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The REAL Return of the attitude Era?

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Hey guys Knox here. I hope all is well, I've been absent for a while as I've been involved with the blog wars. I got my butt whooped in the more recent Tag Team addition so my hat goes off to "Wrestling Fan" for creating this and "Dr. Death" & "The Hitman" for kicking my butt lol great job guys.

Now lets talk about the WWE's attitude era return and if its real or fake. I'll do a quick run down of the attitude era guys that are on the roster or have some kinda affiliation with the WWE at the moment.

Kevin Nash - He seems to be back in and involved in a great angle with Triple H and a very interesting angle in my opinion.

X-Pac - He has a huge affiliation with the WWE right now and should be back in some form whether its a backstage presence or on screen role.

Booker T - Currently an announcer. Is expected to be in a nice feud with Cody Rhodes.

Mick Foley - Just made his return. Could be a possible opponent for Taker at Mania. Might also get involved big time in the Rock & Cena angle.

The Rock - Back for a match at SS & WM28. I love this angle because no one believed the great one would ever wrestle again. I'm a Cena mark so hopefully Cena goes over.

Kane - Currently on a leave of absence but lets not forget he's one of the biggest stars of the AE.

Christian - He's still hangin in there. WWE destriyed his character by turning him back to a whiny heel but none the less he's a 2-Time WHC and a huge tag team presence from the AE. Hopefully his injury isn't too severe.

The Big Show - He was a big time part of the AE as WCW Champion back in his giant days. Today he's a great factor in wrestling and I pray he wins the big one again.

Edge - Yeah he's retired but he still could play a huge role. He left in great terms as it was beyond his control. My favorite of all time, I love this guy.

Paul Heyman - Huge presence back in the WCW/ECW vs WWF days. Is still in great terms with the E' and I wouldn't be shocked if we seen a short Brock Lesnar return.

The Undertaker - Believe it or not he's still considered not retired. Love this guy.

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Still affiliated. Might have a match or two.

Bret Hart - He could play a huge role in the Nash & HHH feud.

William Regal - One of the greatest this business has ever seen. Regardless of how bad he's been booked his whole career. He's still hangin in there as well.

Chris Jericho? - I don't know whats up with his situation. Y2J has the biggest ego ever. He talks about WWE as if its crap, as if 95% of his fame wasn't because of wrestling. He claims he's done for good ans venturing into the world of in other words, he'll be back.

Shawn Michaels - Periodic returns and maybe another big angle involving Nash & Triple H.

Triple H - This guy still wants to perform. I thought he was taking a seat but he still has it so I'm all for it.

Jim Ross - He spends most of his time being embarrassed but apparently he's a huge ratings draw so my guess is we'll continue to see him.

Mark Henry - One of the low profiled guys of the AE. Apparently now is his time and he's doing a swell job as WHC.

Rey Mysterio - Not a huge player in the AE but I feel he has a heel turn headed his way when he returns and a huge feud coming with Sin Cara.

How the WWE can make an Attitude Era return work?
It isn't about blood & guts or chair shots to the head. It's the overall riskiness of the product that does this. Foul language plays a huge factor as well. The product has to make people react again.

The AE was as big as it was because of the strong character development into more of a real life character and not a gimmick. This is what the WWE has right now. They don't have too many gimmicks. The majority of the roster are real life characters which is a good start towards the AE.

Check out Cm Punk going on a "Bitching" rant. This is what I call a step in the direction of TV-14. Lol and this was about 2 or 3 Smackdowns ago.

Todays current AE style WWE stars.
I feel Cm Punk, John Cena, Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, The Miz, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, Hunico, JTG & Randy Orton have the ability & character to pull off AE like gimmicks and some already have them.

Guys like JTG, Riley & Hunico have the character and charisma to have huge unique AE like personas but just lack the development & television time. Morrison could also be a huge AE character if the dropped the "sexy boy" gimmick and slow motion entrance and let him develop his "Prince of Parkour" character.

TNA marks complaining already?
Ok, before the TNA marks point the finger at the WWE for bringing in old guys, here's the difference. The WWE aren't asking guys like Nash, Triple H & The Rock to wrestle a full time schedule or even once a month. TNA's roster features guys over 40 every week.

The Ultimate Idea: Raw TV-14, Smackdown TV-PG
This change will keep everyone happy. If parents think Raw is too risky then let the kids watch Smackdown. Raw is the A show and its no reason that the older fans should have to suffer with this watered down product after knowing that the WWE is capable of putting out top notch material.

