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Youtube Extravaganza: All hail the Kings of Promo!

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Hi guys, Mr.Turtle here and I've decided to try a new blog concept which should hopefully be a weekly thing if all goes well and people want to watch/read it.

So the idea is to present two (potentially three) wrestling videos a week from the web (youtube)and well . . . go through them.

Once again, think of this as a pilot on TV, if all goes well and people like it, i'll make it a weekly thing. If no one likes it, i wont do it.

But anyway lets get on with the first video . . .

Ok, i'm not going to lie, I pretty much got a six-pack from laughter at this 23 second clip. The thing I love so much about this, is the interviewer (not sure whats his name) because as soon as freight train says "On ma Smooth Belleh". You can just see him begin to crack up and well, corpse. For those who have been on you might of saw this on one of Maffew's blogs (thats how I found it), but for those who haven't you really have been missing out (I watch this daily). A comment on this video says that Freight Train (the Promo specialist) is a splice of Forrest Gump and Cleveland Brown. However I think they included this guy too.

Next video now, and I really couldn't include videos on amazing promos (for all the wrong reasons) without including the man, the myth, the legend that is Scott Steiner.

God Steiner is Smooth (like a bed of nails is comfy). There are an ungodly amount of Steiner videos (rightly so) throughout the web and picking one was difficult. Why this one I hear you ask, to be honest I don't know why, but if you want a bigger hoot and a holler click on captions (the CC button); click on it again; go up to transcribe audio; wait for it to load up OK, then press it; profit? (SIDENOTE: you MUST watch this on youtube to do this, just click on the youtube icon on the video).

Of course, like crack cocaine, Scott Steiner's promo's are a deadly addiction. So for those who crave for another stiff (or snort) of Steiner genius, here you go.

The math is, oddly enough, correct which is the only bit of continuity from TNA I've seen all my life. Remember that captions thing I told you to do in the other Steiner video? Well try it in this one (if you're computer hasn't gone into overload trying to understand Steiner's unique dialect) you wont be disappointed.

So guys thats the Youtube extravaganza done, please feel free to tell me what to think on my member page or the comments below. And also, if there's a video you would like me to review/present. Link it below, and if it's used, i'll give you the credit.
So thanks for reading/watching/enjoying(?) my blog and i'll (possibly) see you next Saturday/Sunday.

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  1. chato's Avatar
    another fail mr turtle
  2. Mr.Turtle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chato
    another fail mr turtle
    Hey man, thanks for commenting. Regardless of positive or negative views, i'm glad to get some feedback. I'd much rather have a bunch of people dislike and comment than a bunch of people who like it and don't comment because at least I know where I stand.
  3. chato's Avatar
    i like your atitude man dont give up dude

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