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STATE OF THE 'E: Coming To Grips

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Man, the blog landscape on eWN is getting thick, eh? Either way, I'm back again with another edition of STATE OF THE 'E... often imitated, NEVER duplicated! I will say though, I'd like a part of that "BlogWars" action! Great job with that!

Now, my last blog got a lot of heat, which is a good thing. It shows that everyone has an opinion on the matter. Whether you agree with me or not, I love it. Not all of the bloggers have to be agreed with on this site. Some of us post "Unpopular Opinions" from time to time. It happens. I'm glad I had a controversial blog. It shows your passion and mine. Thank you!

On to the blog topic at hand this time around. The theme here as the title suggests is well, coming to grips with reality. The reality of professional wrestling in this day and age, the relevence of professional wrestling in this day and age, and how they can go about it. See, I had a reason for my rant last week. My reason is this:

"Why spend so much effort using an already established star when you need new ones?"

I'm FULLY aware that THE 'E is in the progress of building new stars, hell, I wrote a couple blogs on my opinion on who's next up. My thing is, VKM is pretty much throwing darts at a board right now. They're trying to make something, ANYTHING stick at this point. And its definitely showing. VKM is highly behind Twitter and is taking it to the extreme as backstage reports are indicating. Now, a few months ago I called for them to use social media as a way to prolong their relevance.

I believe they're accomplishing it slowly. They're using their website as a hub of "exclusive" video and that in its own right is paying off with unique visits every month. It shows that the appeal is there but, how long is it really there for? The average American now spends most of their time on Cell Phones and other personal devices. Our attention span has become that of a deertick and we can't focus on one thing for more than two minutes without getting bored of it. How the hell do they expect us to sit still for two hours on one station? It's damn near physically impossible now a days.

THE 'E had captured something special this past Summer with "The Summer Of Punk II". But within all of that, they lost their way again. No one is pointing fingers on who's to blame or where one is exactly pinpointing where it went bad. But, what I know is, the elements are there, they just need to properly bottle it. We are definitely in "The Reality Era" of professional wrestling. I honestly wish we had something like "GTV" back. That was an interesting few moments in WWE time. Look the videos up, they're definitely funny.

With the advent of The WWE Network coming early next year, they seem to be wanting to do something else I thought about. Give us a "before and after show" meaning, something pre-Raw and something after Raw. I think it's a very good idea and if properly executed, could lead to a rise in ratings. The network in its own right is a full on gamble when the product is only garnering a 3.4 rating, and that's WITH The Rock on the program. It was doing a 3.2 or a 3.0 before he came on again.

Not bad but, not where they want to be with WrestleMania Maddness already in full force within the company. Again, they have all of the pieces but, the puzzle is FAR from being complete. I have small personal list on how I feel they can make their selves viable in a five minute market. Please take a look if you're interested.

1.) NEW STAR(S) - As I and many others have already stated, we know they're being built but not even the power of a media darling such as John Cena is enough to usher in a "new breed" of professional wrestling when it comes to the fickle fans now a days. They need someone who they can really cling to. Someone has to come up like a Hulk Hogan + Macho Man, Bret Hart + Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold + The Rock, John Cena + Randy Orton... those guys to me scream "professional wrestling generations". There needs to be someone to come along and shake professional wrestling out of its boots again.

2.) DITCH "PG" - I'm FULLY AWARE that they need that TV-PG rating to have Mattel aboard for selling their toys and that they need that rating to infiltrate the youth like "Big Tobacco" does but, there's also us older generation that's there patiently waiting for something. We all got a taste of the old insanity this past Summer, we want more. We don't need blood, we don't need Katie Vick... we just need some "OH MY GOD!!!" moments. And there's only so much ou can do in a PG environment. Unless you're an educational show that is.

3.) BETTER MATCHES - I know this is an "entertainment" show but, first and foremost... you put on a professional wrestling event. Granted, its highly stylized but, its still professional wrestling. You put on great matches from time to time, is it too much to ask for consistency in the ring? Hell, out of the ring too. Some of these storylines are for lack of a better word... "whack". The in-ring is definitely suffering for lack of story. If I had more time to like/dislike Sin Cara Negro, maybe I'd have cared more about a "Mask VS. Mask" match. Now they turned him into a "Mexican America" reject. Eewww.

4.) PPV BUILD-UP - Remember a time in THE 'E when you knew what the FULL card was like, two weeks before the event? Maybe three... all depending on the month of course. With there being 14 PPV's a year now though, it's hard to really build up anything. Maybe get rid of like, five or six PPV's??? I could definitely agree with that right there.

5.) SMALLER VENUES - They're concerned with saving money right now. When RAW started, they were in smaller venues that could hold 3,000 to 8,000 people. Considering they're barely filling up 9,000 seats for arenas that can hold 18,000 to 20,000 people... maybe they need to reconsider their options and just use the bigger venues for PPV's. And of course, the biggest for WrestleMania.

This may sound like a step backwards but, if you go to a smaller arena, cut back production costs... i,e the LED stage... I know it looks "fantastic" on HD but, c'mon... you're going to be putting out over a Million dollars every week for free TV until you lose all of your damn money. 52 episodes of RAW, 52 episodes of SMACKDOWN!... that's $104 Million a year on producing those shows. Not to mention Superstars and NXT and whatever else they're cooking up for the network.

My time here is done for the evening. As usual, leave comments and hate below. Find the Podcast at and be on the lookout for something special in the near future. Thanks for reading another blog. Be back soon with another!

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  1. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    probably the best blog ive read on here, and i agree about the production, not just because of the costs but cause i miss the old dingy look of older days.
  2. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Great read there man! The WWE is definitely going overboard with the PPV's I think. As far as the TV-PG the lines have gotten a little grey there, but I don't think we're going to see another attitude era any time soon. And lastly yes "Dwayne" did increase the ratings, but I'm sorry he did not increase the entertainment level in my eyes.

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