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iMPACT Report:Crimson & Morgan Tag Champions and Fortune's Fall?

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I've been reading alot of reports (and some spoilers) for IMPACT lately and pretty much just watching alot of IMPACT.I would like to talk about some main focuses during the past month or so from TNA.


Well...great way to keep Crimson's undefeated streak and push (well I don't know, It started the day he signed with TNA..) I think Morgan and Crimson will be a very dominant tag team and could work very well together. This is a great powerhouse tag team!I think Morgan & Crimson will have quite a few runs as the tag team champions.


Over the past month or more, lots of problems have been happening in Fortune. Fortune has been full of top mid carders for a while now but they're seeming to have WAY to many problems. I mean first of all Daniels and Roode have gone heel and AJ and James Storm are feuding with them, I mean....where's Kazarian?He's just caught in the middle of all of their arguments,etc.!


The second EVER double Knockouts champion in TNA.Uhh,good for her!I think since Mickie is the #1 contender *SPOILER*.That this will be a pretty entertaining feud, I may have to see a match between these two first.

T.V. Champions Robbie & Rob vs. EY

Some pretty decent matches, I do think it was smart to have Eric Young drop the title last sunday. I could tell it was coming though because of some of the recent backstage segments and everything happening between the Robs and Young.
Anyway,these were just some of my thoughts in TNA, I plan to do another iMPACT Report soon!

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I think they did the tag team so Matt could carry Crimson so he doesn't look to green or to get Morgan's popularity to rub off on Crimson. Personally I wish they push Morgan for the TV title then move him up to the World title but if this tag team helps him then I am for it
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    I want to see morgan as sigle's champion..I don understand why they donot make him a champ..

    he's just 2tym World Tag team champion that's it!!

    He's better than that..he definitely deserves more in single's action..I want him ti be a World TV Champion..n then step up to become a Heavy Wt Champ also...
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I'm not at all impressed by this crimson guy..

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