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John Cena is not Hulk Hogan....

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The purpose of this blog is to talk about why I think it's a ridiculous assumption that people think John Cena is anything like Hulk Hogan.

[B]Hulk Hogan helped make wrestling what it is today, John Cena is destroying it[/B] That's right folks. John Cena is destroying what Hulk Hogan helped create, basically he isn't helping it get better which is what Hogan did in the 80s, so how are they similar in that way? Seems polar opposite....

[B]Hogan can cut a promo, Cena can't[/B] This is another thing that irks me, they are completely 100% miles apart on the mic. Hogan even at 58 is still able to use a mic better than Cena. Cena says things all "nonchalant" and he says things like "at least that was not the shockmaster" to no reaction from the crowd at all, he cannot control a crowd during a promo. It's painful to watch John Cena with a mic, not sure why some people think he is any good at it. Is it because he used to be good back when he was a rapper? Well, he no longer is that character and his current character is a campy, boring and stale as a 100 year old cracker

[B]Hogan can sell, Cena can't[/B] We all have seen John Cena wrestle, He can't sell. Everybody knows that. Its common knowledge to any wrestling fan. Hogan was actually pretty good at selling if you ask me, that is until the "hulk up"

[B]Hogan has MANY fans, Cena doesn't [/B] There is this huge thing like "John Cena has 9 million" facebook friends and all that, but in my opinion there really are not a lot of Cena fans anymore. He used to have fans, but he lost most of them when he became a robotic borefest. Look at Hulk Hogan Vs. The Rock at wrestlemania, That was decades after Hogan Debuted and he got Huge pops from the crowd ( it was in Canada ) even when he was booked as a heel, Now John Cena who is supposed to be in the prime of his career, goes to his hometown Boston, MA and gets booed outta the building??? Have you ever seen an athlete return to his/her hometown and get booed like that? And the guy is supposed to have a lot of fans?

[B]The Finishing sequence[/B] This is the hardest thing to compare since both of them have basically the same routine but different moves, Hogan had a very simple "big Boot" into the leg drop and Cena has that "5 moves of doom" thing... you know why Hogan is better? Because you don't see it coming from a mile away. The big boot outta nowhere then the leg drop for the pin. Cena does the backdrop or whatever you want to call it, then you know what is about to happen, and just the way he does it makes it not fun to watch, "here we go again" is what runs through fans minds

Sorry but In my opinion, John Cena is the "Standard" for what Vince Mcmahon thinks is a successful wrestler in todays day and age, because he has a bunch of facebook friends? Because he sells alot of merchandise? Because all his fans are woman and children? Not sure...

I'm sick of the whole "John Cena Vs. Hulk Hogan" comparison. They are polar opposite. The one and only thing that they have in common is they have both held the WWE title for over 1,000 days each.

Hogan Held the belt and brought prestigue to it, when John Cena holds the belt it destroys it.

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  1. B-ri's Avatar
    Kind of a pointless blog, largely because I've never compared Cena and Hogan because they have done two completely different things with their careers, yes Hogan HELPED (didn't create the golden era, that goes to Vinnie Mac all the way) the golden era however he has never wrestled a decent match in his life. Hogan was a big name, largely because of his movie roles and Hollywood connections.

    Cena on the other hand has always been about the business. He's there to not only be the guy but help others. Yes he has his flaws and his haters but I don't think Cena would be Cena without "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks" being chanted throughout every match. Cena talks non-stop about the E' whenever he's in interviews etc. Hogan NEVER and I mean NEVER mentions TNA, even when he's on wrestling talk shows he rarely actually promotes TNA. It's like he's embarrassed.

    Personally though I think this blog was a large waste of time just being used to bash Cena, how unoriginal and boring (Note the intended irony).
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jrsckilla23
    @asher Everyone has there own opinon but damn u sound like zach ryder in a promo kissing john sheena ass. First watch Punk vs Cena sorry homie but thats only one match what about the rest of his matche No sell!!!. Second he is the top face which ur suppose to have all of the fans behind u not just kids and half of the women cuz the other half dont like him. Third selling merchandise is less what wwe makes than having sold arena cuz thats where he makes his big bucjs and ppv shows cena doesnt draw sold arenas or bring big ppv buys Nuff said cuz I've Cena Nuff
    *John Cena vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania
    *John Cena vs Shawn Michaels in an Ironman match on Raw

    Those were pretty good matches.
  3. Restardune's Avatar
    I wrote a really long post outlining why your blog was a pointless waste of digital paper, but i think I can summon it all up better in a single sentence.

    You suck Hogans Balls.
  4. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    another huge difference:

    cena CAN wrestle

    hogan CAN'T wrestle
  5. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    You may not like what Cena is and to be honest I'm not a huge fan of his either. It is all about VKM's use of him. He has pushed him so far that he is scared not to push him. He sees what is making him money and sticks to it. His not being able to control the crowd is due to one thing, wrestling fans have gotten smarter. They aren't being controlled by what VKM wants them to think. They actually look at the skills of those in the ring rather than what they are saying to make them look like a heel or face. Zack Ryder was far from getting a push, he was being booked as a heel and not even in mid card matches but then made his YouTube show and had people in the crowd chanting his name when he wasn't even booked for a match. Point is back in the days the fans were brainwashed by the business to cheer or boo a guy, now people develop their own opinions. The only part I agree with you on is Cena's selling of moves but at the same time the CM Punk recent matches should be taken into account because it may prove that he is making an effort.
  6. Parallax's Avatar
    Ok. I'm going to write a blog post as a response to this. If I type it here, it will just be too damn long.
  7. DarknessFalls's Avatar
    This post sounds like another basic post condemnin John Cena and beggin for him to turn heel. Not happening anytime soon. Can we please move on to something new?
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