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Cody Rhodes Made a Believer Out of Me

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Hey everyone,
It's been an extremely long time since I've written a blog on here. I pretty much considered myself retired, but I strongly feel as though this is a subject that is worth speaking about. With all the negativity here in the IWC, I'm actually going to talk about something that is a positive thing. And that, my friends, is the amazing talent that is now apparent in one Cody Rhodes.

I'll be the first to admit that I felt the same way most of us did when Cody Rhodes made his debut. I thought here's just another son of a legend who is only here because of his dad and is never going to be anything. He was a babyface playing the role of the young grasshopper under Mr. Hardcore Holly. Now, Holly is not one known for his charisma or character, but he definitely has the respect of all us fans by being simply a no nonsense ass kicking machine. That coupled with his real life role as a trainer made it a perfect fit for him to be an onscreen mentor to a young talent. But that didn't change the fact that Cody Rhodes still seemed worthless. He was skinny, uncharismatic, spoke with a lisp, and just overall unappealing. Enter Legacy...

Now he's part of a heel stable that is solely comprised of sons of legends and are there just to show everyone that they don't respect or care what their dads did in the business. It was their time. Now the popular consensus was that Randy Orton was already super over, and Ted Dibiase was going to be the next big thing. He had a better look and swagger than Rhodes, and he just looked like he had the potential, where Rhodes was going to just eventually fade away.

Well, as we all know, that didn't happen. Once the inevitable breakup occurred, Cody got the push, and Ted got forgotten about (sort of). But I still didn't buy it. Cody was using his "dashing" gimmick to make me fast forward through his vignettes, and I was not at all convinced that his string of victories was believable. I mean, there was a point where he was in a "squash" match with Mark Henry, AND HE WAS THE ONE DOING THE SQUASHING!!! Now, this goes back to about 8 months ago when I blogged about wasted talent in WWE, and so many people on here called me crazy and stupid and not even a wrestling fan because I though Mark Henry had all the potential in the world to dominate everyone. Now look at him.

But that's besides the point. My point is, Cody really started validating himself when he got the mask. We thought it was stupid, but he actually started winning believable matches. He had awesome battles with Rey and many others. He actually didn't cheat often(for a notorious heel, that is), which made it much more impressive. When he got the IC title, I thought it was a bit much for him, but at this point the IC title was so worthless that anyone could have it and it not be a surprise. But Cody having the belt plus his paper bag/crazy ass masked guy gimmick made him an amazing heel. He went from making me want to fast forward to making me want to watch him finally get beat. That's the type of heat a true heel is supposed to generate. Then he started talking about wanting to restore the IC title back to its former glory and prestige. I took it with a grain a salt and was like, more power to you, but I don't see how you're actually going to make it happen.

But then the unthinkable happened when he debuted the return of the old school belt, fully equipped with the white leather strap. When that happened, Cody Rhodes in my book went immediately from being a successful heel superstar to one of my favorite guys on the roster. Now you can see the mask is gone (he doesn't need it anymore because he's super over) and he looks like he's putting on some weight. All in all, Cody Rhodes is molding himself into the main event of the VERY near future.

I'm usually really good at seeing brand new guys debut and being able to predict who is going to be big and who isn't. But I will stand with God as my witness and say that Cody Rhodes has 100% proven me wrong. He's the man, and the best from him is definitely yet to come. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    My only problem is that he hasn't really defended the title. His last defense was an impromptu match at HITC against Morrison and he was in his suit. The old belt is great (it was not the belt I thought needed a new design) but it's only a prop if you don't defend it.
  2. Marx's Avatar
    I've always liked Rhodes.. but I have and always will like the guys from The Legacy..

    Some comment that Rhodes should go for the WHC. I don't agree, let him be IC for a while and defend the title (good point 66513).

    There was an interesting bit on the Randy Orton - Evolution of a predator dvd. Orton seems to have mentored DiBiase and Rhodes, and both Ted and Cody said he was much harder on Ted. Ted has a better look, but Rhodes has a better mind for the game. They'll both be big I think.
  3. rafalafaa's Avatar
    Good read. I'm definitely also riding the Cody Bandwagon. The guy has something, and if wwe and Cody play their hand correctly, they'll cash in.

    Two quick points:
    1. @ wrestlingfan66513: I definitely agree with titles needing to be defended more, but The Miz hardly ever defended the US Title, and he made it work. Really well, actually. Heels tend to defend their titles less because them winning on a weekly basis makes the faces look weak. Just a theory of mine.

    2. How long will The Cody Rhodes bandwagon be full? People seemed to jump on it right after they jumped off the CM Punk bandwagon. It's like we push the wagon to the top of the hill, and when we finally make it up we jump off. It happened with Punk, Miz, Bryan, ADR, and countless others. I can't see it not happening to Rhodes.
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    The reason Cody was Brought up from WWE Farm devolpment was cause he was easily the best there and no one was even close to being as TV ready as cody.... I seen Codys potenial when he inducted his father in the hall of fame. This Kid has a Respect for Wrestling history and loves this business.

    When he burst on the scene I seen another Kid who had the basics down well that just needed some time in the ring and in front of the TV, Sort of like a Rocky and Randy Orton deal, But I could tell he was gonna be a Star, I didnt know how big but he was gonna be a major player in the mid card.... when he turned heel i seen even more potenial cause he wasnt that cheesy drop kick and arm drag baby face..... People thought Ted was the Break out star in legacy but I always knew Cody could out work him in all areas and I told everyon that, Ted has the Size but Cody has the talent.

    I lost faith in Cody when he wa sin legacy cause he got lazy and was booked as a joke..When he got the dashing Gimmick it was terrible, but Cody made it work, Then he wore the mask to the ring and I just thought it was so stupid cheap heat 1980's wrestling but Cody made it work.... The WWE gave Cody trash and he turned it to Gold, thats all the signs of a Great wrestler. He used those Characters, No matter how stupid they were, to build the Cody Rhodes character and he told a story and evolved with each character and you have to respect that.... Rhodes will be a major name one day and surpass all expectations.
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good blog. I looked down on Rhodes' Dashing and Undashing gimmicks, thinking that he couldn't make them interesting, but he did, so I have faith in him that he can do well with whatever hes doing right now. I definitely see him as one of the future world champions in the WWE.
  6. knox's Avatar
    Great blog man enjoyed this one Rene. Yeah Cody is a shocker. I think 99% of WWE fans thought Dibiase was the member from Legacy receiving the push but it turned out to be Rhodes. I think he'll do awesome in the main event scene but as a Dibiase fan I just still prefer him over Rhodes lol.

    The Legacy with Cody is there. You can tell he's grown up in this business. He was given an old school 80s like gimmick with his "Undashing" gimmick and took that to great heights if you ask me. His promos are amazing and his in ring skill is even better. I expect big things from this guy. Once again great blog bro.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog...but my only prob with Cody is llike 66513 said, he should defend it against ppl..he can whine n do all heel tactics..but, he shud defend the Randy defended in gud feuds during his term as IC title...

    I want Cody to stay in IC title scenariofor some more time...n then should enture into main event...meanwhile he can have few spots in main event like Y2J main evented on few occasions while he was still wrestling in upper midcard...

    That's what cody should do...he should stay in upper midcard for some time..before venturing into mainevent...

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