsors when they went PG. Toys and candy companies have been WWE sponsors for as long as I've watched the product. Sure would they have the sponsors they have now if they weren't PG? Probably not, but they wouldn't have to look far to find companies willing to take their place.

    WWE has been a publicly traded company since October, 1999. Look at the angles they've done since then. Katie Vick, Mae Young naked, Mae Young giving birth to a hand, Mae Young powerbombed off the stage, Billy and Chuck....the list goes on. Also, how many times have I seen Vince McMahon's ass on tv since WWE's IPO. WWE was a publicly trade company for 9 years prior to the PG change over and in those nine years did some pretty tasteless stuff. I doubt the board of investors has a lot to do with making Vince do or not do angles.

    USA network does not have a ton of PG programming. In fact, WWE is some of the only PG programming they run in prime time. CSI, Law and Order:SVU, House, Burn Notice, Suits...none of these shows have PG ratings. Not to mention as soon as Raw went off the air a week or two ago, I hear, "I know you don't smoke weed. I know this. But I'm gonna get you high today, cause it's Friday, you aint' got no job, and you ain't got **** to do". How many of WWE's PG fans heard this. They heard it because USA decided to air an R rated movie directly after its PG show.

    I thnk there are other reasons the programming is the way it is, and I think there are some holes in your reasoning. I may be wrong, but the day Linda McMahon gives up her senate aspirations is the day I get my old WWE back.
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    The Chris Benoit incident actually did play a lot in WWE going PG. They were getting a lot of heat during the incident and they really needed to change the view of there company as a positive company and their shows as being family-friendly. Vince has also stated that Cena pushed for WWE to change their demographic since most kids viewed WWE shows more. I agree with this blog though.

    For the people who bash WWE for being PG and catering to the younger audience, please look up the meaning of a PG rated content and realize it doesn't mean that its a rated content catered to ALL younger viewers.
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good blog, with good points. I was confused as to why you used the gay community and the KKK as analogies, but you got your point across. Vince's top priority has always been money, and it was a smart move to cater to an audience that can potentially bring in more money than other demographics.
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