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The Next Big Thing

WWE: What is happening right now

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This is an optimistic blog, If youre a pessimist, Get THE F OUT

The Rock and John Cena Show

Which way are WWE going?? Who knows? Is Cena going to turn heel? Who knows? Is he oging to win clean at Mania? Who knows?

This is why I like this stroyline. The main event at Mania has had a big bleamin build up, unlike any other in light years. For those complainers who love to complain that Miz and Truth are going to definitely lose at SSeries - Of course that's going to happen, it would be an incredibly stupid decision on WWe's part to even consider the latter two going over. Just be happy that Miz is back in the main event, and WWe have answered the complainers about Miz's depush. And R-Truth facing off against the rock is a real show of faith by the E. Even when they do inevitably get beaten, Truth was chosen to be aligned with Rocky. And thats the truth!

Internet darlings Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes

Rhodes has morphed from the most bland looking character I have ever seen into a real decent draw. With a look that he says was incorporated with Assassins Creed in mind, he has become very entertaining, one of the best in recent years and different to many others.

Ziggler has the look. Really has the look. He has the skills. He just needs to be pushed to the limelight. I can see Dolph Ziggler really being huge, just like everybody else on the bandwagon. He should become mega arrogant to the point where his ridiculous name fits him.

CM Punk v Del Rio

These two have great chemistry, in and out of the ring. In some point during their feud Punk will certainly get the strap, maybe even this Sunday. One thing is cdefinite, it is bringing the best out in Del Rio and Punk will relish having some great in ring competition.


It is massively unfortunate that Christian is now injured. For those who are saying his whiny heel run has seen him ruin his image, I couldn't disagree more. Christian has not been this relevant since he returned, and although he has lost a lot, he has been a real credit to whatever shows he is on. At night of Champions although he wasnt in a match VKM and co where happy to let him cut a promo. And he has an odd yet very over catchphrase "One .. More.. Match"

Mark Henry v Big Show

This is a great feud. Big Show is in camo gear nowadays. It makes him look much more badass than he was previously. Mark Henry is way more badass than ever. And the two of these guys actually have a golden feud going. Pleasantly surprising.

Team Orton v Team Barrett

For only one classic sseries match, this could go any way and is a great use of their talent.
Team Orton is Orton, Kofi, Cara, Sheamus and Mason Ryan.
Team Barrett is Barrett, Ziggler, Rhodes, Swagger and Hunico.
It is good to see Orton allowing "lesser" superstars to share the spotlight with him. Barrett just being called team captain is already doing wonders for his reputation.
It should be a really great traditional match, with no obvious losers.

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  1. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    Nice blog! Positive points. i do think Cena n rock will lose though
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    that'd be awesome, but knowing how the e like to book i think its out of the question
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I dont think Cena Will turn Heel... I think The Rock will cost Cena the match at SS by maybe rock bottoming Cena and giving the win to Miz and Truth. But the Rock is so over it wont turn him heel, it be like Austin Stunning baby faces in 1998. He was never booed.
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Punk and Del Rio does not interest me.... they had that match 3 times on Raw in the last 2 monthes and Punk pinned him clean each and every time, one match was like 3 mins.
  5. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Well first off Dwayne IS the heel of the two. Let's see it for what it is. He screwed over John Cena at WM28, he Rock Bottomed his friend Mick Foley, and he's doing everything he can to draw heat on himself. Why is it not working? I'll tell you why...because it's the ONLY two things the guy has done in 9 months. That's not pessimistic, those are cold hard facts! you want to stand behind him, all the power to you.

    I agree with you with everything else you had to say on the blog. I definitely believe Rhodes and Ziggler are two work-horses, and they both be front-runners for the WWE in the future.

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