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TNA - the good and the bad

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Hey guys, I am sitting here bored outta my mind so I figured what the hell, lets write another blog! This time I'm gonna talk about TNA and what they need to do to start improving further, some of the talent needs to go and some needs to be pushed.


[B]Scott Steiner[/B] Scott Steiner, what can you say about him? Well, he is good on the mic... He is gettting to old, all he does are suplexes and he can't carry a match anymore, he is to sluggish. Basically TNA really has no use for him, he really can't put somebody over and he is way past his prime.

[B]Abyss[/B] Don't get me wrong, I like him as a character and wrestler, He just is never used properly. Now its to the point where he is "broken". They really need to change the direction for him, maybe take off the mask? Right now he is a complete waste.

[B]Eric Bischoff[/B] Here is a NON wrestler that gets a little to much TV time if you ask me, there really is no reason for him to have his own entrance to the ring and 15 minutes each impact to cut a promo. Maybe his son will come out and be an amazing wrestler, but Eric should really take a back seat and just be a manager instead of trying to be a "main player" on impact, like he thinks he is

[B]Hulk Hogan[/B] Hogan has been off TV since BFG which is a good thing, they should keep him off TV until they find a guy that he can help put over by being a manager or something similar, not a wrestler or an authority figure

[B]Gail Kim[/B] I had to throw this in because she has two titles already and has been in TNA for a very short period of time since coming back from the WWE, this is very very bad booking. It is some of the worst booking in wrestling today. Velvet sky, somebody who has been here for how long? She deserved to have the title longer than what she did. It was like they gave Gail Kim a reward or something for simply coming back from WWE, instead of rewarding Velvet for her hard work to get to the top over the years. Terrible.

[B]Tag Team Division[/B] TNA used to have one of the best Tag Team Divisions around, now it is a shadow of it's former self. What happened to British Invasion? They were a good team but no where to be found. They should have kept homicide and reunited him with hernandez instead of having "anar-nobody" team with him. Motor City Machine Guns hopefully come back strong to help rebuild the division.

[B]Ric Flair[/B] Basically, Flair is just to old and while I find his promos "interesting", I really Don't wanna see him blow a vein in his brain while in a wrestling ring.... He needs to go home...

[B]Karen Jarrett[/B] Karen has come a long way, she is actually entertaining when her and Jeff Jarrett are feuding with Jeff Hardy currently, but the whole "knockout president" thing is not fit for her, give the job to somebody else and have karen concentrate on being Jeff Jarrett's manager


[B]A.J. Styles[/B] What more can be said besides for the fact he is an amazing wrestler, is the complete package. All of his matches are solid, never disappointing. Its a great thing that TNA is having him compete for the heavyweight title.

[B]Bobby Roode[/B] The current champion who I thought should have been champion a long time ago, I honestly think he is one of the better in ring workers in all of wrestling. He sells good, he has a large arsenal of moves and also has submission moves. Hes excellent on the mic, has the complete look. He reminds me of an "attitude era" style wrestle in a way.

[B]James Storm[/B] James Storm is good for most of the reasons Bobby Roode is, they are obviously different character wise. Storm is a fun character, entertaining in the ring and when he cuts a promo. Hes a great talent

[B]Crimson and Matt Morgan[/B] Basically I am including this new tag team because I stated above how TNA needs to fix the tag team division, and this Team sounds like it could really be something good for TNA also due to the fact neither one of them are really getting over very well as singles wrestlers.

[B]Garett Bischoff[/B] I know most people are not going to think this is a "good" thing, having another bischoff in wrestling, but I actually think this could go somewhere. If you really think about it, Garrett could be the "ultimate heel" because of who his dad is, they could really do some good storylines having Garrett be some sort of leader to a stable similar to Eric when he was in NWO, only time will tell if he is a bust or not...

[B]Austin Aries[/B] I think Aries has all the tools to be a main eventer in TNA or any other wrestling company. TNA really needs to put the X division Title on somebody else and move Aries up, maybe into an eventual feud with styles.

[B]The Knockout Division[/B] Love the way they wrestle, who can deny they are mostly solid in ring workers. The knockouts will always be a plus for in my book!

Thanks for Reading

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Abyss is starting to move in the right direction now. He is coming back strong and I hope to see a hardcore match between him and Ray soon. Steiner isn't even on anymore, I get why people complain but most people that watch the show know he isn't booked anymore except 1 match a month and he always loses that match.
  2. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    Nice blog and I agree with u 100%. I love the Knockouts and as a fan of both Gail and Velvet I thought it was way too soon for her and Velvet deserved to hold it longer. Love that AJ's on top again and also am loving Jesse Sorensen, not only is he easy on the eyes but he seems to be a great wrestler so far.
  3. monctonvike's Avatar
    good blog \i would move a few. They seem to be doing some stuff with abyss. Steiner gets the crowds going and at house shows he is hilarious and its very rare that he actually wins a match. I know what you mean about bischoff sr but he is way more over then jr. I do wish he would be on the show a little less though. Eric has done a pretty good job of producing the backstage segments and editing the show. Its has looked better all the time since he got there
  4. monctonvike's Avatar
    oh ya ps Hogan I have no problem having talking segments or Hogan on the show I am sort lumping them both together because I feel the same about both as far as promo's and backstage segments they are gonna be on every show. However they just need to make them mean more. Same goes for Hogan when he is on the show it needs to be a big deal and a part of something
  5. Renevious's Avatar
    Good Blog Man,
    @Glamour Girl, I see what you mean about Jesse Sorensen. I mean, I'm not judging how good looking another dude is, but he is definitely coming along well in such a short time. I just get really annoyed with his letterman's jacket and football. You're a grown ass man.
    @608, As far as Austin Ares goes, I love this guy. But I really don't see him in a main event any time soon. The truth is that he really is a small guy. He's perfect for the X Division, and I think he can do well just owning in that capacity. TNA doesn't need more main eventers. I think their problem is that they actually have too many guys who are capable of headlining a show, and they don't know how to handle it. AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Pope, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Abyss, and the list goes on. Any one of these guys would make a great world champion. They're just too top guy heavy and not enough mid card guys. So we need some of the talent to stay in places like the X Division to keep the show interesting from start to finish, not just 15 guys all screaming that they should be world champion.
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    Agree with Renevious. The main event scene is quite crowded right now, and once those talent move onto other things, then Aries can move up to the main event. I know hes ready for it already, but I don't want him pushed too fast. It will make it unbelievable if a guy much smaller than many talent wins the world title out of nowhere. But hes definitely the highlight of TNA right now.

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