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John Cena is not Hulk Hogan....

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The purpose of this blog is to talk about why I think it's a ridiculous assumption that people think John Cena is anything like Hulk Hogan.

[B]Hulk Hogan helped make wrestling what it is today, John Cena is destroying it[/B] That's right folks. John Cena is destroying what Hulk Hogan helped create, basically he isn't helping it get better which is what Hogan did in the 80s, so how are they similar in that way? Seems polar opposite....

[B]Hogan can cut a promo, Cena can't[/B] This is another thing that irks me, they are completely 100% miles apart on the mic. Hogan even at 58 is still able to use a mic better than Cena. Cena says things all "nonchalant" and he says things like "at least that was not the shockmaster" to no reaction from the crowd at all, he cannot control a crowd during a promo. It's painful to watch John Cena with a mic, not sure why some people think he is any good at it. Is it because he used to be good back when he was a rapper? Well, he no longer is that character and his current character is a campy, boring and stale as a 100 year old cracker

[B]Hogan can sell, Cena can't[/B] We all have seen John Cena wrestle, He can't sell. Everybody knows that. Its common knowledge to any wrestling fan. Hogan was actually pretty good at selling if you ask me, that is until the "hulk up"

[B]Hogan has MANY fans, Cena doesn't [/B] There is this huge thing like "John Cena has 9 million" facebook friends and all that, but in my opinion there really are not a lot of Cena fans anymore. He used to have fans, but he lost most of them when he became a robotic borefest. Look at Hulk Hogan Vs. The Rock at wrestlemania, That was decades after Hogan Debuted and he got Huge pops from the crowd ( it was in Canada ) even when he was booked as a heel, Now John Cena who is supposed to be in the prime of his career, goes to his hometown Boston, MA and gets booed outta the building??? Have you ever seen an athlete return to his/her hometown and get booed like that? And the guy is supposed to have a lot of fans?

[B]The Finishing sequence[/B] This is the hardest thing to compare since both of them have basically the same routine but different moves, Hogan had a very simple "big Boot" into the leg drop and Cena has that "5 moves of doom" thing... you know why Hogan is better? Because you don't see it coming from a mile away. The big boot outta nowhere then the leg drop for the pin. Cena does the backdrop or whatever you want to call it, then you know what is about to happen, and just the way he does it makes it not fun to watch, "here we go again" is what runs through fans minds

Sorry but In my opinion, John Cena is the "Standard" for what Vince Mcmahon thinks is a successful wrestler in todays day and age, because he has a bunch of facebook friends? Because he sells alot of merchandise? Because all his fans are woman and children? Not sure...

I'm sick of the whole "John Cena Vs. Hulk Hogan" comparison. They are polar opposite. The one and only thing that they have in common is they have both held the WWE title for over 1,000 days each.

Hogan Held the belt and brought prestigue to it, when John Cena holds the belt it destroys it.

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    This is a great argument. I hear the whole "Cena = Hogan" argument a lot, but well... that's a bit insulting to Hogan. This puts it a little more into perspective I think.
  2. Theicon's Avatar
    I agree with most of your blog maybe a little harsh on Cena but im sure he does have the power to make changes but he doesnt for some unknown reason.
    Lol at the little kiddy type fans bagging hogan those type of fans make me sick!
  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    There was another comment about hogan being booed in wcw by everyone but women and kids yet staying face. Yes he had but they eventually did this thing called the nwo. It wasn't just "hey lets turn hogan heel", wcw were trying to find a way to freshen their investment for a long time. i dont like cena, i dont hate cena, but he is getting booed outta the building. i think its funny
  4. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    [QUOTE=captainmoonlight;bt49259]Possibly the stupidest post ever. not constructive in the slightest, its just a slagging off of Cena[/QUOTE]

    Stupidest post ever? Because I gave my opinion on something and you can't handle it?

    Grow up. I didn't say you had to dislike Cena, I didn't say any of you had to dislike Cena, I dislike him so get over it haha
  5. Rick Starr's Avatar
    What I find sad is the people in this posts are actually making for better read, than the blog itself.
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