Cm Punk:
This guy is the key to the AE if they decide to bring it back. He's the guy that possesses every trait that a top AE guy should have. Aggressive and celevr promo style. Old school wrestling style and whole nine yards. The key is Cm Punk.

He relayed the foundation when he made the famous promo in Vegas in the SCSA shirt. This is the promo that shook the wrestling world and had everyone thinking the AE was making a comeback. Stick to this formula WWE and keep the product risky.

Thanks guys for reading and I hope you all enjoyed. Be safe and please leave feedback. Thanks.

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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, what's up dude. I loved this one. I must say a lot of this stuff may be jumping at straws, but it still sounds great. I really like the idea of making RAW TV-14 and Smackdown TV-PG. This could also bring back the separation of the brands and make the fact that there are two entire sets of titles relevant again. But the biggest kicker to get this going in the right direction is one thing you mentioned and have also talked about in the past as well. And that, my friend, is bringing back the great one (not the Rock) Paul Heyman. To say Paul is a creative genius is a true understatement. We all know he was terrible at running a business, but the man can put together a more entertaining show than anyone in the world. I don't care if he brings back Brock. He's really a non factor to me, but I think the ultimate would be to have Paul come back and be in CM Punk's corner. Punk already made it clear to the world in his famous promo that he's a Paul Heyman guy, so why not bring Paul back and align the two with each other. Hell, they could toss Brock in there if they want and have the start of a pretty awesome "not your typical top guy/company man" stable. These guys could feud with Cena and other top faces, and both sides would be over. It could restart the whole counter culture of rooting for the anti-hero, just like what made Stone Cold a hit and what made ECW so popular. Also, Rey's not turning heel. I just don't see that happening ever. He looks too much like a little kid himself to turn his back on them, lol. Plus, when he was sort of a heel back in his no mask days in WCW, he looked so stupid. Anyway, I've gone on long enough. Great blog man, keep up the great work....and HBK sucks!!!
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Good blog, and sorry about how the last episode of Blog Wars turned out. I agree with a lot on here but what I think made the attitude era good was the competition with WCW. They had to develop each division to its potential to keep ratings throughout the show and keep everything interesting. Now they only really care about the main event and upper mid carders. The tag teams, divas and other mid carders just feel like a time filler.
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    What is up with the TNA's Roster features guys like 40 every week comment? I understand that you are a WWE fan, but in my mind Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle could outwrestle ANY one of those WWE guys... just sayin.....

    Besides for that, it was a really good blog
  4. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    I agree with Wrestlinfan608 I was enjoying the blog till I saw the TNA marks comment. I consider myself a TNA mark these days and wouldn't have complained about the idea even if TNA does get bashed for it. Don't see why you even felt the need to mention it since we all know there are alot more TNA bashers on this site than WWE bashers. Good blog still.
  5. steveorton's Avatar
    Great blog bro I know you thought you got whooped at Blog Wars but it was a tight race and I liked your list. Imo you are one of the best bloggers in the EWN I class you as a BLOG ELITE

    The idea of making 1 product pg and the other TV-14 is new and brillant. I think it could work and attract more fans. This wouldn't hurt merchandising sales as well as you can Cena and Rey on SD as well. CM Punk is the key but imo WWE Creative has to get off their ass and do their job. I disagree with 1 thing though I think Show should just put over guys at this stage in his career. He's already established and doesn't need that world title.
  6. knox's Avatar
    Ok @wrestlingfan608 & Glamour Girl. The TNA stab was a low blow. I love TNA as well but alot of TNA marks are so quick to accuse WWE of using old wrestler's when TNA made a living out of that. I think everyone knows that I watch both WWE & TNA faithfully. I love both companies but they definitely could both improve in millions of areas but it doesn't stop me from watching. So again I apologize for the TNA remark.

    Other than that I appreciate the feedback and @Steveorton thanks a million for that comment bro I truly appreciate that and reactions like that is why I continue to blog. Thanks. @Wrestlingfan66513, thanks bro, yeah I got my butt kicked but I'll be back one of these days lol. You made a point I forgot to mention and that's the Wars with WCW and that huge competition. I feel if TNA & WWE come harder with their product than another war could start.

    @Renevious, one of these days I'll turn you into a HBK fan lol. Good to hear from you bro and appreciate your comment. I guess you & I will always agree that Paul Heyman is a creative genius and would provide a huge advantage to any promotion he's with.
  7. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    love the blog btw
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